First Love Diaries [Yuya Route]

Wahaha, the delicious older senpai who will almost assuredly consume you with his passionate hormones and deep seated desires. I am sure this will be the most tempting and sensuous route in this enti- what’s that? It’s about surfing, sweets, and jealousy? It’s comparatively tame despite the fact that he’s older and has the senpai appeal? Well, touche. The sweets thing is getting a little old. Maybe his family could own a burger shop, Voltage? No? Salt is evil? Grease is monstrous? Fine, continue on with your pastry fetish and I’ll keep throwing my money at you.


Yuya’s route. . . has a lot of issues. For the first part his route is quickly mired in unnecessary drama. There isn’t time for me to connect with him before suddenly his ex shows up, his dream of surfing is in danger, and on the other end of that his father is having health issues which puts his family business into danger. This all piles on top of each other fairly quickly, and leaves a sense of frustration for me. I wanted to see the older guy kind of show his spark here. But I’ll tell you this, the route does one thing for me that made my life perfection.


This. Freakin’. Teacher.

Voltage will never give me what I want and make this a route. But I want to seduce this teacher. Not have him seduce me, that’s creepy (it’s not creepy I’d buy that too sobs), I want this teacher guys. You see him for a few minutes and he is perfection. An Adorkable mess and I think his brother or something is a route, I could not care less about that guy, I want this guy. Yuya’s route has opened my heart to the unattainable. Love me sensei, my senpai is too busy crying over his surf board!

im so breaking up with you

im so breaking up with you

Don’t get me wrong, Yuya’s route is endearing! He is a cutie who has issues and wants to be understood. His dream interferes with his reality and that is something I really get. Add on that it’s satisfying to slap his unpleasant and disgusting ex, and that’s all epic. Yet I feel like the writing could have been reversed? Shouldn’t his family have been a prelude to his weakness? Wouldn’t it be more fitting to have the story be “We’ve just gone through all of this stuff, oh no, can I really doubt Yuya’s feelings for me after that?!” I can live with it though. The big problem is it lacks steam. There is some really attractive stuff but I sometimes find it unbelievable Yuya views me as anything but a sister. His love scenes sometimes feel tacked on and I felt this way for much of the game even when I really wanted to like him.


I don’t know what it is about sweets and this company, but as soon as you’re making sweets with Yuya things start to reverse a little. I emphasize making because even beforehand it lacked something. Then…what the crap! It’s like Voltage HEARD me and decided “no no, you think this is tame? I will now make him feed you a strawberry with his mouth!” Touche Voltage. Touche. Saori even begins teasing you about ‘staying the night’. Okay, okay Voltage-senpai, I won’t ever doubt you! Now let me love the teacher.

yeah she was a thing

yeah she was a thing

The best part is Yuya’s mom is like…trying to hook you up. It’s…it’s hilarious! But at this point Yuya is making it subtle how much he seems to really want to go all the way. To do it. To bang. To make babies without making babies. To have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. This boy….has been suppressing this for 14 chapters? Touche Voltage. Yuya for MVP, he isn’t pressuring his younger girlfriend into having sex with him. (Wouldn’t have hurt to stop angsting over your surf board though..) Not to mention his girlfriend offers to work at his family’s shop for free to help, so maybe she is the MVP? This is just the MVP couple.


So Yuya has decided he will quit surfing if he doesn’t win a contest….and he does! I won’t spoil the details of it since. .. . he is actually funny during it, but it does have moments of forced drama. In any case, he wins, and then takes you to a rooftop at the school to have a party. My god. . .he blindfolds you and makes out with you. I take it back senpai, you’re a total perv I swear!!!

he's also a thing

he’s also a thing

He seriously pervs out on you in the finale and it’s glorious. Deep intense glorious perversion. It took you freakin’ long enough Yuya! Mizuko, the cute button name I planted on the pc, gets scared out of her mind. Yet he remains a perfect frackin gentleman. Dis guy. MVP boyfriend. Okay, in the end, Yuya turns out to be a pretty good route. The wait is pretty long but it’s enjoyable, so I’d say if you want to get into a story and really dig in – this might be a solid choice. Whew, the steam off the last chapter. Still, the finale of it is not as steamy as the finale of Nao. Oh my sweet Nao….you couldn’t resist me you dork. And be my I mean a much peppier, prettier, Japanese girl with a completely different appearance. Haha…yeaaah.


