Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 51: Shaving Cores

Do you know why the rose is beautiful?



I thought it was hilarious when Kanae called Haise a ‘pig fucker’, especially as I’m living in the UK. A little politics, Ishida? No? I wouldn’t put it past him, though.

He also reminded me of the robot in Ping Pong the Animation, although a hundred times creepier.


At any rate, Haise getting his right hand cut off has been a lot more problematic than I thought it was going to be. The fact that he’s a half-ghoul made me think he was going to brush it off as nothing – he’s been through his own share of painful torture, after all. And high-speed regeneration is definitely a thing for ghouls, and an especially real opportunity for Haise, who has Rize’s regeneration. But I have no idea how he’ll get his hand back now that Kanae has thrown it off the side of the skyscraper. So much for sticking it back on. If there’s anything good about all this, it’s that Haise seems to now have his Kaneki mode turned on, so hopefully Kanae will be in for a brutal beat-down or something. His kagune is fucking massive now though, holy crap. And all along I was impressed by how big Nishiki’s one grew over the time-skip. It has to be because of Eto, right? Or has Eto’s ‘gift’ still not been revealed yet? If Noro can stitch himself back together almost instantly after Saiko was finished with him, I don’t see Kanae being too fazed by Haise kicking his face off – or is it his mask? Either way, poor Tsukiyama will probably be horrified. He was telling Kanae to stop – he doesn’t want Haise to die at all. He was prepared to kill him if he absolutely had to, for the sake of his own survival, but his death is in no way something he wishes for. So he’s pissed at Kanae, and that will probably turn to pity and a feeling of ‘oh my god what did they do to you’ when he sees that his eyes and mouth have been sewn shut. Maybe even when he sees that Kanae just shrugs off being decapitated – because I bet that’s not a Rosewald trait at all.

kanae 2

As for Noro, I’m not even sure what he or it is. I know there are theories about him being a detached, autonomous part of Eto’s kagune, but I really do think he’s just another one of her torture experiments gone wrong. I’m really interested in seeing what’s under that mask, though. Or who, rather. I was also a little confused by what happened in that double-spread page where that poor dove was brutally fucked up after praying, ‘please don’t get up’ when Nutcracker managed to score a clean hit on him – it looks like it’s just a kagune with a mouth which killed him, and I don’t see Noro anywhere. Of course, the most dangerous part of this Noro fight is the fact that the Qs are there, with no clear backup unless Ui turns up out of nowhere – I don’t really care about Kuramoto or Kuroiwa Jr, but the Qs need to all be kept safe from this crazy monster, especially Saiko. Please keep Saiko safe.


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 51: Shaving Cores”

  1. Frankly, I’m still more terrified of the chainsaw-wielding psycho (?clown?) that no one really has eyes on (oh my goodness that was bloody awful of me to type even if it was unintentional ;_;) at the moment who could come from anywhere… and possibly decapitate or whisk away Monsieur MM!

  2. Kanae and Kaneki are probably in for a hell of a fight and one in which they keep testing each other’s strength, as you said. Meanwhile, I’m confident that the Q’s can at least cut Noro up enough to slow Noro down while making a retreat, especially now that Shirazu has effectively added a remotely activating Quinque to their arsenal.

  3. Savage. Yeah, I was wondering where Furuta was this chapter. Thought we might be getting more of him the moment we saw Kuramoto – but of course, his team is with the Qs and they’re fighting Noro. I really hope he doesn’t show up at the rooftop, because Kanae is now probably enough of a threat to Haise for him to be worrying about anything else. And also because Souta’s appearance has always, always been a bad thing for Kaneki – first the steel beams, and then the Ghoul Restaurant. Hang on, you don’t think Furuta was put in the CCG by the Clowns to monitor Haise, do you? Do we know when he first became an investigator?

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