Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 51: Shaving Cores

Do you know why the rose is beautiful?



I thought it was hilarious when Kanae called Haise a ‘pig fucker’, especially as I’m living in the UK. A little politics, Ishida? No? I wouldn’t put it past him, though.

He also reminded me of the robot in Ping Pong the Animation, although a hundred times creepier.


At any rate, Haise getting his right hand cut off has been a lot more problematic than I thought it was going to be. The fact that he’s a half-ghoul made me think he was going to brush it off as nothing – he’s been through his own share of painful torture, after all. And high-speed regeneration is definitely a thing for ghouls, and an especially real opportunity for Haise, who has Rize’s regeneration. But I have no idea how he’ll get his hand back now that Kanae has thrown it off the side of the skyscraper. So much for sticking it back on. If there’s anything good about all this, it’s that Haise seems to now have his Kaneki mode turned on, so hopefully Kanae will be in for a brutal beat-down or something. His kagune is fucking massive now though, holy crap. And all along I was impressed by how big Nishiki’s one grew over the time-skip. It has to be because of Eto, right? Or has Eto’s ‘gift’ still not been revealed yet? If Noro can stitch himself back together almost instantly after Saiko was finished with him, I don’t see Kanae being too fazed by Haise kicking his face off – or is it his mask? Either way, poor Tsukiyama will probably be horrified. He was telling Kanae to stop – he doesn’t want Haise to die at all. He was prepared to kill him if he absolutely had to, for the sake of his own survival, but his death is in no way something he wishes for. So he’s pissed at Kanae, and that will probably turn to pity and a feeling of ‘oh my god what did they do to you’ when he sees that his eyes and mouth have been sewn shut. Maybe even when he sees that Kanae just shrugs off being decapitated – because I bet that’s not a Rosewald trait at all.

kanae 2

As for Noro, I’m not even sure what he or it is. I know there are theories about him being a detached, autonomous part of Eto’s kagune, but I really do think he’s just another one of her torture experiments gone wrong. I’m really interested in seeing what’s under that mask, though. Or who, rather. I was also a little confused by what happened in that double-spread page where that poor dove was brutally fucked up after praying, ‘please don’t get up’ when Nutcracker managed to score a clean hit on him – it looks like it’s just a kagune with a mouth which killed him, and I don’t see Noro anywhere. Of course, the most dangerous part of this Noro fight is the fact that the Qs are there, with no clear backup unless Ui turns up out of nowhere – I don’t really care about Kuramoto or Kuroiwa Jr, but the Qs need to all be kept safe from this crazy monster, especially Saiko. Please keep Saiko safe.


Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 50: Hand

Clowns always get the last laugh.

_re 50 Img002


…Wait, what the fuck?

I can’t believe you just did that, Ishida. I think you’re brilliant, but sometimes you’re also one hell of a bastard. You were supposed to pick and choose between Matsumae, Hairu and Kijima! It was supposed to be a zero-sum game, where some of them surviving would have to come at the cost of the others dying! You weren’t supposed to kill them all! And not only that, Matsumae was killed by a fellow ghoul – or at least, I have a feeling Furuta is a ghoul of some sort. I know there’s that theory floating around the internet that Furuta is actually Souta, and thus one of the Clowns – because otherwise, there’s no way he would have known about the fact that Tsukiyama was MM from the now defunct Ghoul Restaurant. Furuta even has hair similar to Souta. Which would mean that this is the bastard who pushed the steel beams on poor Rize and started Kaneki’s life of suffering and torment. But at the same time, it’s really confusing – does this mean Furuta is a ghoul? I really doubt the ghouls at the Ghoul Restaurant would mistake a human for a ghoul, especially if they’re there to sample high-quality human food – which means Furuta or Souta must be a ghoul to have been able to blend into that crowd. At the same time, I know the CCG has those RC scanners used to prevent any ghouls from getting past their security, which Kaneki only survived an encounter with because he was a half-ghoul. I really don’t see how Furuta could have basically gotten a job there and risen all the way up to being on Kijima’s squad without exposing himself. I remember reading something about how he has a mole on his face, and thus it was foreshadowing that he would be the mole the CCG have been after for so long – fucking Ishida strikes again.

_re 50 Img001

Ah, shit. I can’t believe Matsumae died like that, to such a faggot. And she was so cool, too…

Matsumae ;_;

_re 50 Img005

I think it’s got to be Kanae who has reached the rooftop. I know I’m writing this at a time when the next chapter’s already out (it’s been up for a few hours I think, which is insanely fast) but I haven’t read it yet – I wanted to write down my thoughts as they were without any bias or extra info I would get from reading the next chapter. Apologies for the lateness, by the way – I really did want to get this out earlier than I have, given how much of a mindfuck the chapter was. Kanae having a showdown with Haise and his precious Master Shuu is basically guaranteed though, and if anyone gets to the rooftop and sees Haise at Tsukiyama’s mercy like that, it’s pretty obvious he’d act immediately to save his master. No idea how he’s managing to see though, if his eyes have been sewn shut. I do wish we’d gotten to see more of the fight between Haise and Tsukiyama, especially as Tsukiyama had the upper hand before the rest of the fight was omitted – I think the implication was that Haise ‘knew’ his fighting style due to his subconscious Kaneki’s help, and managed to overpower him despite not having any particular emotion fuelling his adrenaline like Tsukiyama did. I’d like to think he wouldn’t have killed him, even if his hand wasn’t prematurely cut off. Haise’s a good guy. I think.

