Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 62: Embracing the Capital

Eto a qt.

_re 62 Img002


If you were impatiently waiting for more V scenes featuring Arima and Furuta, you’ll be disappointed. But we got an Eto chapter instead! If that hasn’t made her death flag even bigger than it was before, I don’t know what will.

_re 62 Img001

Young Eto was such a qt. It’s interesting that, although she was still strong enough to have a kakuja at that age, she wasn’t as nihilistic as she is now – was there something that happened in the meantime? Did Noroi die after this? When she says she wants to get strong enough to beat ‘them’, does she mean Urie’s father and Kuroiwa? Or does she mean V? I wonder if we’ll eventually get extracts from Ukina’s journal. The only time she reminded me of the current Eto was when she passed by Anteiku and saw Yoshimura through the window. If she’d decided to go in at that time, this entire story might have turned out differently.

_re 62 Img003

Although she had some sort of small following even in her pre-Aogiri days, it looks like Eto led a really harsh life growing up – but the strange thing was that she didn’t seem like a ghoul at all whilst doing it. I don’t know why, but I completely forgot she was a half-ghoul until Shiono found the skinned face marinated in blood in her fridge. Eto looked like a human street urchin who stole from others to make a living, and who one day decided to try writing a manuscript and submitting it as a way of making money. She could have just killed and eaten everyone she wanted to, and taken their possessions after making a meal out of them – but she didn’t. It felt like she lived more as a human than as a ghoul before Aogiri. I guess this is Ishida’s way of reminding us that she’s a half-ghoul in the end, and that she’s supposed to be (but ended up not being) someone with a connection to both the human and ghoul societies.

_re 62 Img004

I love how that one single page with Kaneki and Eto staring at each other left so much implied but unsaid. Eto turned herself in to save Shiono (it’s also odd that she seems to have a such friendly relationship with a human, but I guess he did help her out a whole lot and stayed with her even after finding out she was a ghoul) but I think she knows what Kaneki wants from her. Kaneki can’t directly do anything to Cochlea, right? But here’s Eto, an SSS-rate ghoul who’ll probably be placed on the S-rate floor instead based on the information Kaneki’s given to the CCG. All she has to do is conduct a massive breakout, and coincidentally rescue Hinami along the way as payment for getting all of her captured Aogiri ghouls back. Hinami is actually supposed to be in Aogiri too, so really there’s no reason for Eto to refuse. They’re just using each other for mutual benefit!

_re 62 Img008

All that had to have happened after the Rue Island speech, right? It’s still slightly confusing though, because Hachikawa was listening in on it and his panels have come after Eto turned herself in for some reason. Hopefully he didn’t actually tell Takizawa he was second-rate out loud, because there’s probably nothing else that’ll infuriate him more. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait even longer to have a fight featuring him reuniting with a CCG member he knew more than just in passing – someone like Akira, Amon, or Houji. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Hachikawa’s going to get absolutely rekt though, not only by Takizawa but by Shikorae now too – that ‘Chuu’ pun was quite funny. I laughed, at least. It’s an Ishida joke, everyone!

_re 62 Img005

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note Episode 16:[Farewell]~ [Final Impressions]


This is it lads.

The final episode of Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note

I wonder how they are going to wrap things up…

So, what happened during this last episode?

Well, as expected, Sunahara was only part of the gang to destroy it from the inside because Phantom X has stolen 6 millions Yen from his relatives’s company, the Uhehara Paining Contractors. So Sunahara was only collecting evidences on his phone against Phantom X in order to get the money back by blackmailing him. Of course, Phantom X is a filthy twat and wants to destroy Sunahara’s phone, cuz you know, being caught by the police isn’t really funny. He succeds to get the phone and is about to throw it in the lake but…




Gravity is 4 PUSSIES


Just super cool

Wakatake is such a badass dude


I wish I was as cool as those kids



Then, they fight a bit against the gang members and Aya comes with the idea of calling Wakatake’s phone cuz he has police ringtone. That makes the gangsters stop a bit, but they soon understand the trick. However, this time, the real police comes and arrests the gangsters. Sunahara then decides to give his phone full of evidences against Phantom X to the police and because he hasn’t done anything wrong when he was in the gang he isn’t charged at all. Although he kind of ignores Aya in front of the Team KZ, he calls her when she gets home. Smooth talker once, smooth dude 4 ever, Sunahara talks about the stars:

