Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 46: C

“Begin the annihilation.”

_re 46 Img002


I feel like this is the second coming of the Anteiku raid, which is a bit weird because we should still be mirroring the Tsukiyama arc – there hasn’t been any extensive torture of a main character yet, either (as pitiable as Kanae is, he’s way less important than, say, Haise). Aside from the CCG swooping down upon the Tsukiyama mansion in huge flocks, Mirumo is clearly doing a Yoshimura in taking responsibility as the head of the family. On top of that, he’s trying to protect the ‘successor’ to his family, the next generation who will carry on his will – this is Master Shuu for the current operation, and it was Touka and Hinami back during the Anteiku raid. A caretaker, Matsumae has been appointed, and her counterpart is Yomo. Like Koma and Irimi, the various employees and subsidiary heads of the Tsukiyama group feel indebted to Mirumo, and are willing to put their lives on the line to allow Tsukiyama to escape. In addition, Eto is also getting involved. If there’s one difference, it’s that Tsukiyama was about to play the role of Kaneki and return to assist his father – but Matsumae has talked him out of it. In fact, I think he clearly remembers what happened to Kaneki as a result of his decision, and knows that he shouldn’t be making the same mistake.

_re 46 Img003

The problem now, however, is that the CCG are not allowing him to run away. I think it’s really saying something, the way they all acted this chapter – they want to exterminate them all. Even when Tsukiyama tries to peacefully escape, they’re chasing him down with all the manpower they have. Washuu thinks its more fun that way. And some of them are outright angry that Rose aren’t getting violent – that they’re not struggling, which would give them an excuse to pull out their quinques and start slaughtering ghouls. It’s yet another example of the blurry morality in Tokyo Ghoul, and how it’s never been a simple issue of black and white. It’s not like the Tsukiyama group are Aogiri or anything – they still kill humans, yes, but they’re people too. Not enough of the CCG have that in mind – with Ui the ghoul hater at the helm, Promotion-kun who wants to beat Takeomi on the front lines, and Hairu who will do her best to be praised by Arima leading the extermination, things are looking pretty bad for poor Master Shuu.

_re 46 Img004

Of course, the tragic irony of the last page’s top panel is that Haise is angry at ‘Tsukiyama’, and yet has no idea that the very same guy he’s trying to hunt down used to be one of his most reliable allies – and is the ghoul he’s been meeting in the park to secretly ask about Kaneki. If there are other doves watching, Haise will have to fight – but if not, I think he’ll probably let him go. Tsukiyama is not a ghoul who’s done anything wrong in particular, at least in the past few years. Imagine if they find out he’s Gourmet, though. Freaking Arima will be sent to calmato him for good.

‘Rewrite’ Gets a TV Anime

And all the reasons why it shouldn’t have.

Rewrite PV Img002


[embedded content]

(All the animation in this PV comes from an old, animated PV created by White Fox way back when the visual novel first came out)


Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia.

Tennouji Kotarou lives here. He’s a high school student who has the ability to rewrite his own body; he can become stronger and faster at any time he chooses. He investigates supernatural mysteries with five girls from his school.

(Source: VNDB)


Rewrite (2011) is a visual novel produced by Key, the studio responsible for visual novel-turned-anime hits such as Air, Kanon and Clannad. Rewrite is one of their most recent works – all they’ve produced since then is a VN adaptation of Angel Beats (2015), which isn’t a new IP, Charlotte (2015) which ended today, and the yet-unreleased kinetic novel Harmonia (2015). According to Wikipedia, its genres include action, fantasy, romance and tragedy, which is about right but should really also include school and a tiny smudge of slice-of-life. Around this time last year, I did a series of posts covering the visual novel. It was lots of fun, and Rewrite is probably my favourite visual novel to date. So I care about this anime adaptation, a lot.

Unlike most of what Key produces, Maeda Jun has nothing to do with Rewrite. Its various routes were instead written by Tanaka Romeo (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita), Ryukishi07 (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni) and Tonokawa Yuuto (Little Busters!) who all contributed to different degrees.


The anime adaptation of Rewrite will be produced by 8-bit, and directed by Tensho (Kiniro Mosaic, Grisaia no Kajitsu). The script will be written by Tanaka Romeo and Kai from Visual Arts (Clannad).


I don’t know, money? With this, all of Key’s main visual novels will have had an adaptation. I’m sure Harmonia will get one too, a few years after it’s released.


If I had to guess, I’d go for Winter 2016 or Spring 2016. I don’t see it being dragged out for any longer than that, given that it’s being announced now.


This is the main problem. It’s the reason this post even exists in the first place – for me to vent my frustrations and speculate on exactly how the hell they’re going to pull this off. During my coverage of the visual novel, I distinctly remember saying (more than once) that Rewrite should never get an anime adaptation. I stand by those words. Even now, I really don’t think this is a good idea. If it turns out that this is all a joke, my response would be to sigh with relief and carry on with my life.

Rewrite has multiple routes – there’s the common route, which is the beginning of the story, then there are five character routes for the heroines Kotori, Chihaya, Lucia, Shizuru and Akane. After that there’s Moon, which is best described as a stand-alone acid trip, and Terra, which serves as the ‘true’ route tying up all loose ends and explaining everything. It’s like what After Story was to Clannad, or what Refrain was to Little Busters.

So there are many routes. That’s not the problem, though. The problem is that none of these routes can be depicted in a linear format – in any way, shape or form. This is because of several reasons. First, the romance aspect makes it impossible for them to continue the anime after one route is over, because that would mean the main character Kotarou is five-timing at the very least. Second, even if all the romance is cut out (which would mean character development is butchered into a gory mess, because the girls develop precisely because of their romantic interaction with Kotarou) it cannot be a linear anime, because the issues of all the heroines are not separate from that of the plot. Take Clannad for example – after the Fuuko route was done, Tomoya could return to school and the story could begin to focus on Kotomi’s issues.