Now, time to read Chapter 51!

_re 50 Img004

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 49: Pulsing Signal


_re 49 Img009








_re 49 Img007

Aw, man. I can’t believe Ishida’s really going through with this. I’m now wondering: is this how Tsukiyama fans will be feeling by the end of this arc? It’s true that she was heavily injured by Matsumae last week, but I don’t think anyone actually thought Hairu would go down from just a stab wound – no matter how fatal it might have looked. And we were absolutely right, because she got back up and promptly tried to kill Matsumae with the other quinque she happened to have (oddly, it looks and acts like Narukami). If she got decapitated though, and more importantly if she had a vision of Arima and a field of flowers (which is practically a symbolic death sentence at this point in the series) then I guess it really is over for her. I’m actually gutted – this is the first death in Tokyo Ghoul which is actually making me feel something. All the past deaths were for pretty unsympathetic – Yamori and Mado were twisted enough so that no-one would really lament their deaths, for example. Koma and Irimi were too minor as characters. Kaneki just made us pity him even more, and it was a bit relieving because we knew he’d be going to a better place – that his suffering was finally over (or so we thought). I mean, Hairu is psychotic too, but she’s also hot. And a less crazy version of Kijima with a bit more character development – I thought her character was just getting off the ground! Why, Ishida? Why are you doing this to me?

_re 49 Img005

I don’t care about Kijima, by the way. I now love and hate Matsumae at the same time, because I can’t deny how cool it was to see her tell Kijima to fuck off before chainsawing his face off. I’m pretty sure he’s dead, too. Not sure how his head got to be the way it is now, but I think that’s still a head, and so it’ll hurt and he’ll die if it’s cut in half. What I care about now is whether Matsumae makes it out of this arc alive. It wasn’t even her who landed the killing blow on Hairu, by the way – it was Mairo instead. Top butler, but fuck him. Now that Matsumae has used up the rest of her life’s luck surviving this battle, I want her to make it all the way. It’s the least she could do, really. Survive, rescue Master Shuu and live a peaceful, quiet life running a coffee shop or something.

_re 49 Img006

Saiko was the only other star of the chapter. I guess Urie, too – I love how he’s gone from abusing people in his thoughts to worrying about them in secret. What a tsundere, it’s great he actually cares for Saiko deep down. I don’t think she really needs people to keep her safe any more though, given how monstrous her kagune is – seriously, it’s implied her kakuhou is from Kaneki, but that was still incredible. Kuramoto got wasted by Noro, but Saiko cut him cleanly in half! At the moment she doesn’t seem to have any actual combat skill though, in the sense that she immediately gets tired after using it once and has to wait for her squad to give her an opening before she can get a good shot in – so I think they’re still in a lot of danger. Not to mention the fact that Noro has brought out his Uta-level regeneration, too. Does Kanae have that sort of insane ability now as well?

_re 49 Img002

tl;dr RIP Princess. Even if no one misses you, I will

Garo: Guren no Tsuki Episode 1 (First Impression)

After much tossing and turning in my head of whether I wanted to pile something more on my plate during this busy school quarter, I decided to at least check out the new Garo. Then again I was going to watch it anyway since I was a fan of Honoo no Kokuin, but I wanted to decide whether I wanted to cover this or not. First of all, my thoughts.

I was a little disappointed to learn that this Garo would not be a direct sequel of Honoo no Kokuin as I had wanted to see more of Leon and Alfonso’s growth. I don’t know if one of the movies will be the direct sequel, we’ll just have to see. While I was a little saddened by this, I looked on the bright side. I was immediately intrigued when the summary said we’d be getting a female protagonist. But to my dismay she wasn’t the Makai Knight that would adorn the golden armor, but another Makai Alchemist like the previous Garo. But Seimei did not disappoint, I absolutely love her.

[Leopard-Raws] Garo - Guren no Tsuki - 01 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp40081

Once watching the first second we know that this is not going to take place in the same setting as in Honoo no Kokuin. Instead of a medieval Europe (most likely it was Spain thanks to all of their names), we are now in Japan. The Heian period I saw many people mention, but I don’t really know much about Japan’s different eras and what they were called. This is a big contrast to what we got, but it was interesting nonetheless. Another big difference? THE ANIMATION. It’s superb. It’s drastically improved from HnK, which while had a simple and great artstyle, would look wonky at times. The art style is different and it looked like MAPPA really put a lot of time and money into this because it was gorgeous. The soundtrack was great as well with JAM Project making their return for another OP. And as usual of the Garo series, we had a great fight scene. So before I continue this comparison of the two Garos, I should talk about the episode.

