Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 51: Shaving Cores

Do you know why the rose is beautiful?



I thought it was hilarious when Kanae called Haise a ‘pig fucker’, especially as I’m living in the UK. A little politics, Ishida? No? I wouldn’t put it past him, though.

He also reminded me of the robot in Ping Pong the Animation, although a hundred times creepier.


At any rate, Haise getting his right hand cut off has been a lot more problematic than I thought it was going to be. The fact that he’s a half-ghoul made me think he was going to brush it off as nothing – he’s been through his own share of painful torture, after all. And high-speed regeneration is definitely a thing for ghouls, and an especially real opportunity for Haise, who has Rize’s regeneration. But I have no idea how he’ll get his hand back now that Kanae has thrown it off the side of the skyscraper. So much for sticking it back on. If there’s anything good about all this, it’s that Haise seems to now have his Kaneki mode turned on, so hopefully Kanae will be in for a brutal beat-down or something. His kagune is fucking massive now though, holy crap. And all along I was impressed by how big Nishiki’s one grew over the time-skip. It has to be because of Eto, right? Or has Eto’s ‘gift’ still not been revealed yet? If Noro can stitch himself back together almost instantly after Saiko was finished with him, I don’t see Kanae being too fazed by Haise kicking his face off – or is it his mask? Either way, poor Tsukiyama will probably be horrified. He was telling Kanae to stop – he doesn’t want Haise to die at all. He was prepared to kill him if he absolutely had to, for the sake of his own survival, but his death is in no way something he wishes for. So he’s pissed at Kanae, and that will probably turn to pity and a feeling of ‘oh my god what did they do to you’ when he sees that his eyes and mouth have been sewn shut. Maybe even when he sees that Kanae just shrugs off being decapitated – because I bet that’s not a Rosewald trait at all.

kanae 2

As for Noro, I’m not even sure what he or it is. I know there are theories about him being a detached, autonomous part of Eto’s kagune, but I really do think he’s just another one of her torture experiments gone wrong. I’m really interested in seeing what’s under that mask, though. Or who, rather. I was also a little confused by what happened in that double-spread page where that poor dove was brutally fucked up after praying, ‘please don’t get up’ when Nutcracker managed to score a clean hit on him – it looks like it’s just a kagune with a mouth which killed him, and I don’t see Noro anywhere. Of course, the most dangerous part of this Noro fight is the fact that the Qs are there, with no clear backup unless Ui turns up out of nowhere – I don’t really care about Kuramoto or Kuroiwa Jr, but the Qs need to all be kept safe from this crazy monster, especially Saiko. Please keep Saiko safe.


Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 50: Hand

Clowns always get the last laugh.

_re 50 Img002


…Wait, what the fuck?

I can’t believe you just did that, Ishida. I think you’re brilliant, but sometimes you’re also one hell of a bastard. You were supposed to pick and choose between Matsumae, Hairu and Kijima! It was supposed to be a zero-sum game, where some of them surviving would have to come at the cost of the others dying! You weren’t supposed to kill them all! And not only that, Matsumae was killed by a fellow ghoul – or at least, I have a feeling Furuta is a ghoul of some sort. I know there’s that theory floating around the internet that Furuta is actually Souta, and thus one of the Clowns – because otherwise, there’s no way he would have known about the fact that Tsukiyama was MM from the now defunct Ghoul Restaurant. Furuta even has hair similar to Souta. Which would mean that this is the bastard who pushed the steel beams on poor Rize and started Kaneki’s life of suffering and torment. But at the same time, it’s really confusing – does this mean Furuta is a ghoul? I really doubt the ghouls at the Ghoul Restaurant would mistake a human for a ghoul, especially if they’re there to sample high-quality human food – which means Furuta or Souta must be a ghoul to have been able to blend into that crowd. At the same time, I know the CCG has those RC scanners used to prevent any ghouls from getting past their security, which Kaneki only survived an encounter with because he was a half-ghoul. I really don’t see how Furuta could have basically gotten a job there and risen all the way up to being on Kijima’s squad without exposing himself. I remember reading something about how he has a mole on his face, and thus it was foreshadowing that he would be the mole the CCG have been after for so long – fucking Ishida strikes again.