Rewrite can’t do that, because a wider plot exists – and each heroine is developed in a way that’s parallel to the plot. So by the time a character route is over, the plot is over too – and along the way, the world itself will have changed and become a different place. In Lucia’s route, Person A might be Kotarou’s most reliable ally – but in Chihaya’s they may be his worst enemy. He can’t simply go back to school and begin the next route, it just doesn’t work like that.

Rewrite PV Img004

But the most important reason is this: Kotarou himself undergoes irreversible changes throughout each route. His mentality itself becomes that of a different person – even the way he chooses to rewrite his physique is different depending on who he falls in love with. His page on MAL says just as much:

“As the story progresses and gets more serious, Kotarou undergoes great changes. Depending on which heroine he decides to follow, he becomes a whole different person with a different goal and a different mindset.”

So if Kotarou embraces a certain way of thinking and certain values during one route, this may be completely incompatible with how he’s supposed to act in another route – in one he may decide he’s okay with killing others for the greater good, but in another he may be completely against taking human life. It would be impossible to retcon Kotarou #1 and Kotarou #2 into being one, linear Kotarou the anime can work with, because by that point they’re not the same person any longer.

Rewrite PV Img006So, what’s supposed to be done? For one, 8-bit could just ignore all those issues and go ahead with a linear adaptation anyway, which would not only be a bullshit solution but would also be tantamount to ignoring the fundamental themes and values of Rewrite. It would also make Moon and Terra both pointless and impossible to adapt, for reasons which would be very spoiler-heavy. In fact, that’s another problem – it’s freaking 8-bit. And not only that, it’s 8-bit with Tensho at the helm, who ruined the first anime season of Grisaia by compressing routes that were tens of hours long into a single episode or two. The mere thought of my precious Rewrite being brutally murdered like that is absolutely terrifying. If it turns out that this is getting a one-cour adaptation, it’s guaranteed to be a trainwreck. It’s basically over before it even begins.

Rewrite PV Img005What I would like to see is this: a total of at least 36 episodes, plus an hour-long OVA. Ideally, we get the full Clannad treatment and it ends up being 48 episodes, but that’s less likely. If that’s the case, the first season would be two-cours, covering the common route, Kotori’s, Chihaya’s and Lucia’s. Then we’d get Moon as an OVA, and the second season would be Shizuru’s, Akane’s and Terra. All routes should be in an omnibus format – which is to say, after one route ends, the story starts from scratch again and plays out with Kotarou going for a different girl. This isn’t new at all – it was done very successfully with the Amagami series, and beyond romance series a perfect example is horror mystery Higurashi, whose writer Ryukishi07 wrote Lucia’s route in Rewrite. I’ve seen someone online propose the idea that they go for one route, then a section of Moon, another route, another section of Moon, a third route and so on – this is actually a really nice idea. It’s very ambitious, and why it even works is a huge spoiler, but it does – it’d make for a really interesting watch if this were to actually happen.

Rewrite is a very difficult project to adapt – it has a huge scale, and is very complicated. This is why any studio wanting to do an anime is basically asking to get burned. When I think ‘Rewrite anime’, I think P.A. Works or Kyoto Animation – maybe even just the former, given that supernatural is more up their alley compared to the sort of stuff KyoAni has been doing these days. So it being 8-bit already makes me uneasy. I’m not surprised Tanaka Romeo is writing the script of the anime, because he’s best suited to it as the one who wrote most of the visual novel in the first place. Beyond how it’s actually being adapted, there are issues like character designs and all the other usual roadblocks. If it’s a success, it’ll be nothing short of amazing. It’s just that it becomes that much easier to fuck up.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 45: Plan T


_re 45 Img001


What the actual fuck?

_re 45 Img005

I’m seriously scared of Eto sometimes. Is such extensive torture even necessary? I don’t even like Kanae, and yet I’m praying that he retains some of his sanity at the very least. Eto has been with him for, what, two weeks now? I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Takizawa and his two years – but I have my suspicions that he went through something different, as presumably the aims of Aogiri differ with each torture victim. For Kaneki, he was tortured simply for fun by Yamori – it was designed to end with him being killed, so it’s reasonable to think that Kaneki could still function as an individual with his mind relatively intact after his experiences. For Takizawa, the goal was most likely to produce an effective half-ghoul soldier for Aogiri, and so removing his sense of pain and most of his sanity was what they chose to go for. For Kanae, it sounds as if Eto is trying to erode his loyalty and manipulate him at the same time – but why sew his eyes and mouth shut? And what’s up with all the clocks? It honestly reminded me of that one panel at the end of the original manga, when Kaneki lies on his back with both of his eyes having been gouged out by Arima. I suppose her kagune sticking out of his back is her way of transplanting more power into him somehow? I don’t even know why she’s decided to do this, though – what she’s telling him is that he should go and kill Haise if he wants to be truly treasured by Tsukiyama again. So does she want Haise dead? And most importantly, wasn’t Kanae already on the brink of doing that anyway?