[Leopard-Raws] Garo - Guren no Tsuki - 01 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp40066Now even though we have Seimei as our “protagonist”(?), we also have two other characters who are Raikou and Kintoki. Raikou is actually the one who dons the golden armor, I mean just look at his hair. It’s the same as the armor. It was mentioned that the golden armor’s bloodline had died out so I just wonder who Raikou is. So we open up with Seimei, a Makai Alchemist, who travels around fighting Horrors while also playing her instrument around as a job. During her travels she stumbles upon some statues, one particular statue that has been getting rumors of “walking at night”. One man creates little statues to appease this statue but any statue he puts in it just ends up shriveling. Of course, this is suspicious and our other two characters hear about this rumor and Raikou gets interested in checking it out since he knows most likely this statue has been possessed by a Horror. Said man from before making statues has been killing beautiful women as vessels, and he takes that if the statue he makes won’t suffice, then he needs to find even more beautiful women. Seimei and Raikou devise a plan to go after this horror, and Seimei disguises herself as a beautiful woman to be bait (even though she’s beautiful already) and she lures the man to them. She leaves the fighting to Raikou but he’s having a pretty difficult time without using his armor. And funnily enough, he has the Zaruba ring but it’s stone and he can’t summon the armor until Seimei does something to activate it for him. I hope to learn more about that soon. Raikou transforms to Garo and defeats the Horror and that ‘s when the statue arrives. Raikou cuts it down to see it’s empty…but a man was inside. Seimei said he wasn’t a Horror, but worse, and I have no idea what that means. But he looks to be the antagonist of this season.

[Leopard-Raws] Garo - Guren no Tsuki - 01 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp40102I’ll admit that this first episode didn’t have as much impact as HnK did, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I noticed that this Garo seems just a tad bit more lighthearted than the previous Garo, maybe because we’re not dealing with teen angst this time. The brighter colors of this season reciprocate that. I’m not too sold on the characters right now, namely Raikou and Kintoki, but I love Seimei already. I love her personality, her design, she’s cool. What I want to know is what kind of relationship does she and the boys have? They don’t seem to be related at all. I was shocked to see that Raikou couldn’t summon his armor until Seimei let him as his Zaruba ring was just stone, so I want to know what Raikou’s deal is. But right now it looks like they share a sort of teacher/student relationship, but of course I’ll be needing more backstory from all of them. If the man in the end really is the main antagonist then I’ll be a little disappointed as we just were given no buildup meeting this guy. He just appeared like nothing in the end. And right now, we don’t really have much of a story going on. And because of this, until we actually get plot, I think this might be more episodic than HnK. I won’t mind too much if I’ll be treated to this delicious animation with a bumping soundtrack each episode, but I hope this won’t deter character development. Of course, this is only the first episode so I’m just taking guesses here.

As for the CGI, people either hated it or loved it with Honoo no Kokuin. For me, I didn’t mind it. I liked how shiny they made the armor looked and I thought it was cool, so I liked it. Well! Animation changed this season, and so did the CGI. If I had to describe how they made the armor this time, I’d say…it’s…well,

[Leopard-Raws] Garo - Guren no Tsuki - 01 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp40104


It doesn’t necessarily look terrible, but you can tell it doesn’t have as much shine as it did previously. They put less textures into the armor, so…yeah I don’t really know these art terms, but they took a step down. Now, about the armor itself. I thought the different armors felt like they were appropriate for the medieval European setting. But for a feudal Japan setting, I feel like the armor stands out. Or is that just me? It just doesn’t seem to blend in too well with the environment so it looks a little off to me.

As for the setting, it’s a drastic change but it’s pretty nice. If I had to pick I would choose the medieval Europe, but this is fine too. I’m really interested to see what the Light Palace is all about and the characters in it and what they’ll have to do with the story. I don’t want to compare this too much with Honoo no Kokuin or else that won’t be any fun. I don’t think any of these characters will have anything to do with the previous cast (other than sharing the seiyuus), but that’s fine as well. I see people comparing this to the previous Garo, which is a mistake. I only did it with this impression to point out differences and similarities. I won’t be comparing it anymore and I don’t think other people should too. This still seems very promising to I’m going to be checking in. I just hope Seimei will be the real protagonist even though golden Garo armor just SCREAMS protagonist instead. Don’t tease me like this. >:(

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Yes!

NOTE: For the people wondering if they need to see the previous Garo to watch this, it was said before that this would not be a direct sequel but instead a new story. So, no, you don’t. So if you’re interested, then go watch it! But I’d also recommend watching Honoo no Kokuin because it was awesome.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? Episode 1 [First Impression]

A miracle of the universe.


Gochiusa 1 Img039I have had a very tough week. And I have been sleep-deprived this whole weekend due to being buried in work. The last thing I properly watched was AntiMagic on Wednesday. I was up at 8.30am on Sunday morning, and it’s now 6am on Monday. In a bout of questionable judgement, I decided to watch Gochiusa instead of sleeping – it’d be about time to leave again by the time I finished writing it up, anyway.