“Do you know that no matter where we are, we will always be looking at the same stars ? ”

I’m sorry, he doesn’t really say that, but you get the idea

I wanted to sound cool too


Sunahara also apologizes for hurting her. She says it’s okay, no big deal bruh, and invites him to join the team KZ. He refuses cuz he has to move to another town. That’s sad though, I wanted him and Wakatake to form a sort of duo:” Wakatabro and Smoothara, united against the crime”. That sounds so great. But yeah, Sunahara doesn’t join the Team. Speaking of them, they have a valentines day’s party, they make and eat a chocolate cake, they are all happy and that’s it.



Final impressions:

I never tough I’ll be liking this shit that much

Seriously myself, WTF ?

Why did I keep on watching this show every week…

I don’t know


I really don’t know.

At the beginning I misunderstood this show’s intentions. I thought it was going to be another Tantei Gakuen Q or Detective Conan with kids. I’m a sucker for Mystery. Seriously, I LOOOOVE murder stories, maybe a bit too much. As a child, I remember reading only Agatha Christie’s novels, my favorite one being And then there were none which is basically a story where everybody dies. That was awesome. But anyway, first I thought this show would be dealing with murders, kidnappings and other cool stuff like that. So you can understand that I was a bit disappointed while watching 4 episodes on the mysterious disappearance of Wakatake’s bike. It might be around the episode 6 or so that I really started enjoying this, when I dropped all my hopes about murders.

So, what do I think of this show?


Well, It’s cute. At the end of an episode, especially in the two last arcs, I was looking forward to the next one and although I said that I wish the episodes were longer, I, with hindsight, think that the short format was adapted. It’s a cute thing to watch once a week for 9 minutes. That’s it. I would like to recommend it though, but I’m not sure if I know someone who would enjoy this, cuz you know, this is more a kid’s show than anything else.

Honestly, this “end” feels more like the end of an arc rather than a final end to the series. Since it’s based on books I’m sure another season is possible but I doubt it will happens. I don’t know about japan but … yeah, I don’t think it’s really popular around here…

I have nothing to say about the Art or the sound, everything was okay, not memorable but okay.As for the cases, I guess it’s okay too? The funny thing is that every time, each case starts with an non important thing, like Wakatake’s bike and ends up with kidnapping, robbery and other adult stuff with true criminals behind everything. And I’m sitting here like : ” Really ? A poisonous butterfly ? “.

I think I stayed for the characters. They are all nice with different personalities, even if, some of them like Kozuka or Kuroki didn’t really get enough screen time in my opinion. Aya is an okay heroine, she was a bit awkward at the beginning but she truly opened thanks to the guys. That’s a nice friendship story I must say.

?Charibo’s rewards?

  • Best Guy: Sunahara.
  • Best Girl: Kozuka. Lololol I’m so funny. Seriously, Aya is the only girl, that’s not even fair.
  • Best Bro: Filfthy Wakatake. Even if I talked shit about you at the beginning you’re actually awesome. I love you man

I give this show a 7/10

For me 7 is the “okay” grade, like “yeah, that was nice”. I wont re-watch it but it was okay, no major flaws nor big qualities. Even if Sunahara might count as a solid quality. Seriously, this guy is too smooth. But Aya X Sunahara did not really happened so I’m disappointed. I need a season 2 just to see that.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 61: The ENT


_re 61 Img003




Holy shit. I feel like I’m getting too old for this. He must be part of V, right? If he’s giving Furuta a message from them, it would make sense if he’s also within their ranks. His strength also means he definitely qualifies, since V has been hinted to have extremely powerful members (with Yoshimura having been a ‘cleaner’ for them). Furuta must be part of V too. It felt like Arima was speaking to him as a fellow colleague in V instead of as his superior in the CCG. And do they know that Haise is no longer Haise? What does this mean for everything Arima has been doing with regards to Haise? Did he reform his identity and put him in the CCG on V’s orders? Is it possible that they’re linked to the reason he’s so ridiculously strong? Do they have anything to do with the Sunlit Garden? Or with the ‘parent organization’ that was formed to deal with the first One-Eyed King that appeared? That one single panel at the end has opened up an incredible number of possibilities with where the story might head in the future, not least of all a whole new realm of possible antagonists who might be able to match Kaneki in strength. Eto is definitely not the final boss. She might not even remain an antagonist for too much longer, given that V are not likely to be Kaneki’s friends and Eto seems to want to get rid of them. I know some people thought V was just an unexplained entity that were used to help us understand Yoshimura’s past a bit better, but this shows that they really are the real deal.