_re 45 Img004

Haise is going through a personal crisis of his own – or rather, it might be more apt to say that he’s starting to reveal his inner conflicts to the people around him. I think this is really significant – Haise is now saying that he is not Haise. He’s asking himself who he is, where he came from – and calling himself the ghoul who killed Amon. I can’t help but think back to the very recent chapter when Touka claimed he was happier as he currently was – maybe he is, but only relatively, and on top of that his happiness levels are falling on a per-chapter basis. Haise isn’t quite right when he accuses Akira of ‘hiding’ stuff from him, though. At least, she’s not doing it out of malice. For argument’s sake, let’s say she told him everything, and he remembered his previous life as Kaneki. The issue is that the CCG’s tolerance level for Haise reverting into Kaneki is very low. Remember when he fought Nishiki? Hirako was going to kill him if he couldn’t be subdued. So Akira choosing not to tell him anything is for his own good – it’s in his best interests that he learns as little as possible, both for his quality of life and his very life itself.

I think something big is going to happen soon on the Haise and Kaneki front. Not least of all because Ishida tweeted a drawing of an older Rize with a new character design – we know how much he likes his parallels between the original manga and :re, and Chapter 46.5 was about Rize and Banjou. Next week is Chapter 46.

_re 45 Img003

As for the raid, I’m glad they’re taking into account the economic implications of destroying the Tsukiyama group, but what I’m more confused about is why they don’t just run away. Mirumo is clearly aware that their secret has been compromised, and like with the Anteiku raid the sheer scale of the operation means that there’s little chance of Rose winning. But unlike the Anteiku raid, Mirumo and the rest of the family can’t be feeling the same sense of responsibility and remorse that Yoshimura did. Like with what Yomo did with Hinami and Touka, Mirumo is asking Matsumae to get Tsukiyama to safety. So why isn’t everyone else running, too? Are they not able to, even with kagune walls? Is it too late to, even now?

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 44: #

“Let me ask again. Are you… someone who knew Kaneki?”

_re 44 Img004


Rest in peace, Aliza.

We hardly knew Aliza or Yuuma, so I can’t say I particularly care about their deaths, but it’s rather sad. All Aliza wanted was to save her lover, and she essentially betrays Tsukiyama to get him back – and in the end, Kijima killed him almost immediately after making his video. And really, it was designed to taunt Rose in order instigate a result just like this, so well done to him I guess. This situation really is making Kijima seem like Mado 2.0 more than ever before – it reminded me of how he went after Ryouko and Hinami near the start of the manga, right after killing Hinami’s father – that family was the sweetest, most harmless ghoul family ever, and they were hunted down and killed. As for the wider implications of all this, the CCG are now specifically aware of the Tsukiyama family name, which is not great for poor Master Shuu – because if you remember, the Tsukiyama family actually does have a presence in the human world, and all this time they’ve masqueraded as a rich, upper-class blood-line or something. So things are bad enough, and we’ve also got Kanae revolting on the side. It’s a two-pronged attack – one from Aogiri (or Eto really, I don’t think we can say that her whims are the actions of Aogiri as a whole, even if she is the leader) and one from the CCG led by Kijima.

_re 44 Img002

Amidst all this, it’s rather ironic that Haise knows he’s a ghoul, but is leaving him alone. Haise is pretty cool with non-aggressive ghouls in general – I mean, he’s a half-ghoul himself, but he’s left Uta alone too, and is making friends with Hinami in prison. I guess he’s aware that these people used to know him? I was really surprised that Tsukiyama ended up having a change of heart, though – up until they met and started talking this chapter, he was fully on board with wanting to bring him back. Haise then starts talking about how he’s afraid of change, but knows deep down that facing Kaneki is something he has to do some day – I think this is the point when Tsukiyama finally realized that, although it might be painful for him to not have Kaneki back, it’s even more painful for Haise should he learn about how tragic his life has been up until he started anew. And of course, he finally accepts that Kaneki was more than ‘gourmet food’, and that the anti-Aogiri group were essentially the few actual friends he had. This story has been pretty amazing in terms of Tsukiyama’s development – he’s become a way deeper character than the pompous antagonist he was when he first appeared, or the comedic clown role he served in Root A.

_re 44 Img005

As for Kanou and Naki, that conversation was thought-provoking as well. We now know what Floppy is for certain – it refers to a failure in the half-ghoulization surgery. I find it really interesting that Takizawa, designated T-Owl, was the only true Owl experiment to have succeeded thus far. It means Amon was not considered a success. So then, what is Amon exactly? Is he still human, which would explain him being able to wear Arata? But then why is his arm partially regenerated? Is he somewhere in between human and half-ghoul, which sounds like it’d describe a Ros vicitm? Amon is probably the ‘beloved prototype’ Kanou was referring to – when he said that as the last words of the scene, it immediately shifted to Haise and some other guy talking about Amon. In fact, the words ‘killed in action’ referring to Amon were actually within the same frame as Kanou thinking about his prototype.

_re 44 Img001

I also find it interesting that Kuro and Shiro were considered Floppy. And really, Kanou is an absolute vagina for treating them in the way he did. Kuro and Shiro doted on him! And they were just experiments in his eyes! I guess Eto telling Ayato to dispose of Floppy could refer to a whole range of experiments who escaped – but if it’s a Floppy who’s actively impeding the activities of Aogiri, then yeah, it could either be Amon or Kuro. What on earth is he trying to do with Gagi and Guge? How would he analyse the Qs surgery using their bodies? Does it mean creating half-ghouls from a ghoul base? I have a feeling that it involves using their body parts to create a monstrous abomination, which is why he’s telling Naki they’ll come back to life. I hope Naki snaps and stabs him or something. Actually, I hope Haise, Amon, Kuro, Shiro and Rize all get to inflict some pain on him one day. He deserves it.

Video Game Review: Splatoon


I’m not going to say it, don’t you dare make me say it. I’m just going to say I hate North America’s commercials.