I am happy to report that Gochiusa has magical healing properties. I mean… I’m still tired, but this has worked wonders on my mental state. I don’t even want to watch the episodes weekly. I want to save them for whenever I’m feeling horrible, then watch them on purpose in the hopes that it’ll make me feel better. I was hoping to watch this after I finished up work, by the way – so I used this picture of Chino-chan to rest my brain a bit about once every hour during the all-nighter. I think it’s from the first season, but anyway – I swear to god, this girl can cure cancer. There’s fluffy, and then there’s Chino. There’s adorable loli, and then there’s Chino.


Gochiusa 1 Img007Chino is perfection. And so is the new ED by Chimame-tai. I mean, nothing can ever beat ~KOKORO PYON PYON~ but this came pretty damn close. I think the OP was the moment I realized just how much I missed Gochiusa and its iyashikei fluff. It’s a different type of iyashikei to Non Non Biyori and Kiniro Mosaic, but it’s just as good as they are – if not better. A bit less comedy than the latter maybe, and it replaces that with… I don’t know what it is, it’s just overbearingly sweet. It’s so sweet that you don’t even get diabetes, you just skip that stage and die from overdose. Is it wrong that I wanted the entire episode to be various scenes of Chino getting embarrassed as Cocoa tried to take photos of her? It’s the one thing I fully agree with Cocoa on – that Chino is the most adorable thing ever. If only she did the ‘Nico~!’ smile that Rize did, then my life would be complete.

I think this episode had a bit of everyone, just so they’d remind us of who was in the cast before we started – even Aoyama Blue Mountain made an appearance! But it does feel like the first half of the episode was very much Chino’s, which is discouraging as it means we’d get fewer segments focused on her and Chimame-tai in the future. I want to adopt them! It’s insane how many times I’ve already listened to this ED. And the second half was about magazine segments for each of the cafes – it was like they were giving us a short crash course into the setting before continuing, which was quite nice of them. Rabbit House has, of course, the best girls, although Fleur de Lapin has the best uniforms. I still haven’t forgotten that time when Rize started working there and had to practice her greetings!

In all honesty though, I don’t think I can blog this. I want to try, as I always do with iyashikei anime at the start of every season, but a combination of a lack of time (Saturdays are very full this season) and it being something very hard to write about to begin with is going to make it too much of a challenge. It’s enough for me to be able to bask in this… glorious thing blessed by the heavens on an average of once per week, and internally squeal like a little girl whenever Chino does something cute. Which is essentially all the time.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Unknown

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 48: N. T.

Don’t slip on the blood!

_re 48 Img004


I don’t want Hairu to die ;_;

I was already prepared to start mourning for Matsumae, but look at her go! Is Hairu really dead? I would usually start proclaiming my undying adoration for Matsumae at this point, but the problem is that I really like Hairu as well. I know her haters are probably celebrating at her finally getting a taste of her own medicine. And I won’t say she didn’t deserve it, because she totally did – the blood she slipped on was most likely blood she shed herself. So this will teach her to be a little less messy, and to actually clean up after herself – and to think, Kijima was just warning them all to look out for blood on the floor just last week! I doubt she’s going to die, though – even if she is apparently killed. If she were a ghoul, then she could easily recover from that sort of wound – but she seems too important to kick the bucket so soon after she was introduced, given how much focus Ishida has been putting on her despite her recent entry into the story. Shimoguchi, on the other hand, has had his time. I think it was implied that Hairu was in fact stronger than Matsumae – it’s not that based maid couldn’t hold her own, because she did that magnificently. It’s just that Hairu is supposed to be a monster, and to me it felt like she had the upper hand until she lost her footing. It’s funny, because you could pretty much pinpoint the exact moment Hairu realized she was fucked – it was one of the few times she didn’t have her edgy smile on.

_re 48 Img005

I know this is about the hundredth time I’ve said this, but I really do admire Tsukiyama’s character development. I… I just can’t. It’s so amazing. Remember what an absolute faggot this guy was, when he was first introduced? I don’t even particularly care for him as a character, but by god is his development great. I was already happy with how it went up until now – his transition to caring about Kaneki, being in denial about that transition, and finally meeting Haise again but deciding to agree with Touka and leave him alone for his own happiness. And now, he’s putting aside his obsession over Haise to place his family first – because they sacrificed their lives so he could live. He doesn’t know anything about the person named Sasaki Haise, and he’s not going to let his family’s deaths go in vain. Even if he has to fight Haise – and even if he has to remind him, once again, what a real kick is.