_re 50 Img001

Ah, shit. I can’t believe Matsumae died like that, to such a faggot. And she was so cool, too…

Matsumae ;_;

_re 50 Img005

I think it’s got to be Kanae who has reached the rooftop. I know I’m writing this at a time when the next chapter’s already out (it’s been up for a few hours I think, which is insanely fast) but I haven’t read it yet – I wanted to write down my thoughts as they were without any bias or extra info I would get from reading the next chapter. Apologies for the lateness, by the way – I really did want to get this out earlier than I have, given how much of a mindfuck the chapter was. Kanae having a showdown with Haise and his precious Master Shuu is basically guaranteed though, and if anyone gets to the rooftop and sees Haise at Tsukiyama’s mercy like that, it’s pretty obvious he’d act immediately to save his master. No idea how he’s managing to see though, if his eyes have been sewn shut. I do wish we’d gotten to see more of the fight between Haise and Tsukiyama, especially as Tsukiyama had the upper hand before the rest of the fight was omitted – I think the implication was that Haise ‘knew’ his fighting style due to his subconscious Kaneki’s help, and managed to overpower him despite not having any particular emotion fuelling his adrenaline like Tsukiyama did. I’d like to think he wouldn’t have killed him, even if his hand wasn’t prematurely cut off. Haise’s a good guy. I think.

Now, time to read Chapter 51!

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Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 49: Pulsing Signal


_re 49 Img009








_re 49 Img007

Aw, man. I can’t believe Ishida’s really going through with this. I’m now wondering: is this how Tsukiyama fans will be feeling by the end of this arc? It’s true that she was heavily injured by Matsumae last week, but I don’t think anyone actually thought Hairu would go down from just a stab wound – no matter how fatal it might have looked. And we were absolutely right, because she got back up and promptly tried to kill Matsumae with the other quinque she happened to have (oddly, it looks and acts like Narukami). If she got decapitated though, and more importantly if she had a vision of Arima and a field of flowers (which is practically a symbolic death sentence at this point in the series) then I guess it really is over for her. I’m actually gutted – this is the first death in Tokyo Ghoul which is actually making me feel something. All the past deaths were for pretty unsympathetic – Yamori and Mado were twisted enough so that no-one would really lament their deaths, for example. Koma and Irimi were too minor as characters. Kaneki just made us pity him even more, and it was a bit relieving because we knew he’d be going to a better place – that his suffering was finally over (or so we thought). I mean, Hairu is psychotic too, but she’s also hot. And a less crazy version of Kijima with a bit more character development – I thought her character was just getting off the ground! Why, Ishida? Why are you doing this to me?

_re 49 Img005

I don’t care about Kijima, by the way. I now love and hate Matsumae at the same time, because I can’t deny how cool it was to see her tell Kijima to fuck off before chainsawing his face off. I’m pretty sure he’s dead, too. Not sure how his head got to be the way it is now, but I think that’s still a head, and so it’ll hurt and he’ll die if it’s cut in half. What I care about now is whether Matsumae makes it out of this arc alive. It wasn’t even her who landed the killing blow on Hairu, by the way – it was Mairo instead. Top butler, but fuck him. Now that Matsumae has used up the rest of her life’s luck surviving this battle, I want her to make it all the way. It’s the least she could do, really. Survive, rescue Master Shuu and live a peaceful, quiet life running a coffee shop or something.

_re 49 Img006

Saiko was the only other star of the chapter. I guess Urie, too – I love how he’s gone from abusing people in his thoughts to worrying about them in secret. What a tsundere, it’s great he actually cares for Saiko deep down. I don’t think she really needs people to keep her safe any more though, given how monstrous her kagune is – seriously, it’s implied her kakuhou is from Kaneki, but that was still incredible. Kuramoto got wasted by Noro, but Saiko cut him cleanly in half! At the moment she doesn’t seem to have any actual combat skill though, in the sense that she immediately gets tired after using it once and has to wait for her squad to give her an opening before she can get a good shot in – so I think they’re still in a lot of danger. Not to mention the fact that Noro has brought out his Uta-level regeneration, too. Does Kanae have that sort of insane ability now as well?

_re 49 Img002

tl;dr RIP Princess. Even if no one misses you, I will

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 48: N. T.

Don’t slip on the blood!

_re 48 Img004


I don’t want Hairu to die ;_;

I was already prepared to start mourning for Matsumae, but look at her go! Is Hairu really dead? I would usually start proclaiming my undying adoration for Matsumae at this point, but the problem is that I really like Hairu as well. I know her haters are probably celebrating at her finally getting a taste of her own medicine. And I won’t say she didn’t deserve it, because she totally did – the blood she slipped on was most likely blood she shed herself. So this will teach her to be a little less messy, and to actually clean up after herself – and to think, Kijima was just warning them all to look out for blood on the floor just last week! I doubt she’s going to die, though – even if she is apparently killed. If she were a ghoul, then she could easily recover from that sort of wound – but she seems too important to kick the bucket so soon after she was introduced, given how much focus Ishida has been putting on her despite her recent entry into the story. Shimoguchi, on the other hand, has had his time. I think it was implied that Hairu was in fact stronger than Matsumae – it’s not that based maid couldn’t hold her own, because she did that magnificently. It’s just that Hairu is supposed to be a monster, and to me it felt like she had the upper hand until she lost her footing. It’s funny, because you could pretty much pinpoint the exact moment Hairu realized she was fucked – it was one of the few times she didn’t have her edgy smile on.