Splatoon for the Wii U! Nintendo’s new IP in….a long time. The game came out worldwide at the same time at the end of May this year, but I was barely able to get the game until a month ago. Splatoon was first shown in Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct if I recall back in 2013. A lot of buzz was around this game as this was the first time in a long time that Nintendo was going to release something totally new that didn’t revolve around its other game veterans such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and others. Also, it’s a shooter! The last shooter Nintendo made a game for was Metroid and lol. Also Star Fox but again lol. So people were pretty excited, including me! After some Global Testfires which hyped people up more, the game came out the following weeks. But again, I didn’t get it until recently. Is the game worth the hype? I’ll leave my answer until the end, so keep on reading.

– – –



Let’s start with the gameplay. Splatoon is a third-person shooter and the basis of the game is teaming up with other players worldwide and coating as much of the map with your color ink, which is called a Turf War. You have to have some sort of strategy in mind. You can run full force and splat the opposing team, you can stick in the back and only focus on coating the map with your ink, you can do both. Or you can be really sneaky and stick in one spot and focus on just splatting the other players, but usually people with Chargers do this (I’ll get to weapons in a minute). These matches last for 3 minutes which I think is a good amount of time. It doesn’t feel too short, and it also doesn’t drag on, it’s perfect. You can play Regular Battles, where basically you just play for fun. But there are also Ranked Battles where things can get much more intense as you can play different modes to raise your rank. They have a different atmosphere than with regular battles. I’ve never had much of a problem with connectivity. There is no lag, but there have been some times where suddenly connection is lost during a battle. But really the online battles run smoothly 90% of the time so that makes me happy.

As well as these online battles, you also have the single player campaign. The story is simple, where you’re recruited to fight against the Octarians who have stolen the great Zapfish from the Inklings, who is the source of power of Inkopolis, the city.. The single player mode consists of five different areas, where you complete each level to save some of the zapfish. During the levels you’ll collect some orbs you can accumulate to power up your gear. You can also find the Sunken Scrolls, which are scrolls that contain lore about Splatoon’s world. You can also take these scrolls to the weapon shop to unlock new weapons. In the early stages the gameplay is pretty easy but later on it gets more tricky and a little hard. At the end of each area you have a boss battle, which weren’t very hard but still fun nonetheless. The final boss battle of the game was actually pretty hard and I died a couple times. And it’s pretty long! The battle incorporates all of the things you came across in levels so it’s extremely creative and fun. The story mode doesn’t have anything to do with the online battles so you can complete it whenever you want but I’d recommend completing it soon so you can unlock the story-only weapons.

– – –



main-weaponWEAPONS. THERE ARE SO MANY WEAPONS IN THE GAME. I’m only lvl 18 right now and I still haven’t unlocked them all yet. You can only unlock some by being a certain level. You have a plethora of weapons but you immediately start off with the Splattershot Jr. You have the main weapon, which can be a gun, a sniper, or a paint roller. You also have a sub-weapon which can be something like bombs, mines, etc. And then you have a special weapon which can be used when you fill up your ink gauge in battle. There are variations of the weapons, like ones with more firepower but bad range, or slow charge rate but the damage is great. They also switch up the sub and special weapons so no one weapon is the same. There are so many weapons out there that you’re bound to find something that you’ll be comfortable and main with. Just for those wondering, I absolutely love using the Aerospray RG.

Remember I mentioned strategy? For the online battles, the stages are picked randomly, but only two stages are available to play on. Every few hours the stages get switched, so you really have to pay attention to the ones that get chosen and familiarize yourself with them. Some weapons might be better in other stages so I’d actually recommend being good with more than one type of weapon.

– – –



In this game, you play as Inklings, which are squid type of people. In the gameplay you can switch from your humanoid form to your squid form which you can swim fast, climb walls, while also replenishing your ink. Starting up the game, you choose which gender Inkling you want to play as. Then you get to choose what skin and eye color you want, which you can then change later on if you want. The great thing about this game is you can customize! After picking your Inkling you can also buy some gear in the game. You can buy hats, shoes, and tops and they all come with abilities you have to unlock through online battles. There’s a lot of gear too so you can always pick different outfits for your Inkling. I’m the shallow loser that picks the cuter clothes, but really the most important thing about the clothes are the abilities. When you buy them from the shops they come with no ability because you have to unlock them in the online battles, and there are so many abilities that can help you in your strategies during the matches (like faster running speed, invisible swimming, ink replenishes faster after getting splatted, etc.).

Also, which I thought is very cute and hilarious, is one of the gear sets is dedicated to the Squid Girl anime. The hat, dress, and shoes. You can make your Inkling look like the squid girl from…well, Squid Girl. I think the boys can too because I think all the gear are gender neutral.


– – –


I’ve basically summarized everything. I can go on and on about the details in the game, but I really want to talk about something that people have argued over when talking about this game. Nintendo didn’t put chat for the online battles. Now, people got mad at this because every other shooter has voice chat so they thought Splatoon would have it too. Okay, now here’s my opinion.

GOOD. Thank you, Nintendo. I can’t thank you enough for making such a smart decision. Not putting voice chat in the game was probably the smartest thing you guys did.

