Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 54: Born Child

He’s back.

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Is it wrong that I’m already starting to miss Haise? A part of me is really loving the new Kaneki (it’s time to call him Kaneki again, and not Haise) but on the other hand, his brutality and ruthlessness feels really unsettling. It doesn’t help that his hair is blacker than it’s ever been since his pre-Aogiri days, and yet the Kaneki we see now is nothing like who he was at the start of the story. Yes, I’ve read the theories about him being red-haired because of his skull being split open, and I think they’re all absolutely ridiculous. I accept that there may be some dried blood in his hair, but it’s not going to make him a redhead all of a sudden. Most importantly, red is an awful hair colour for Kaneki. And if you think Ishida tweeting some poems counts as foreshadowing, then the original art he posted of Rize some time ago should have meant an appearance for Rize on top of Lunatic Eclipse by now. I still miss Rize, every chapter. Maybe one day.

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How much does Kaneki remember? And more importantly, will his current state last? The last thing we want is for him to get knocked out and wake up as Haise. He recognizes Tsukiyama, at least, and we now know that he has known about Eto being the One-Eyed King for a long time now. But his actions don’t quite match up with how we’d expect Kaneki to react to them both, even though he’s lucid – he’s stabbed Tsukiyama for some reason (hopefully to keep him out of the battle, but we don’t know that for sure) and he’s out to kill Eto despite his promise to Yoshimura. I mean, he is admittedly very angry, and if anything his anger is clouding his mind a great deal at the moment – his beatdown of Kanae was fucking savage. Will Kanae ever be the same again? You could feel the sheer force he used to stab the metal pipe through poor Kanae’s eye, no doubt an effective weak spot he learned first-hand from Arima – and of course, he’s gotten his revenge for the arm and has gifted one of Kanae’s to Eto. I think Eto looks pleased – Eto doesn’t really seem to care about Kanae now that she’s achieved her objective. I now understand why she went to all the trouble of breaking her to turn her into an effective killing machine, even though Kanae was already about to attack Haise out of jealousy – because Kanae wasn’t strong enough. I have no idea why Eto didn’t attack Haise herself, but her objective was to wake him up using Kanae. So when he was still Haise, Eto came down and told Kanae to keep going – but when he woke up as Kaneki and trashed Kanae, Eto lost all interest in her. Are we going to see Eto vs Kaneki? She keeps talking about who’s stronger between Kaneki and Arima, so I do wonder if she’s out to test his strength or something.

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If Kaneki manages to subdue or escape Eto, and that’s a big if, the next issue is what the hell he’s going to do about the CCG. He will probably want to do something about Hinami, but beyond that it’s hard to say how he’d react to the Quinx or people like Akira or Arima. There will be some who will start noticing the change, so hopefully he just gets as many of his friends out from Cochlea as he can before ditching CCG.

Speaking of the Quinx, is Noro kill? If he’s talking (for the first time, too) about seeing Eto on the other side, I guess he really is. It was also odd that he seemed to express some sort of affection for Eto, despite the implication that she was his torturer.Urie has moved up yet another rung on the ladder of character development – it seems like every time the Quinx are in a life-threatening situation, his good side seems to emerge. Noro felt like a stronger opponent than he ended up being, although that may just be me overestimating the power levels of the Qs. All the other chapters featuring Noro had him portrayed as an insta-regen monster, and all of a sudden Shirazu and Urie manage to deal with him after exerting themselves. Feels a bit weird.

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5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 54: Born Child”

  1. On a ‘happier’ note… have you seen THIS? ( I don’t watch many AMVs or MADs, but I’m glad I came across this one. It almost seems as though it was released when it was partially due to what chapter 53 setup. It’s certainly a welcome trip down memory lane after these past two chapters.

  2. I haven’t seen that one, it’s pretty cool! I was wondering how far it’d get given its posting date, and it looks like they went up the auction. It will definitely be a trip down memory lane very soon, if not already as you say. If Kaneki returning really is as big a turning point as they’re implying, then maybe it’s already time to shelve the ‘Haise arc’ of :re in the way pre and post-Aogiri Kanekis were distinguished. Imagine if we get a full-page watercolour of Saiko thinking ‘I know he will return to CCG’.

  3. There’s a fun fan video which has the ever-glorious Kekkai Sensen ED redrawn with characters from Tokyo Ghoul. It had its Youtube version muted due to copyright, but if you have a Niconico account it’s here:

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