_re 61 Img002

Furuta must be part of V, too. He seems to have ties to every faction, and it’s now even more confusing as to which one he’s genuinely aligning himself with, if any. I have a feeling that V are taking notice of Kaneki now that he’s been designated as the One-Eyed King by Eto. I don’t think it means anything more than a title that Eto is handing out – but the way Eto’s denial of it being her coincided with several frames of Kaneki definitely means something. It sounds more like Eto is ‘looking for a king’ that she can get to lead Aogiri against V, and has finally found a suitable candidate: it’s like she’s saying ‘I won’t be your leader, but this guy will’. In the interim, Eto did play the role of the One-Eyed King, but she wasn’t the true king – instead, it’s the second king Kaneki. He doesn’t seem too excited by the prospect of leading Aogiri though, given how he reacted to Eto six months ago. For now, I’m a little worried as to why his hand still seems to be horribly deformed and kagune-like, even though he’s regrown way worse injuries than a lost hand before. Is this some sort of new fashion?

_re 61 Img007

As a very vocal Hinami supporter, which I’m sure you know I am, I feel obliged to point out that Kaneki seems to be paying close attention to his calendar there. And in one of the documents near the bottom left, there seems to be what looks like a diagram of Cochlea and its inner structure. Hinami, your onii-chan’s coming for you!

Eto has also revealed herself to the rest of Aogiri. I haven’t found myself to be much of an Eto fan as of late, but I have to admit that Ishida sure drew some wonderful Etos this chapter. All of Aogiri (including Miza and Ayato, it seems) must have been shocked to learn that the strange kid with the bandages turned out to be a hot girl who’s also Aogiri’s founder. I’m certain her references to the ‘twisted birdcage’ refer to V, given their goal of maintaining equilibriums in the shadows and interfering when necessary to keep the current state of things as they are. The bigger question is why she wants to destroy them, as well as whether she even has the power to. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Kanou turned out to be part of V as well, now that we know they accept humans (or whatever Arima is) into their ranks. At any rate, it’s now clear that the fundamental conflict in this story goes beyond having Aogiri as a primary antagonist, and we’re potentially seeing something on a much wider scale in the works.

_re 61 Img004

Takizawa seems to have found Hachikawa and Mutsuki. As ever, he really doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck about his old colleagues in the CCG, because here he’s reacting similarly to how he reacted when he saw Akira at the end of the auction arc – he said hi, and left. I do hope they manage to escape though, because the two of them have literally walked in on the entire Aogiri and their entire war potential all in one place. Eto is even unmasked, and I don’t think she’d be too happy with the CCG getting away with the info that she’s actually Takatsuki Sen (assuming she doesn’t know Kaneki and Furuta have trashed her house).

_re 61 Img005

I think that’s pretty much the meat of the chapter. There was some stuff about the new Qs, but it didn’t seem to substantially add any more to what my impression of them was when they were first introduced – which was that their very existence counts as a death flag for them, and that I really didn’t care much for them either way. Especially Shao, since her parallels to Hairu extend beyond her being a semen demon as she’s also from the Sunlit Garden and possesses similar talent. She’ll die. Higemaru is just like that jobber Ui. He’ll die. The younger Aura might survive, I don’t know. They’ll have to really work to make me care for them, and we’re probably about to leave the CCG anyway.

Also, Matsuri needs to eat a bag of dicks.

[Manga Mondays] The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe

RST 1Title:
Senobi no Housoku (The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe)
Author: Puku Okuyama (Story and Art)
Genres: Shounen-Ai, Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, School Life
Published: 2010
Volumes: 1 (oneshot)
Japanese Publisher: Craft magazine (Taiyo Tosho)
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Available to Purchase in English?: Yes (online only)

I had another title I was planning on covering for my first Manga Monday post, but then this adorable manga came at me out of the blue and knocked me into a sugar drift of sweetness, so surprise!