sig-3939517.splatoon-2737530Nintendo has always been family friendly. They’ve always targeted kids. And of course Nintendo’s games aren’t only for children, they’re for everyone! Kids, teenagers, and adults alike. Everyone can play these games and have fun. But do you know other video game companies that are specifically for children? Any others? Sony? No. Microsoft? NO. Nintendo has always been there for children. Children play these games, so lots of children are going to be playing Splatoon. Us older gamers like to think that only we are good enough to be playing these games and dismiss children. Can you just imagine what the voice chat would be like? Basically like all the gross Call of Duty fucks that scream obscenities and vulgarities for no good reason thinking they’re “funny”? So we’re going to have all these grown men calling shit out at the kids? Do you really want that? And I know what you’re going to say, “Berry, there’s a lot of little kids that play Call of Duty (or -insert other shooter game-) and they talk shit too!” Well, do I look like their mama? That’s all on the parents. Call of Duty is marketed toward older players, and there happens to be some parents that don’t pay attention to what games their kids play and this stuff happens. But Splatoon is different because it’s specifically for kids. Parents trust Nintendo and will let their children play the game because it’s marketed towards them. It’s supposed to be a fun and happy game for them. So of course you expect children playing this. So to have voice chat just for older people to talk shit and hurt these kids’ feelings, making the online battles, which is the core of the game, an uncomfortable and scary place? Yeah, I don’t think so. I do admit that I scream at my TV when my team messes up, but then I stop to think that maybe I’m playing with some kids and they’re not as good as me, so then I calm down. Of course if there were chat there’s also the option of just turning it off. But of course there are some people that leave it on and purposefully yell because they’re little shits.

Also, the goal of the game is so simple. There’s no missions you complete with your team. Like I mentioned before, the goal of the Turf Wars are to cover as much of the map with your color ink. You play the game through the TV, but on the Game Pad you have the map on the screen which shows where your teammates are and what areas that haven’t been inked or the opposing color. So, just look at the map, and go to that area. See a spot not covered in ink? Cover it in ink. That’s it, it’s nothing that needs voice chat for such complex strategies. YOU DON’T NEED IT. The game is so simple that voice chat is useless, so you can drop the “We need to talk for strategy!” argument because I just knocked it down.

– – –


So, should you buy Splatoon? I would say that, yes. You should. It’s a very fun game. Other than voice chat, other cons people pointed out were the lack of maps during launch but it was updated later on and I bought the game after the update, so I didn’t face that problem. Another would be that it might be repetitive and I would agree. The story mode is kind of short, so I think something they could have done is make the story mode longer because after that all you have are the online battles. But the incentives of repeatedly playing the online battles are unlocking new weapons and gear. So I’m a little ehhh about that. Still, I’m still having a lot of fun with this game and I’m so glad that Nintendo finally did something new. I always feel so happy when I play Nintendo’s games and I hope they experiment more.

Also, here’s my fave outfit for my Inkling girl.

IMG_0697 IMG_0698

NOTE: Sorry I can’t talk about the amiibo because I don’t have any of them. But I do know that if you buy the girl Inkling amiibo you get a school uniform outfit that’s super cute. ;(

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 43: Revealing Sound

“I… killed Amon…”

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 23.25.05


It really was an understated, yet momentous occasion to see Haise don his ghoul mask once more – and Shirazu even said that ‘Sassan really looks like a ghoul’. The unfortunate thing for the investigation is that anyone fodder-level, like the kind souls who helped out Shirazu and Saiko, end up running after seeing what must have become a very famous mask during the months where he ran around destroying ghoul restaurants and opposing Aogiri. They all know who he is, and are terrified. It’s not really a case of mistaken identity, like when Yamori’s mask was used to create trouble – Haise really is Kaneki. In this series, masks have symbolic significance towards identity, and a famous mask either means it’s that ghoul, or the worse alternative – that the famous ghoul was killed by someone even more powerful, which means that the soon-to-be victim is in even more trouble. I’m so glad Haise didn’t decide to mention the name ‘Amon Koutarou’ to Special-Class Ui – as he is First-Class Sasaki, he may very well have come across the name in official records, but Amon is supposed to be dead, and Centipede killed him. And Ui knows that Centipede is Haise. If Haise says a name with such a strong connection to him, Ui will certainly become even more paranoid than he already is. I’m sure he’ll end up asking Donato, who’ll give him the next piece of the puzzle now that Haise is aware of his foster son’s name. Akira is also on the hunt, having recently been repeatedly getting Saiko to tell her about the ‘hero’ who saved her – a full Amon appearance is drawing near!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 08.49.53

All that stuff about the long-term versus the short-term was really interesting. I’m sure there are many conflicting opinions within the CCG on this – I’m sure an early-chapter Amon would have said that all ghouls need to be killed because they’re evil and deserve death. Late-chapter Amon would have been more conflicted, and who knows how current Amon thinks. It doesn’t really matter for Arima because ghoul killing doesn’t even involve breaking a sweat for him, while I have a feeling Ui is the sort to agree with early-chapter Amon, even though officially he had other reasons for rejecting Operation Mask. Saiko is right, though – the assumption that leaving the ghoul alone results in one casualty a month is simply wrong, and I say that even for ghouls who are the ‘good guys’. One a month is what they need to survive, but they’ll obviously eat more than that – they’re surely physically fitter and healthier if they eat more. And to people like Rize, humans taste irresistibly good! We won’t get enough nutrition if we eat a single meal a day, but we’ll survive – likewise, for ghouls their kagune isn’t going to grow any bigger on the bare minimum. At any rate, the ghouls that do survive like that are the ones least likely to have any information on the composition of Aogiri.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 23.26.26

In other news, Eto will become Kanae’s god. Uh… okay. Did Eto just manage to convert Kanae to her cause and get her to betray Tsukiyama, whom he’s idolised throughout this entire manga? Or at least, we think he’s idolised him – see, here’s the thing. I don’t know whether to take this as proper character development for Kanae, who’ll become a more conflicted character if this – because everything Eto said to him could just have easily been her fucking around. I can totally see that happening, too. If the Clowns manipulate people indirectly and from afar, Eto does so directly and up-close – there was that ‘advice’ she gave to Hinami as Takatsuki back in the original manga too, and now Hinami is with Aogiri. Also, does anyone know why her kagune can talk? Is that… normal? Something for kakujas? Or is it a split personality, not unlike what child Kaneki currently is to Haise? Will Kaneki end up inhabiting Haise’s kagune?