_re 48 Img005

I know this is about the hundredth time I’ve said this, but I really do admire Tsukiyama’s character development. I… I just can’t. It’s so amazing. Remember what an absolute faggot this guy was, when he was first introduced? I don’t even particularly care for him as a character, but by god is his development great. I was already happy with how it went up until now – his transition to caring about Kaneki, being in denial about that transition, and finally meeting Haise again but deciding to agree with Touka and leave him alone for his own happiness. And now, he’s putting aside his obsession over Haise to place his family first – because they sacrificed their lives so he could live. He doesn’t know anything about the person named Sasaki Haise, and he’s not going to let his family’s deaths go in vain. Even if he has to fight Haise – and even if he has to remind him, once again, what a real kick is.



tumblr_inline_nqtjt3ohDS1t1u7t6_500And you know why this is sad? It’s because there’s no way Tsukiyama can win. He’s spent two whole years out of commission, and even before then he was only S-rated as a ghoul. Haise, meanwhile, is already super strong as Haise. Even if Haise loses somehow, out of an unwillingness to fight perhaps, then Kaneki can deal with Tsukiyama easily. In the original manga, Touka beat him – I wouldn’t be surprised if another ghoul turns up somehow and interferes (please please please let it be Rize). Kanae is the most likely candidate, though it worries me that he has to qet through the Qs first, which means casualties are likely. I know I mentioned Haise passing off Kanae as the heir last week, but in light of the parallels there’s still Tsukiyama’s comment about being Kaneki’s sword left unfulfilled. And as we all know, ownership rights come in all sorts of forms after all…

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 47: Match

“Fuccccckin’ kidding.”

_re 47 Img002


In celebration of Tsukiyama’s new English swear words, I think it’s time to start planning some obituaries for the end of this arc. A few epitaphs would be nice, too.

  1. Shimoguchi (‘Who Even Is This Guy?’) – Death by Kanae ‘Noro #2’ von Rosewald
  2. Matsumae (‘Based Maid’) – Death by Ihei ‘Best Edgelord’ Hairu and Kijima ‘Mado #2’ Shiki
  3. Tsukiyama (‘Goodnight, Sweet Prince’) – Death by Sasaki ‘CCG’s Ninja’ Haise

_re 47 Img004

I also love how this is one of the chapters in which the title makes more sense by affixing ‘re’ to the start of it – because this week really does mark the start of a few ‘rematches’, including Hairu vs Matsumae and Haise vs Tsukiyama. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanae ends up finding Urie and Shirazu again after he kills Shimoguchi and his cursed squad. Are we supposed to call him Noro, now? A key factor in all this, though, is that despite how accurate the CCG have been with pinpointing the existence of ‘an heir’ to the Tsukiyama group that they must kill at all costs, they don’t know who he is nor what he even looks like. And Kanae, happily enough, bears enough of a physical resemblance to Tsukiyama that he probably could be passed off as him if necessary. So, I’m predicting that Kanae will find his way to the rooftop somehow, and will end up dying in his attempt to kill Haise. Haise will then let Tsukiyama go and testify that Kanae is the heir, because just like with Hinami, he believes Tsukiyama was an important existence to Kaneki. I doubt there’ll be any ‘ownership rights’ this time with Tsukiyama, because Washuu seems to want him dead very much.

A few issues do remain with that theory though, not least of all the fact that Kanae now looks like a mutilated corpse under his mask, with his eyes and mouth stitched up. I don’t think the CCG would readily believe that this charred lump of pity is the bona fide heir to an entity as huge as the Tsukiyama group. Haise may also stop Tsukiyama from leaving, because he wants the answers now – it’s yet another hyped reverse parallel to the original manga, as their last rooftop face-off had Tsukiyama try to stop Kaneki from leaving to help Anteiku. The whole Haise and Kaneki conflict will definitely get somewhere during this raid, especially as Haise was lashing out at Akira very recently – and memories of a ‘rooftop’ are making his head hurt, too. It was also unreal that he looked so similar to Kaneki when he was climbing the building with his kagune, which I’m sure is a deliberate detail – Ishida seems to love altering the amount of black and white in Haise’s hair to represent his various different identities.

_re 47 Img003

Meanwhile, Hairu really, really, really wants to be praised by Arima. Even Haise looked really grim when he saw all the corpses she left behind. I don’t want either her or Matsumae to die, but in all honesty it’ll probably be Matsumae. I think she seems to have some sort of plan, given that Hairu is using the same quinque as before, but the difference in power seems like it’s way too much, and if Matsumae isn’t bringing her mask she knows she’s going to die anyway. Rest in peace, you were the best onee-san we never knew.

_re 47 Img005