While I used to own a volume of shounen-ai manga (though I couldn’t read it due to my subpar comprehension of Japanese), I’d never really sat down and *read* anything categorized as shounen-ai from start to finish. Then the other day I came across The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe rather randomly, and after seeing how cute the characters looked I decided to give the manga a try. I’m glad I did, because I was definitely not disappointed!

The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe starts with high school sophomore student Kosuke being run over by a tall guy on a bicycle on his way to school. When Kosuke arrives at his classroom, it turns out the guy who crashed into him is the new student in class. Raku Kunugiya is a brunette, good looking, and very popular with the girls, leaving Kosuke initially slightly jealous because he is the polar opposite of Raku (blond, and not a girl magnet unless they’re giggling over how small-animal-cute he looks). To make their differences even more apparent, Kosuke clocks in at 4’11”, and Raku is a full foot taller than him. In addition to Kosuke’s small size, due to the way the last part of his name is written, Kosuke acquires the nickname Ham-chan. This is why there are numerous hamster references throughout the story and they’re all so cute. ?~(????)

However Raku has a secret, one which Kosuke quickly picks up on. Raku asks Kosuke to keep it to himself, and the latter agrees. The two guys quickly become friends, but as the school year passes they find themselves starting to notice the other more often as they grow closer together. Hijinks and comedic scenes help give them the occasional nudge forward, and what’s this about a rival trying to help move their relationship along??

I think what sold me the most about this title is that it’s so well-done and believable, something I look for when I’m reading/watching a romance series that revolves around relationships. Raku and Kosuke begin as friends, but their progression to something more is gradual, until at the very end- well, you’re just going to have to read it to see how the very sweet finale plays out, and what the actual rule for standing on tiptoe is.

I did also appreciate that nothing about their relationship felt forced, something which I feel is all too common in many romance series. Even though it feels like (to me personally) that one of the two male leads has a firmer grasp on their feelings than the other, both Kosuke and Raku are tentative in the progression of their friendship, very hesitant to say or do anything that might hurt or push the other away. It leaves the reader with the impression that both characters genuinely care for each other.

Another plus is that the artwork is easy on the eyes, and I love the little details which are penciled into the background. It’s a very “casual” style, but it suits the story perfectly.

My only criticism for this title is that it’s not longer. Seriously, why is this only a oneshot?! *cries*

My Score:
Do I Recommend This Title?: Hell yes! It’s a great manga on its own, and I think it also serves as a good introduction to shounen-ai for those who haven’t read much/anything from the genre before.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 60: Threads of Blood

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Ajin Episode 1: The History of a Relationship We Never Had (First Impression)

I’m sorry this is late, I had no idea this show was even out. Which is bad for me to say since I was really excited about this show.

Well…this is a weird show, alright. I know from the get go that people have been complaining that this is in CG, and I can’t really blame them. I know the animation industry has been trying new things like this CG style, and for the most part it turns people away. And I am one of them. One reason why I didn’t watch Knights of Sidonia was because of the CG, even though people said the show was really good. Also….mecha. Ah, mecha. But yeah, I’ve never been fond of CGI anime, it’s not my style. They always seem so…clunky. For the lack of a better word I can’t think of right now. The movements are a little weird, sometimes the CGI looks like bad graphics from a video game 10 years ago. BUT! I read the synopsis of this show and it sold me right away, I thought it sounded amazing and even though I knew it would be in CGI, I told myself that I would watch this and get a first impression post out.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 01 [720p][AAC].mp40072Ajin is a really interesting, albeit confusing show right now. Our main character is a teenage boy named Kei. He seems like a typical guy, hangs out with some friends, he’s studious, though a little quiet. Some say he’s a little weird. What I thought weird about him was that over and over in the episode he kept saying that he needed to grow up to be a “better human being”. Which was probably a red flag that…hey, with these Ajins around there’s a good chance that this kid is not human. And also because the synopsis said that, from what I remember. And he did show some behavior that he may have unconsciously knew that he was Ajin.

What are Ajins? So far, I don’t really know. All the info we got about them is that they were recently discovered 17 years ago in Africa, which we saw in the first couple minutes. They were immortal soldiers that were in a place called “God’s Army”. They were found out as the American Army landed in that spot in Africa and ever since then they’ve been known and captured. Worldwide, there are 46 Ajin, and in Japan there are 2. But then we found out later that it’s not 3.