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade [Video Games Review]

harvest moon Animal paradeAaaah Harvest Moon, so many memories, I can’t count the hours that I’ve spent on this series. I love it so much!?(>?

So what is harvest about ? Well I would say it’s a farm life simulation. The creator of the series Yasuhiro Wada, originally intended to recreate what makes the life in the countryside so special. I think he did it. However, Harvest Moon isn’t a game for everyone, you won’t get any chills by watching your turnips growing day after days, well at least I don’t. You won’t fight any monsters or save any princess. But still, Harvest Moon is a great game. It allows you to escape your daily routine to go to the countryside where working in fields seems easy and where everybody is happy and nice to you. So if you can’t stand annoying citizens anymore come with me I’ll show you a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming. Humm… Now without futher ado, let’s begin our journey , TO THE COUNTRYSIDE WITH HARVEST MON ANIMAL PARADE !!.+:?(????)??



God Damnit Professor Oak, GET OUT OF HERE ! WRONG GAME !

Harvest moon Animal parade ( Bokujou Monogatari: Wakuwaku Animal March/ ??????????????? in japanese ) came out in 2010 in France and in November 2009 in America. However I’ve only played it in French.This opus was the first Harvest moon game which actually allowed me play AS A GIRL! THANK YOU HARVEST MOON! IT’S ABOUT TIME! In Animal Parade you can choose if you want to be a boy or a girl. Regarding this choice you will be able to marry some good looking bachelors or bachelorettes ( still no same sex marriage allowed yet ) .

You’ll also have the possibility of choosing your appearance.


However, no matter which appearence you choose the gameplay won’t change

I picked the girl from the previous WII game: tree of Tranquility (the one with the green outfit) because the other one look dumb in my opinion. After naming your character and selecting your birthday date, the story begins !

Story : This game try to have a bit of a story behind all the farming and the bachelors stalking. In previous Harvest moon games you start as the new farmer in a deserted new land, and for now reason the harvest goddess/ Harvest sprites choose you and only you to reestablish the fame of the land by doing magical related stuff. Well , In Animal Parade it’s the same.


Damn you Theodore, be more careful. A girafe isn’t something you can lose easily

However, in Animal Parade you’ll need to find and to ring some Bells (Green, Red, Yellow, blue and Purple ) in order to restore the power of the elements : earth ,wind and fire ^^. Also water and for the purple bell : heart ? So yeah, I was happy, for the first time I didn’t have to collect one hundred music notes, harvest sprites or sun stones to beat the game. Your quest to ring all the Bells aside, you’ll also have to help Theodore ( the mayor from magical Melody ) who now runs a circus, to bring back his lost animals : Eunice the Giraffe, Trunks the Elephant and Humpfrey the hippo by bringing them the food they like .

Gameplay : This game has for the first time, CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION THANKS GOD ! You can now dress you character as you wish by simply buying clothes from the local tailor. You can even dress your children as you want however you cannot change your husband/ wife’s clothes. (So chase will keep his sandals anyway… ). Once you’re married, your true one will cook you some delicious meals and help you out with your farm work. They can do whatever you ask them, from watering, to mining and fishing.My husband used to water my crops for me , this part was reaaaaaalllly annoying.Later on, if your house is big enough you will have up to two child whom apparence will change regarding which bachelor or bachelorette you’ve married. And yes, you can also tell your children to do your chores for you.(???)?

You can ride your animals if they like you enough. Horses of course, but also cows, sheep, goats and even ostricshes ! You can cook meals, go fishing, go minnig, going shopping, going to a Tropical Island and so much more !

They also had a strange feature: by connecting a second wii controller you can actually rub people in order to increase their affection towards you. This is so weird I can’t even describe it. I don’t know if the developers were expecting us to play this game with a friend, but it’s if the case the poor player 2 will be sitting next to player 1 waiting for him to come accross some random villager to rub him. Well, I don’t have any friends who are ready to do that for me, so I guess I’ll just handle the rubbing part myself.

I think one main problem of this game must be the screen loading time. Boy, you need to be patient. Even if your character is running or ridding his cow/horse/sheep/whatever animal you want, you won’t escape some really long running/ridding in the land and some long screen loading every time you change of area ( and you need to because you can teleport yourself ). So yeah, screen loading I despise you.


All the marriage candidates of Animal Parade

Also, sometimes the camera goes crazy. The angle changes without warning you so it makes it harder for you to control your character.


My favorite part, let’s be honest.o(*>?<*)o

Harvest moon may look like an otome game with his dating/marriage system and the possiblity of choosing your true one but it doesn’t really work like one. By this I mean, there’s no “routes” , choosing one bachelor over another won’t change the background story. Of course, increasing their affection towards you will unlock more dialogues and will let you know more about their personality story but that’s it. So in Harvest Moon you ‘ll just have to marry the guy or the girl that you prefer !

Let’s be clear , the guys and the girls won’t fall in your arms easily just because you’re the savior of the land who work his ass off to ring some magical bells and to bring back home some exotic animals. Neither because you can look like a cool – ass -military pirate . NO ! LADIES AND GENTLEMANS ! NO !


Character customization I said, wonderful

You gotta act smooth, like a real lover.. You need to stalk them ( there’s a feature in the game which allows you to know exactly where a person is), to know their exact schedule in order to talk to them every day and at the same time to give them a huge amount of gifts. Once you know what they like you can give them the specific items every single day, they won’t get bored of it ( I’m still wondering where in the hell they stock all the flowers that I gave them ). Once you’ve reached 9 hearts (there’s a menu which indicates you how much does every person wants your juicy booty), CONGRATULATIONS THERE ARE IN LOVE WITH YOU ! You’re such a lover. I knew it !