tumblr_inline_nqtjt3ohDS1t1u7t6_500And you know why this is sad? It’s because there’s no way Tsukiyama can win. He’s spent two whole years out of commission, and even before then he was only S-rated as a ghoul. Haise, meanwhile, is already super strong as Haise. Even if Haise loses somehow, out of an unwillingness to fight perhaps, then Kaneki can deal with Tsukiyama easily. In the original manga, Touka beat him – I wouldn’t be surprised if another ghoul turns up somehow and interferes (please please please let it be Rize). Kanae is the most likely candidate, though it worries me that he has to qet through the Qs first, which means casualties are likely. I know I mentioned Haise passing off Kanae as the heir last week, but in light of the parallels there’s still Tsukiyama’s comment about being Kaneki’s sword left unfulfilled. And as we all know, ownership rights come in all sorts of forms after all…

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider Episode 1: White Meeting (First Impression)

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 01 [1080p].mkv0045

Did she really kill her parents? That’s what caught my attention in this episode, because if I had to be brutally honest next to nothing happened. This was a dialogue-heavy episode, the speaking taking place in three scenes. Just three. Saikawa-sensei’s room, where most of the episode took place, the restaurant where they ate afterwards, and the weird room Nishinosono was talking to Dr. Magata.

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 01 [1080p].mkv0067Subete ga F ni Naru, or as now I’ll be calling it The Perfect Insider as the name is too damn long, is a mystery show and all of this mystery revolves around Shiki Magata. Before I talk about her though, I’ll talk about the episode and the other characters, which wasn’t much. We have Moe Nishinosono, a rich girl who’s infatuated with her deep philosophical professor, Saikawa-sensei. Saikawa-sensei is actually the last apprentice to Nishinosono’s father and he’s a pretty brilliant scientist who’s won many awards. Nishinosono visits Saikawa a lot it appears, especially because she’s attracted to him. A man with a smoking and caffeine addiction who speaks with deep thoughts about who we are, where are we going, etc. Later we find out that’s exactly what Dr. Magata said. These two talk for a long time about things I didn’t particularly care about, really nothing they talked about was too important but we did get to see their personalities shine. Though I think Nishinosono lacked some as all I know about her character is that she loves Saikawa and gets jealous really easily, like when that random woman came in with a gift for sensei. That was completely irrelevant and awkwardly long by the way. Some other characters some along the way and later she and Saikawa go out to eat and the characters before happen to be at the same restaurant too and they talk about Dr. Magata again, namely that Nishinosono actually went to talk to her.

Dr. Magata was a child genius and she came from a prestigious family. Both her parents with doctorates and she following suit but at a much younger age. But when she was a child, her parents were murdered. The murderer was Magata herself, but she denied this and said that the one that killed her parents…was a doll. And afterwards the doll disappeared, but no one believed her story. In the end, Magata was declared non compos mentis, or clinically insane, so she was declared not guilty. She then escaped to an island far away and that’s where she’s done her research. She’s a hard person to have interviews with as she only does this through video chat. So with this murder and her running away to this island, she’s full of mystery. And I’m very much intrigued by her.

The guy that keeps bringing up their seminar trip finally got his wish (kinda) when Nishinosono declared that they would go to the island where Dr. Magata is to meet with her in person and finally throughout this whole episode, Saikawa-sensei smiled. Which prompted Nishinosono’s jealousy, blah blah blah, I don’t really care about all that.

[HorribleSubs] Subete ga F ni Naru - 01 [1080p].mkv0100We get a little more history about Magata. We know that she was always a child genius, but there was this man we opened up with that began writing in a journal and it appears to be the same man that held Magata when she was a little girl. He must be related to her somehow. Magata was always one to think, about what happens when people die, what happens in the future, basically all the things sensei said. Magata is so interesting to me right now even though she barely appeared in this episode. She’s a genius but her reputation has been tarnished with her parents murder that was pinned on her but then dismissed when she brought up that story about the doll. I’m not entirely sure what she means about that right now but for some reason I don’t think she’s lying at all. Something must have happened and I really want to know what. I want to know more about her.

I’m indifferent to the other characters but sensei seems pretty interesting to me. Nishinosono is a pretty bright girl but right now her character is only “I love sensei and I get jealous when other women mention him”. So I don’t like that. And to be honest, this episode was extremely slow. It was dialogue-heavy and static so it wasn’t the most thrilling. But we do have a mystery on our hands related to Dr. Magata and our main characters and probably going to be the ones to solve this murder case and just see whether or not Magata’s been innocent or guilty all this time. Like I said, I’m intrigued by Magata, so even though this The Perfect Insider had an extremely slow start, I want to keep watching. This looks like it’ll be a really good mystery show to compete with Sakurako-san, two mystery shows with radically different feels.

I especially loved how unique the OP and ED sequences were, the OP being my favorite with the beautiful visuals and great song. The colors are a little muted but that just really adds to this dreary and mysterious feel of this show. Characters are a little whatever right now, it had a slow start, but we’ll be sure to see the plot kick in by next episode.

Possibility of watching: Yes!

Possibility of blogging: Thursdays are busy for me, but I’ll still take it.

AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode 1 [First Impression]

Are you ready for the darkness?