The Ajin appear as black ashy figures, no face or anything. Apparently they have a unique voice, which we saw later with Kei. After walking home from the hospital, he got ran over by a truck and all his classmates saw it. He lay under the truck in a pool of blood. Any person would have died from that, but in a matter of seconds Kei crawled out from under the truck and stood up. But he panicked when everyone realized he was an Ajin. There’s a rumor flying around that you get a money reward if you turn in an Ajin, and seeing as how one of his “friends” asked about that in class he ran away. And now there’s a manhunt for Kei, with his picture plastered across every screen in Japan. With the help of an old friend, Kei escapes.

Which is basically the gist of all of it. There were a lot of things that didn’t make sense to me and it only leaves speculation. I say Kei unconsciously knew he was an Ajin because he had weird visions and he seemed to have some knowledge of the Ajins.

[DeadFish] Ajin (2016) - 01 [720p][AAC].mp40052

No, Translater, I don’t think he meant the Ajin. I think he meant why did the dog die. And then he turned around and there was the Ajin behind him. So I have no idea if he was born an Ajin, became an Ajin at that moment, or became an Ajin when he was hit by the truck. Though I really doubt the last one.

The most probable is that he was born an Ajin. I say that because his mother keeps telling him to be a better human being, so it sounded like she knew he wasn’t human. But can regular humans give birth to Ajin? And how do you get to be an Ajin? And really, what are Ajin? There’s too many questions with no answers.

Also what’s up with the amnesiac sister?

A strange show, but it still caught my attention. I’m not a fan of the CGI but I didn’t pay attention to it too much because I was too focused on what was actually happening. This is the type of show where I’m probably gonna come up with some weird theories, like with last season’s Subete ga F ni Naru. Ahhh…I hope you’re prepared for that.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed

Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R Episode 1 [Now With 50% More Ritalin!] [First Impression]

You know, I’ve never really been a big fan of magical girl shows. I just haven’t. You could say it’s because I’m a guy, sure, but I feel that any show should be able to transcend the gender and age gap and still be good. I mean Pretear sucked but Madoka was okay…. and um… I’m sure I’ll think of another one at some point. (Other than Sailor Jupiter, Venus, and Jedite, I found Sailor Moon to be REALLY REALLY boring)

However, about a decade ago, I saw an OVA called Nurse Witch Komugi. And I loved it. Why did I love it? Well, it was short, sweet, and it was extremely self referential and treated itself as a parody of the genre with over the top comedy and flat out making fun of how insane the genre is in itself. So when I heard that they were going to make a series based on it, I was really excited. Yes, a lot of it was nostalgia, but that can be a strong tool.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some major disappointment if the material isn’t treated with the same care the original was. to me, THIS is Nurse Witch Komugi

Ah old Komugi

Ah old Komugi

Instead, for some reason, to which I cannot understand or figure out, this series….gets toned down. So yes. Instead of being a comedic parody, They decide, at least in the first episode, to take this pretty much as a straight, generic, magical girl show. And honestly, it is really really lackluster and disappointing. However, I guess I should tell you the plot. All right fine.

So the episode starts up with Komugi having a generic dream about becoming a famous pop idol.

Because you know...never seen that one before

Because you know…never seen that one before

She wakes up to find that she has to go to school. It turns out that she actually IS an idol, but not a very famous one. Her friend Koyori is also an idol, but is more popular than her and actually has made appearances in some movies.

After Koyori has to go to work on the movie, Komugi is walking down the street and sees a little mascot, rabbit thing being picked on, so she saves it and puts bandages on it.

Because you know THAT wasn't done before either

Because you know THAT wasn’t done before either

Okay. Before I move on. A few things.

  1. If they were trying to make it a joke that this is overdone, they make no joke here. They play this ‘saving the small thing’ entirely seriously like it’s the first time anyone’s done it. I didn’t sense any tongue-in-cheek and there was a LOT of missed potential in this scene

2. HOW did they fuck up his design? I mean look.adsfjkl

How exactly did they fuck that up? He looks NOTHING like he did last time. It’s not exactly a hard design to copy. I mean, I can’t draw and “I” could draw that. You made everyone else look the same so why did you change that? Oh no wait. Hang on a sec. They didn’t, did they? This is Koyori now.