There’s a rival Mode in this game and for once it’s well thought. Don’t worry, getting the guy or the girl that you want remains a piece of cake: you won’t see any rival marriage if you’re not friend with your rival, in other words you just have to ignore the bitch and she/ he will let you marry your true one .

Animal Parade add one more thing with to his rival mode , the possibility for the guys and the girls that you won’t marry to have a child. Yup, your kids will have little buddies to play with . This add in the gameplay makes the valley more lively. But, since almost every bachelors/bachelorette ( except for the Wizard and the Witch ) have a designed lover to pair up with, once you’ve married the guy/girl of your dreams , your love rival will be alone, for the rest of his/her life. No kids, no love life. Usually people feel bad about it . But I tend to go ” AHAHA I BEAT YOU ! I GOT HIM ! HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU, HE ONLY CARES ABOUT ME”. Does that make me a bad person (???)?

To be my beloved slave husband I choose Gill, the posh tsundere boy and also son of the mayor. No, marrying him wasn’t a part of my plan to take over the valley, I swear.


Gil in Harvest Moon Animal Parade

gill_harvest_moon/ tamaki

An actual screenshot from the Ouran Highschool Host Club Anime

Now, that I think about it, Gil remind me someone…

Is that you Tamaki Senpai ? Ok , now I feel bad.

The resemblance between them is too disturbing. Does that make me a Tamaki-senpai Fan ? Oh god ….

Subjective Game rate: 9/10 . Less screen loading and crazy camera and this would have been a perfect game. But Animal Parade is my jam. If you’re looking for a good game to relax alone on rainy sunday’s afternoons this is a good one. I also recommend the use of a plaid and a cup of hot chocolate.


Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 42: Operation Mask

Oh my god.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.33.06


Oh Eto, you crazy troublemaker.

I wonder what she’s out to do? Clearly, it has something to do with getting involved in Kaneki’s life once again, if she’s revealing herself to Kanae – but who knows whether she’s there to stop him interfering with the Quinx or to offer her aid. If it’s the latter, then Haise is in for a whole lot of trouble in the near future.

Another ghoul looking to involve themselves with Kaneki again is Tsukiyama, who’s been met with a lot of disdain by a snarky-looking Touka. Good to know she’s still got the same personality inside despite having grown her hair out. Touka believes that Tsukiyama wanting Haise to turn back into Kaneki is just his own selfishness – and that Haise himself is currently happier as he is now. She’s definitely singing a whole different tune from the whole ‘I believe he’ll return to Anteiku’ line that ended the first manga – and back then, us as readers wanted to believe in the Touka who believed in Kaneki. But we’ve got to remember that she said that under the assumption that he was still living as a half-ghoul. Now, he’s living as a human, and what Anteiku seem to want to prioritise is his happiness and well-being above all else.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.36.06

Touka has a point. It may even be our selfishness as readers to want Haise to return to being Kaneki. We, too, want Haise to be happy – but here’s the thing. Is he happier now? He was miserable as a ghoul, but right now he’s suffering from lots of problems, from child Kaneki wanting to take over his body to stabbing pains in the back of his eyes. I guess he has friends now, and has moved from being the hunted to the hunter, but Touka is assuming trouble will stay away from him, which is simply not true from our viewpoint as readers. Touka probably thinks he can live a quiet life if he wants, and can defend himself from attacks as not many ghouls can harm him at this point – but that’s exactly the problem, because the few ghouls who can harm him are basically now after him. Like Eto, for example. And above all, Haise is treading a really thin line at all times, because as soon as he displays any sign of losing control, he’ll get his eyes gouged out by Ixa.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.34.58

Hairu is unlucky to have such a dick for a superior. At least Operation Mask means that Haise and the Quinx will likely end up running into Tsukiyama and Eto before they find him. If they’re trying to learn the total number of Aogiri involved… are they going to infiltrate Aogiri? Also, holy shit – Haru was Shirazu’s sister! It’s tragic, but I’m not sure what to make of this whole Ros thing. Looking at Haru with a kagune growing out of her eye reminded me of a one-eyed ghoul. If humans are so incompatible with RC cells, how does this make a half-ghoul like Kaneki or Takizawa different from those who suffer from Ros?

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.35.32

Dangan Ronpa: Ultra Despair Girls [Video game review]


After months of waiting, here we are. The localization of Ultra Despair Girls in the United States. For a while, the fandom was fairly convinced that the topics in this game would be a little too heavy to warrant a localization. The had every right to be worried, but despite that our prayers were answered and the game got an English translation. So how does this third person shooter/puzzle game stack up against their light novel with mild adventure game element brothers?
Can Komaru Neagi’s game be anywhere near as good as her brothers, will this game fall to hope or into horrid despair? Let’s jump right in and find out.

Spoilers for all three games lay below this point, so if you must, turn back now. Here’s a picture of Shirokuma to keep you from accidentally looking down. Isn’t he cute?

ShirokumacgAlright, still with me? Good, let’s break this review up into a few sections. We’ll proceed to go through plot, game play and then discuss extra content/replay value.

You begin taking a look at the life of one miss Komaru Neagi, little sister of Makoto from the first game. She’s been living a year and a half, in a two bedroom apartment. As a captive, unable to go outside.
One day she hears noise outside of her door and believes she’s being saved. Only to be met by the steal claws of a Monokuma ready to kill her. She proceeds to run out and meet with Byakuya and other members of the ‘Future Foundation’. The Future Foundation is an organization that was formed to combat the despair and tragedy caused by Junko Enoshima.