AntiMagic 1 Img054I was really looking forward to this – so much so that I decided to go with the raws instead of waiting for what seems like a very vague and non-committal simulcast from Crunchyroll. As a light novel reader, I believe that AntiMagic is the best of all three ‘school battle harem’ adaptations that aired this season, and I hope that this first episode has already given an indication of that. I really like the novels – it’s very edgy and a bit cheesy at times, but it tries its best to remove itself from its genre, and maintains a very tense and interesting plot. Even when there was an accidental groping scene this week, Ouka didn’t request a formal duel or ask him to pay with his life or anything stupid like that. And that’s because there was plot to get on with – she has better things to do than store up more emotional baggage for Takeru’s sake. In fact, this focus has been one of Silver Link’s major successes so far. A lot of the fanservice scenes in the first volume have been axed completely, with only the bare minimum remaining – this is one of those rare instances where they’re rushing things for all the right reasons.

AntiMagic is about a firearm-dominated military purging heretical witches in a post-apocalyptic world. I know that sounds way cooler than it seems, but that is what it’s supposed to be about. That military is named Inquisition, and it is the organization Ootori Ouka worked for before being demoted for excessive violence – she was returned to AntiMagic Academy, a training institution for future recruits to Inquisition. Now, she is part of the 35th Test Platoon, one of the many student-led platoons who have been tasked with obtaining Magical Heritages (items with magic imbued into them, and thus deemed dangerous) in return for ‘points’ which they can use to advance to the next year of school. But unfortunately for Ouka, this platoon has a reputation as the ‘Small Fry Platoon’ – a group of problem children with bad personalities who are currently in the running to fail magnificently with a grand total of zero points.

AntiMagic 1 Img041

AntiMagic 1 Img056As you might be able to tell, this is not a happy story. If you are after sunshine and rainbows, you won’t find them here. And there’s a lot of, how do I say this… human injury, even in the first few arcs – these are the milder ones, mind you. Hell, the show itself started with Takeru lying on the ground without the bottom half of his body, and it ended with a dead child on a table with a knife sticking out of it. Yes, that is a hand sticking out of that garbage bin. I was actually surprised to see that there was zero censoring in that scene, by the way – but if they’re going this far, I want to see all the darkness properly. I want it to be so dark that even light can’t escape. I was worried about the direction this anime would take, you see – because a previous manga adaptation of the novels had a massive focus on fanservice, and ended up doing so badly it was cancelled.

AntiMagic 1 Img062So something like Ouka’s outburst of angst at the end was perfect – that’s exactly the kind of atmosphere I want from this. Not oodles of ecchi and fanservice, but instead edgy and twisted people. Ouka is so revenge-driven for the sake of her dead family to the point that she’s basically the Eren of this series – she will shoot witches in cold blood, just because they’re witches. She dreams of killing witches. She dreams of killing them all. Working for Inquisition is the best excuse she can get to massacre as many of them as she can. And that’s why she was even demoted in the first place – because instead of recovering the Magical Heritage like she was ordered to on her mission, she instead prioritized giving the witch who had it a suffering-filled death. As Sougetsu said, killing witches isn’t even the main aim of Inquisition, it’s primarily the recovery of Magical Heritages. If Inquisition was America in the midst of its civil rights conflict, Ouka would be the KKK.

AntiMagic 1 Img058

I found both Takeru and Ouka a pleasure to listen to, especially Takeru. As usual, I was just hoping it wouldn’t be Matsuoka who voiced him, but we basically hit the jackpot with Hosoya Yoshimasa – who has done many rough, manly voices like Wave (Akame ga Kill!), Kojou (Strike the Blood), Daryun (Arslan Senki) or Hyuuga (Kuroko no Basket). Ikaruga and Usagi were both okay, I’m fairly neutral towards both their voices – although I think the episode did a great job of making me like Ikaruga more than I remember the novels doing at this point. I actually thought it ended up rather funny during places, like where there was really bad English or where Takeru tells Ouka it’s okay he grabbed her boob because he was into pettanko anyway. And the Sougetsu entry scene was quite good, even though Sougetsu himself couldn’t be more of a faggot if he tried. Usagi sniping the people in the wrong building for them was just a hilarious fuck-up. I think all the Small Fry Platoon members acting all goofy and ridiculous serves as a nice contrast to the dark setting of the series, it makes it seem more like what it was advertised as.



AntiMagic 1 Img032As for the production values – well, I liked most of the animation. Soumatou in particular was pretty cool, which is that odd power Takeru activated for a split-second to be able to cut bullets – I assume they will explain this in future episodes, so I won’t bother doing that now. I’m honestly not a fan of the character designs though. They do look appropriate at times, but most of the time it feels too ‘soft’ and almost even fluffy, which is kind of wrong for the sort of story this is supposed to have. Takeru didn’t look as angry as I thought he would, for example – the only time he lived up to what I thought he’d be more like was when he went into super edge mode and snapped at people calling his Glorious Nippon Steel a piece of scrap iron. I also felt like they overdid the whole the bouncing boobs aspect, even though both boobs and lolis are a bit of a thing in this series – even sometimes at the same time, like Usagi! I’m not really into Usagi though, I’m more into Lapis. That’s best girl territory, right there.