This is Koyori from the original OVA


Now, I’m not saying that it’s necessarily BAD to de-sexualize a character that was originally a certain way, but the entire point of her character in the original OVA was that she had two personalities and was basically batshit insane evil half the time. She was SUPPOSED to be crazy and over the top. Her entire POINT was to be super hot, over the top, and comedic.

Direct from Wikipedia “The story of the anime itself is basically a parody of the magical girl anime genre.”

They literally take EVERYTHING out of it that makes it a parody and are turning it into a generic, boring magical girl show to which I say “Why the fuck would you do that?”

Anyway to continue, the mascot says that he’s grateful and wants to make her a magical girl to thank her. She refuses and goes off to her concert, which is really singing for a pharmacy. She finishes it well enough and decides to go home.

The mascot shows up again and asks her to become a magical girl again. She refuses but then a cockroach shows up and she agrees to become one if he’ll get rid of it.

You seriously have to blur it out? I mean....wasn't Terraformers a thing?

You seriously have to blur it out? I mean….wasn’t Terraformers a thing?

He does, but she has to head over to the movie studio because it turns out that she has received a small part as a middle school student.

However, upon arriving at the studio a movie camera gets turned into a monster through some weird magic and the mascot senses it, and tells her that she has to transform. She does and then we get to pretty much the ONLY funny part of the episode that if you blink, you miss it. This villain’s power is to transform something into its funny film version if it hits it with its beam. and he fires at a standee of these guys


Which….if you’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll find this funny, and they turn into this.


Yep. That’s right. In a quick second joke, they decided to rip on Yoru No Yatterman. Which….Is funny to me because I find it amusing that THIS show has the balls to rip on Yoru No Yatterman. Their first episode kicked ass. What’s your excuse Komugi?

Eventually she defeats it and gets its card. Because…you know…THAT’S never been done before.

Earth, wind, shadow, wood, sword, thunder, power, sleep

Earth, wind, shadow, wood, sword, thunder, power, sleep

She goes back to do her scene but oh boy, she missed it. And that’s where the episode ends basically.

This first episode…did not impress me. The original OVA had such a fun, parody charm to it that made me laugh and find amusement in it, even though i’m not really a fan of the magical girl genre. However, this series seems to have ripped out anything that even remotely existed in the original.

You can’t just copy ideas from other magical girl shows and call it “a parody”. If you don’t bring attention to it, and it isn’t for comedy, that’s just you blatantly ripping things off. A parody scene would be her getting her getting the card, then saying “that’s fucking stupid” and ripping the card up watching the mascot freaking out. THAT’S an attempt at comedy. Goddamn it man, MOETAN was more of a parody, and that show was pretty goddamn creepy as it was.

They can’t even get the original source material right. The whole point of her being a NURSE WITCH was that she fought viruses from powers from the planet Vaccine. Not that she fought random evil. She heals people and fights viruses. Hence the NURSE part.

I know people sometimes want to take series on different routes. Hell, as you know, I LOVED Attack on Titan Junior High, but that had a purpose. I just don’t see the need to take a show that was basically made as a parody, and turn it into a generic magical girl show. I..I just don’t see it.

Because lord knows we don't have enough generic magical girl shows

Because lord knows we don’t have enough generic magical girl shows

Head: They really dropped the ball on this. A full on parody series of the magical girl genre had SO SO SO much potential. Especially with the series that have come out recently? You could have made this batshit insane and made some great jokes, including of Madoka! I don’t know WHY they toned everything down 90% to the point that this series, other than the artwork is COMPLETELY unrecognizable. I don’t even know what this show is anymore. This episode was VERY generic, VERY long, and VERY boring. The plot dragged, it has been done 1000 times before, and failed at the one thing it was supposed to be. Funny. 3/10

Eye: The art in the original OVA was better (as OVAs tend to be) but this is really the one thing I can’t complain about. It’s still very pretty and the artwork does remind me of the old days. So it gets points for that. Eye: 7/10

You got lucky show

You got lucky show

Heart: As of the first episode, I don’t give a single solitary crap about any of these characters. I know I’ve used the word “Generic” a LOT in this review, but that’s the best way to describe it. I remember everyone in this OVA having emotions that were larger than life. Here they’re subdued and act like every magical girl character ever. This isn’t Nurse Witch Komugi, this is “Generic Magical girl show #492”