This route was solid. Not perfect, not my favorite, but if you’re into the build up and you don’t mind surfing as well as the voltage favorite of sweets, it’s very endearing. The end is pretty great except for the poor pacing. The game can’t decide if the MC is ready or isn’t, a problem Nao’s route didn’t have. You knew when she was sure and when she wasn’t, and her finally saying yes was pretty rewarding. I don’t regret the purchase but Yuya isn’t really my type, sadly.

....ok he is sometimes...

….ok he is sometimes…

Seriously though, where is my teacher? (I have a problem). Wait…SOTA IS AVAILABLE NOW? MY GOD, EVERYONE GO BUY SOTA!!!(I have a problem for stoic guys too…)


First Love Diaries: Nao Route

You’d think a love story about teenagers would be chaste and innocent. HAHAHAHAHA. Hah. Hah. NEVER has a voltage game been SO GEARED TOWARDS SEX as this BEAUTIFUL creature ‘First Love Diaries’. And this route. . .is the cutest. . .sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my freaking life. VIRGINS IN LOVE GUYS, VIRGINS IN LOVE!

photo 4

Seriously, this story starts out pretty simple. Nao really likes you and wants to go out with you. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And did I mention he wants you SO BAD? Let me reiterate -HE SPENDS MOST OF THIS GAME TRIPPING OVER HIS AWKWARD BOY EMOTIONS AND NOT KNOWING HOW TO ASK TO HAVE SEX AND NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO. This guy is such a teenage boy and you know what? It’s freakin refreshing. It’s wonderful to see the story unfold and see how genuinely he feels everything he does.

photo 1

I’ve always found honesty about sex refreshing. As an American girl the differences in sex between this culture and theirs is up and down for me. I DO know the sex education is far superior there. Let me explain: where I went to school, if you ever had sex before marriage it would end badly and if you considered abortion you were evil and going to become sterile and no one was ever happy having sex before marriage and if they were they were lying to themselves because men only ever used them. This is not an open debate about sex politics, everyone, but instead a message: this girl in this game was aware what sex led to and how to prevent it. And she was as shy as a button. I wanted to hug her. But she was educated and that made it so much easier to swallow.

photo 1

It’s. .. nice to see a game where sexuality exists and is completely feasible and is given the weight it needs. Be safe, be ready, check your emotions. It was so nicely done I could actually sit through the game and enjoy the concept of this because I wasn’t shaking my head at the virgins. I was proud of these kids. . . .not to say I am much older, this game still appeals to older audiences because you spend most of your time going oh it’s so cute!!!! I played Yuya’s route and was sorely disappointed that they just kind of skimmed over sex as a topic (doesn’t really come up despite his maturity which, wouldnt that be the main appeal?) so in comparison, Nao’s route is ..genuine.

photo 3

I got the impression the whole game they could be real. Their feelings were real. Their struggles were real. The MC has trouble doing naughty things and Nao has problems realizing, but once he does he is considerate of her and pulls back. Not to mention his basketball stuff kept me interested despite my intense hatred of sports. I wanted more but I also wanted less, I wanted the epilogue but I couldn’t buy it! And the summaries for the epilogues always suck. Voltage, please take my advice: Stop giving the epilogues drama, they are perfectly fine as they are. I almost rolled my eyes out of my head at some of the epilogues in ‘Finally in Love again’ but hopefully when I finally get these? They will be much better.

photo 2

Nao sold me on this game and honestly, I had been weary. As a young adult I worry they won’t breach topics I like. But I loved these kids, and I ship them. The MC is adorable, I just want to hug her close and tell her she is moast best girlfriend. In fact, as I review other routes you’ll see what I mean. This girl is just so considerate and loving of her boyfriends no matter who she picks. I’d put her on the high end of the MC list, right up there with the protag of In Your Arms Tonight (which is my favorite Voltage Game, hgnghghgn i need ALL THE ROUTES OKAY?@!?!NFDJGHDKJH)

photo 2

So? If you want a sickly sweet romance with an unexpected sexy twist, get this. Despite being young Nao manages to be attractive and you route for him and the MC to move forward, be happy, have sweet sweet lovins, and maybe grow up in a sequel so I don’t feel like a damn creeper enjoying this route. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION SEQUEL, PLEASE???

photo 5

But no seriously, squee.