AntiMagic 1 Img065

So finally, I think it’s important to mention that Silver Link will be adapting almost all of the story as split-cours – 9 volumes in fact, according to the author’s afterword in Volume 10. I’ve never heard of numbers like that before, and it’s an ambitious project as a result. But it’s better than clowning around for a season and never getting anywhere – a lot of Volume 1 was condensed into this first episode, with the fanservice scenes being the biggest victim as I mentioned earlier. If next week finishes off the rest of the volume, then we can proceed at a very brisk pace of two episodes per volume, prioritizing plot and cutting out needless ecchi until the end of Volume 4. I suspect the first season will then end with Volume 5, with a much-deserved 4 episodes given to that instead. If you like a blend of sci-fi and fantasy in a dark setting, with suffering, edgy angst and minor harem and fanservice elements, then this’ll be worth sitting through, I promise. I honestly can’t wait for what it has in store for us.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed

Dance With Devils – Episode 1 [Depravity and the Forbidden Quadrille] [First Impression]


If I had to pick one word to describe Dance With Devils, it would be “excessive” – but in the best possible way. Shiko Academy looks like a billionaire designed a mansion with no expense spared, its uniforms are extremely formal (and for the girls, frilly), and even one of the songs is a little over-the-top. Yet this show feels like a giant chocolate bar; you know you probably shouldn’t eat it because it’s not good for you, but you do anyways and hot damn it is just so delicious.

In Dance With Devils we meet Ritsuka Tachibana, a second year student who attends a luxurious high school where the girls all dress like crimson French maids. She lives alone with her mother while her older brother Lindo is overseas in London, and we see that her mother Maria believes in the protective power of pendants and symbols. Naturally this comes into play when Ritsuka arrives at school and finds she’s been summoned by the Student Council President Rem Kaginuki to the third library, where the whole council breaks out into boisterous song and Rem attempts to steal her soul.

After she has what appears to be an otherwise typical day at school, she returns home to find her home being ransacked by a crew dressed in black and her mother lying injured on the floor. They are searching for an unnamed item, later revealed to be a magical item called a grimoire. Ritsuka flees but when the police arrive, there is no damage and Ritsuka’s mother Maria is gone. She calls her brother, who advises her to stay with a friend and to keep her pendant on. Ooo, someone’s keeping secrets!

Ritsuka heads to Azuna’s house, but after being ambushed the crew in black from earlier and then saved by Rem, she ends up at her blonde white knight’s house. (Poor Azuna. -_- ) Rem offers to call the police for her but is a rude jerkface about it. Once he leaves the room, a small, puntable dog mysteriously appears.


You don’t even have to hear the audio to know that it’s a yippy dog.

Because Dance With Devils is a reverse-harem, I imagine the show will follow the path of each male character being a different “type” or “flavour,” much like Ouran High School Host Club. I can already guess which pairing will be the main ship in the series, but I hope that said ship might have a few detours before it arrives at its final destination. ?(?????)? *cue my hopeful dancing* We weren’t formally introduced to any of the guys aside from Rem in this first episode, so I’m looking forward to the next episode where I hope we will get the remaining introductions.

I came upon this show thinking it might be similar to Vampire Knight, given that they both deal with supernatural creatures, or even Diabolik Lovers (SHUDDER), but was happily surprised to see that it was different enough from both of those shows for me to enjoy and appreciate it for what it is. I have never watched (let alone reviewed) a musical anime before, but I was glad to see the insert songs are sparse enough that they don’t overwhelm the show. There is a good balance between musical interludes and actual content.

In terms of where the plot might end up going, between Ritsuka’s insert song and both the opening and ending themes, I have the feeling that this show might be about finding a bride for Ritsuka, and that this mystical grimoire will herald the usual “Find this item or the world ends! cliche.” Or maybe she’s some secret love child and pairing with a demon using the grimoire will save both worlds or something. As I said, as long as it’s not similar to Vampire Knight or Diabolik Lovers, and as long as the cheese-factor doesn’t get to be too much, I’ll be happy. *fingers crossed*

An interesting tidbit that I suspect might come into play is that after Ritsuka specifically mentioned to Rem that her grandfather was deceased, it will be revealed that he’s not actually dead. I’m thinking this because we can see an older gentleman sitting in the shadows in the opening sequence, and during the ending song we can see an older man lying in bed in front of Lindo. Both men don’t look a lot like the picture of her grandfather seen at the beginning of the episode, but then again we can’t see much of either man in either shot. We’ll just say I have lots of speculations and guesses right now.

As for the music and graphics, both are pretty sharp. I’m not yet a huge fan of the opening and ending themes, but the insert songs are catchy and they serve their purpose of introducing us to the main characters. Lastly, while I’m not familiar with many of Brains Base’s works, the animation for Dance With Devils is high quality and I have no complaints.

So will I be watching? This show is definitely going to be my guilty pleasure this season. More reverse harems please!