You’re given the hacking gun to combat the Monokuma’s and get about 5 to 10 minutes of over powered gameplay in which breaking them is easy.
Then Nagito happens, and he reworks the gun to scale it for game purposes. I say Nagito, because we know that’s who it is. However, in this game he is merely known as ‘servant’.
You get tossed into this killing game, where these 5 kids known as the Warriors of Hope are slaying ‘Demons’ [Adults], to create a paradise for children. They are the ones controlling the Monokuma’s, the Monokuma kids, and the robots of the city. [I feel like their robots were also the basis for the Monobeasts in Dangan Ronpa 2]


The Warriors of Hope are a group of kids from Hopes Peak Elementary, because that was a thing. [Since WHEN was that a thing? Neither of the previous games mentioned any branches of the school outside of the academy. Which had like, extreme rules to get into…unless you paid them a ton of money and got into the reserve course…but we all know how that turned out.]
and we’re all in the trouble maker class. They also all had completely horrible home lives and were almost all going to commit suicide together when Junko ‘saved’ them. Of course, let’s be honest with ourselves here. She was totally using them to spread despair, of course. At least these kids aren’t that delusional and know that she was using them.

The game is set up in a series of 5 chapters as opposed to the other two games 6 chapter format. Which I suppose is why it felt a little short to me, each chapter you fight a different warrior of hope while slowly discovering more and more of what’s really going on. Which is that Monaca, the small girl haired child in a wheel chair is trying not to create a paradise for children but instead to create the successor to the Ultimate Despair.

We are led to think through most of the game that the one she’s trying to make into Junk’s successor is herself, in the last chapter though. We discover the one that she was trying to turn into the Ultimate Despair the whole time. Is you, younger sister of the Ultimate Hope that killed Junko.
Not going to lie, if Toko hadn’t of been there with Komaru. It probably would of worked, when it shows the image of Matoko and Komaru’s parents dead. Even I snapped a bit, I wasn’t even really paying attention to what I was clicking and thought for a moment that I made the wrong choice. Which, ultimately I was told later by someone else playing that both choices at that time were to press the button.
Well it’s good that Toko was there to slap the despair out of you.

This is honestly the most base summery I could give of the plot. A lot of the finer details are a lot more unsettling and disturbing. I should say that this game should carry a lot of trigger warnings. The subjects talked about include but are not limited to physical and mental abuse, child rape, suicide, graphic death scenes. I thought the last game jumped the shark when it was talking about people having sex with a dead body. There were moments in Ultra Despair Girls that really churned my stomach.

I did enjoy the scene in the ending that showed the AI’s in both Shiro and Kurokuma and revealed that they were prototypes for the AI Junko that appears in the next game. I enjoyed seeing Izuru and the hints that are dropped, such as saying that he’ll be a different person the next time she sees him. The only thing about the ending that really bothered me, was that Monaca lived. Not only lived, but is still out there somewhere working on becoming the Next Ultimate Despair.
Since she doesn’t show up in DR 2, there is no real info on her whereabouts or if the Future Foundation is sure that she is still out there. Will that tie into the next game? I really hope I don’t ever have too see this psychotic little brat again…


Alright, now let’s get into the game play. I played on the easiest setting because I wanted to get a feel of the story. So I can’t speak for the higher difficulties but…IF I HAD IT ON THE EASIEST SETTING. THEN I THINK I WOULD KILL MYSELF IF I TURNED IT UP ANY HIGHER!

The hit boxes on almost everything are nearly impossible to hit. Ammo is limited enough on the easy setting, forget what it would be any higher. The puzzles are fairly easy and make for fun game play and make you feel rewarded with special music and animation for beating them. It’s honestly the shooting part that drove me crazy, perhaps it’s just that I’ve never been very good at 3rd person shooters.
Or shooters in general. So I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me the game play was kind of annoying. I missed the almost graphic novel like style of the other two games.
I understand trying to move a game into a new Genre, but this was sort of like…the Chain of Memories of Dangan games.

Now for the extra content/replay value. Well, as in DR 2 there is a hide and seek. Inside of Hidden Monokuma’s, it’s the hidden Warriors of Hope. Finding them helps your overall score, which is based on your battle, your puzzle solving, how many times you retry and finding the hidden Warriors. I never got higher then a C, but each chapter is ended with a fantasy Toko is having of Byakuya getting whipped.
Hot. I MEAN, -cough-

Aside from that, post game you can of course unlock the background music, cinematic scenes and images from the game. There is also the novel Ultimate Despair Hagakure which is a side story about Yasuhiro and Leon’s cousin battling their way through the Monokuma filled city. It’s formatted in the style that DR: IF was when you could read in during DR 2.

So is there replay value? Yes, if you mess up puzzles or just want a better score. Want to find the Hidden Warriors, or since this IS a Dangan Ronpa game. Maybe all you want to do is double back and catch all the subtle foreshadowing that lies before the final chapter. If this game is anything like the other two, it’s there for sure.

Overall? I liked the game. Not nearly as much as the two that came before it but it was still fun. I will say though, they jumped a few sharks this game. I’m also really glad that we didn’t end up killing any of the kids really. A picture post game tells us that they all lived. Monaca aside, i generally feel bad for most of the kids in the Warriors of Hope. They had legitimately horrible lives, Monaca…oh no, people in her home ignored her.


In comparison to ANY of the rest of those kids, she’s just…GAH. They created her with the idea of making a completely unsympathetic character that the fans could hate. They worked to give her no redeeming qualities and I feel as if they really succeeded. She’s a psychotic bitch, that’s all there is too that! Now, Spike Chunsoft. Get to work on DR 3 amd let’s not venture back into this 3rd person shooter style.
It’s nice for one game, but it could get tiring fast.