Manga Mondays: Kamisama Hajimemashita

Manga Mondays will be the days when we post about manga (or even Manhwa series) that we recommend. These will be treated differently than an overall review, (which will have its own posts unless the author of the post says otherwise).

To kick things off, I decided to start off with Kamisama Hajimemashita for various of reasons.
For one, I’ve been re-reading it non-stop as of the late due to the current arc searching for clues for theories (BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE), and two; the anime will be debuting this Fall on October 1st! :3 This is my first time writing recommendations or anything involving books and graphics novels in a long time, so hopefully this will turn out okay. PLUS IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I’VE WRITTEN ANYTHING!!!

Title: Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)
Author: Suzuki Jurietta
Japanese Publisher: Hakusensha, March 2008
English Publisher: VizMedia: Shojo Beat, January 2010
Genres: Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Supernatural
Total Volumes: 13+ On-Going

Kamisama Hajimemashita (Otherwise known as Kamisama Kiss in English) is about a girl, Momozono Nanami who suddenly finds herself evicted from her home after her father had ran away and left her behind due to gambling debts. While sitting in the park trying to figure out what to do, she helps a man named Mikage out who in return after hearing her story gives her his home. Nanami goes to her new home only to be greeted by yokai, and discover that Mikage had given her the power of the Land God of a Relationship Shrine.

If you haven’t heard of, or read Kamisama Hajimemashita yet, I highly encourage you to go and read it.

It’s a romantic comedy that is light-hearted and fun to read and at times you will be struck by a wave of FEELS. The story is developing beautifully and at a steady pace. So far I’ve enjoyed every arc and enjoy re-reading over and over and over again. Moreover, thanks to the current arc (starting Chapter 78), it appears that Suzuki-sensei had everything planned from the start. If you back into the volumes, you’ll find all sorts of hints to help you come up with theories and speculations. I’ve always enjoyed series that allowed you do that. It makes the experience all more fun and memorable. All the characters are likeable even if they have the ‘jerk’ role or the antagonist roles. What it appears right now is, and how I like it, that even the villains have another side of them, but it’s not out of character, it’s just part of who they are. It sheds a new light on them, and it makes them all more unique and appreciated. Right now, though most of us (the fans) seems to have grasped who is the potential head villain of the series, but at the same time same of us (including myself) also doubtful as it may be a trick to throw us into a twist.

Nanami is one of those badass heroines who will never act as a helpless Damsel in Distress as long as she lives. While there have, and will be times when she can’t do anything because of the lack of power or ran out of materials, Nanami, no matter how dire the situation may be- will not give up without a fight, or if necessary, running away (hahahaha). She strives to become stronger so that she would not have to depend on Tomoe so often and in return hopes to protect him and others.

Tomoe, a fox yokai who had originally served and been rescued by Mykage is now Nanami’s shinshi as well as her love interest. He is the kind of character you can’t get enough of. Mischievous, sly and badass, with a touch of loyalty and desires, even when he denies it, you will love the interaction between these two. Both of their stubborn natures clashing fuelling into hilarious battering.

The series is currently up to 12 volumes in Japan (the 13th is coming out in September (Limited Edition Volume comes with a Drama CD) along with the first fanbook Vol 13.5) VizMedia is currently up to 10 volumes, but is releasing it on a 2 month basis (so not too long of a wait!!! AND DON’T COMPLAIN, I HAVE TO WAIT FOR LA CORDA D’ORO FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS. THAT SERIES ENDED LAST YEAR IN JAPAN!!!) so Volume 11 will be out this November, and Vol 12 will be out February, and then Vol 13 will be out in April.

If you love it, purchase it to support the Mangaka because this series is the kind you’d want to own. Being used to be letdown by VizMedia’s crappy translations, I wasn’t holding much hope when I ordered the first volume. However, Viz proved me wrong and given us quality translations for an exchange. You can enjoy their translations just as much, and at times even more than fan-translations. I’m a bit sad that they haven’t started to include color pages like they’ve been doing recently for the new series that they’ve just licensed (I don’t see the harm in starting wherever they are at now). Anyhow, hopefully Viz will release the fanbook that will be coming out this September in Japan (I already pre-ordered mine heehee~) and some company will license Kamisama Hajimemashita’s anime, regardless as how it might turn out.

Claymore: The Warrior Returns [Overview] OH MY GOOOOOD

Claymore: The Warriors Returns Overview

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with Claymore. And if you’re like me, ALL OF THE FEELS WERE HAD OVER THIS CHAPTER.

For the past several years I’ve been a super huge fan of Claymore. I’m such a big Claymore fan that I own it, and didn’t just illegally download it. And more than anything I have been FUCKING WAITING FOR THIS.

Maybe you’re all unfamiliar with Claymore beyond the anime. Alright, let me give you the downlow. After the 7 year period in which the main cast was ‘dead’ shit has been going on like you wouldn’t believe. The truth behind the Organization, the truth of the youma, the badassery of Clare- damn shit son it’s been a good run. If only it updated more frequently….but at least it’s not Berserk. No, Claymore’s got all of my feelings. So this chapter the stepping stone for the WHAT I AM HOPING TO BE BADASS finale is here. The truth of the Claymore’s hideous wounds are revealed, and Clare and Raki are reunited.

Guys I just. You don’t understand. This shit was so long coming the only thing that takes longer is a spirit bomb. No, you know what’s even longer? The amount of time it took in Kimi Ni Todoke for Kazehaya’s balls to drop. NO, you know what it’s more like? IT’S MORE LIKE MY UPDATE SCHEDULE

Unfortunately only one out of the two was genuinely what I was expected and hoping for. You see, Raki and Clare’s reunion was perfect. Raki is this big badass now and seeing him be nothing like Raki felt weird. But then we saw him break down into tears and hug Clare and I knew…man I knew he was Raki ALL OF MY FEELINGS GUYS COME ON. It was beautiful. There were boobies everywhere. So many boobies. And so many feelings. So many damn. Feelings.


But then the big reveal of the story came up. We learned what the disfigurement of the Claymore’s is…and I dunno man. I think a group of crazy ass rapists would not be thrown off by a bunch of stitches. I know that they have basically raw living flesh sewn together in full view, and I’m sure it’s unsettling, but why didn’t she like…draw nasty rotting wounds there around the stitches? That would have been freaky. But these ladies are hot outside of the stitches, I really don’t think a bunch of murdering psychos would care too much about it in the end.

But even if it’s not the shock value I want…it sure as hell is cool looking. Do you know how much art there is going to be? TO PIXXIV

So now friends we wait and see. Personally I WANT CLARE TO BE SUPER FUCKING POWERFUL. There’s no way the new skin in her is Theresa’s right? Well wouldn’t it be badass if she suddenly became ultra fucking powerful because she was now half youma instead? Aw shit son HALF DRAGON. Guys THE POWER LEVELS THE POWER LEVELS