Possibility of watching: High
Possibility of blogging: High

Charibo Impressions :

YEEES !! This is AMAZING ????? I LOVE IT !

This show, this show… First, with the opening sequence I thought: ” Oh ok, nice song creepy sect members “. And then when Ritsuka starts to randomly sings in the street about being a normal High school girl I thought “Meh, this is reaallly confusing, is it the opening or… ? ” .But then, when the student council presentation song began, I lost my breath for a second. This is so bad but yet so funny. The lyrics of this song are soo dumb but this song is definitely catchy. All the glasses broken, the roses and the animals allusions are so kitch but yet so great ! Should I feel bad about loving the songs of this show so much ? oh well oh well, maybe, maybe not, Who knows ? ? o?ol

As you may have already guessed, I am a huge fan of musical shows. I love the way how everybody can just start singing at any moment without any reasons about almost everything. I want to watch the show just for the songs ??o?o??

Actually, I’m relieved that this show didn’t turn out to be a Diabolik Lovers undesired child. Because, yes, Dance with Devils is actually produced by the same guy who gave the world the magnificent and precious treasure that Diabolik Lovers is. So, shall we talk about plot now? Like Nikolita said the plot is a bit predictable but oh well, I’m ready to keep on watching and to not be picky if the show doesn’t serve me a story about a girl who is the reincarnation of a dead mother with shit magical powers (the ones who suffered pain and tasted pure evil will understand my reference). In my opinion what really saves this show is the music. It adds a certain touch to it which helps me to not take this show literally. And in this way, it’s enjoyable.

Another good point for this show : the fact that Ristuka is actually a nice heroine. She talks back to Rem in the student council fancy library and when she saw her house being damaged and her mother being attacked by the bad guys she goes to the police and warns her brother. It might sounds a bit strange because those are basic and simple actions that everybody can do but for a basic Reverse Harem Anime heroine that’s a lot.

Also, I made my own Dance with Devils Shipping charts according to the first episode. The relationship between the protagonists may evolve as the show goes on but I ‘m pretty sure my chart is accurate as hell. Please feel free to tell me which couple you like the most ? ???l

Dance with devils Shipping Chart

Possibility of watching : I’ll keep an eye on this one for sure

Possibility of blogging : Yup ??o?o??

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation ~ Episode 1 [A princess who loves bones][First impressions]

So when I looked at this show the first time I saw a few things that clued me in that this needed to be the show that I shotgunned this season. First, it’s a mystery show. I do love mystery shows. Second off, the animation was absolutely beautiful and I do love beautifully animated shows. Last but not least at all, was the appearance of Sakurako-san in the PV being a beautiful black haired woman kissing a skull.


In all seriousness. Episode one proved to be everything I expected and more, the story follows Shotaro Tatewaki and his, somewhat complicated relationship with Sakurako-san. He’s not her boyfriend, or even really friends…something more of an assistant as they go and collect bones together. Her job, hobby and life goals all revolve around bones. She digs up animal bones and reconstructs their bodies from the remains.
Though every time they go out together, they somehow stumble upon human remains…Well that sounds like an episode of Detective Conan am I right? Alright, nobodies laughing. So let’s move on.

So they go down to the beach to look for animal bones and find a human skull instead. Shotaro calls the cops, but there’s honestly no point since the skull is over a hundred years old. Maybe he should of let her finish telling him about it before he called in the cops. Because now she’s pissed at him, because she wanted to keep it and they’re not going to let her now.
Omg, she’s so cute. She pouts about it. Like she’s weird, super weird but in the cutest way! She even tries to make off with the skull at the end of the episode and gets really upset when she’s outed on it!


Anyway, on their way to the station the cop mentions that two bodies had washed up on a beach nearby where they had been. It appeared to be a double suicide, Sakurako has him pull over and goes to investigate their bodies. Which, she concludes was not a double suicide but in fact a double homicide that was disguised as a double suicide.
The proof? Well it’s in the pudding so to say, or in the knot that holds their hands together and in the lack of mucus in their mouths to indicate drowning.


I can’t say for sure if this show is going to work on a case by week basis or if there is going to be an underlying plot. Perhaps something to do with how stagnate the town seems to the main character. Perhaps a serial murder case that would break the ‘usual’ of everything. Something that the police might call her in to help on since her uncle, who was a specialist has retired due to illness.
I’m looking forward to it regardless. I think Sakurako-san is precious, even if she’s an anti-social bone maniac with a tendency for playing her music too loudly. Shotaro needs to do something to earn her respect. I’m sure he will, I just wonder what it will be.

The animation in this show is gorgeous, the part where she goes into ‘investigation mode’ and all of the colorful animal skeletons parade around her. Is absolutely breathe taking. The part in the beginning that was in the PV, the part that sold me on the show to begin with. The part with her and the skull, that is another moment where the animation just shines.


Will I be covering Sakurako-san? Yes, for sure! I mean, I did shotgun it for a reason! BEAUTIFUL BLACK HAIRED LADY WITH BONE OBSESSION! Yay murder mysteries.