I am not saying that people shouldn’t take chances on old properties. I’m not saying that. I’m also not saying that everything should stay the same as it was due to nostalgia. What I AM saying, is perhaps taking a parody series and revamping it to be serious……isn’t the best idea. That would be like taking Excel Saga and remaking the entire series to be as serious as the one where she gets shot. It’s odd, and it doesn’t fit for longer than a joke. If they ran most of this episode as serious as a JOKE and towards the end they realized they couldn’t keep it up anymore and broke down, THAT would have been hilarious. But they don’t. They play it straight and every character I come across is a boring, useless nothing. I don’t care about anyone, and I don’t even know what their plight is. 3/10

Total: 4.3/10

Honestly, this show made me sad. I expected so much and got so little. Am I going to keep watching? Well….I’m going to try at least a few more episodes and see how it goes. I’m not ready to give up yet. Maybe it gets better….I don’t know. I’m just hoping that somewhere in there is the show I loved. Maybe it will come back…maybe.

Watching: I guess
Blogging: ….for now.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2 – Episode 1 [The Red That Spins Fate] [First Impression]

Why do I adore this show? Well it’s a shoujo, a romance, the female lead’s a decent character, and the main couple are just so damn cute together. Bring on season 2 of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime!

Before saying anything, I want to point out how damn pretty the opening and ending themes are. The animation of the actual show is decent, but the opening and ending sequences stand out to me as some pretty awesome animation. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for anything shiny? Ooo look, squirrel! vlcsnap-00020

Last year I followed Berry’s reviews of the first season of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime while simultaneously watching it, and like Berry I had some reservations about the show. For example, Zen & Shirayuki make a sweet couple, but as Berry pointed out Zen acted on his feelings pretty quickly, making their relationship feel a little rushed and one-sided. Also Shirayuki was always singled out for her red hair, and I’m concerned that this second season is going to continue to harp on that point. Yes we know she has red hair, get over it.

Right off the bat, there’s an emphasis on Shirayuki’s work as a herbalist and how much she is learning. Fantastic! I hope that continues throughout the rest of the season. As Shirayuki zips around the castle, life appears to be continuing on normally for everyone else. Zen is busy with his paperwork, Chief Garak is busy with her work, and Obi is still wandering around idly.

But beneath the surface, trouble is brewing. In the first moments of this episode, we see Mihaya (the guy who kidnapped Shirayuki in the first season) approach the castle. He reveals via interrogation later in the episode that a young man named Kazuki is searching for Shirayuki for some yet-to-be-revealed reason, and is most likely en route to the castle already based on information Mihaya told him. Meanwhile Zen’s older brother, Prince Izana, receives a missive from Prince Raj in Tanbarun inviting Shirayuki to a ball. Prince Izana summons Shirayuki to discuss the invitation, and Zen tags along to their meeting. Zen makes it pretty clear he still distrusts Prince Raj, and insists that Mitsuhide accompany Shirayuki. The lovebirds will be separated for one week.

Obviously it’s pretty suspicious that these two events are coinciding with each other. Someone is searching for Shirayuki, while she’s being summoned away from the safety of Clarines? I wouldn’t be surprised if Izana is conspiring with Prince Raj to get Shirayuki to leave the castle and Zen’s side. Or maybe he’s plotting with this mysterious Kazuki? Let the conspiracy theories fly! I get the impression that Zen still doesn’t trust his older brother, but that’s ok Zen, I don’t either! >_>vlcsnap-00023

So how did this rank as a first episode? Pretty good in my opinion. We get a re-introduction to all the characters and their daily lives, and fans of Zen & Shirayuki got a cute scene to squee over. No lying, I was one of them too. I know Shirayuki still has to sort out her feelings for Zen, but until she does, it’s cute to see her blush every time he gives her a meaningful look, or as we saw in this episode kiss her hand. I have my fingers crossed that this pairing will work out. (Please oh please!)

I hope we will have more character development, and that this show won’t fall back onto very old and worn out tactics like Shirayuki being targeted for her red hair. I also want to see other character relationships developed further, like Obi and Shirayuki’s friendship, and the master-apprentice relationship between Shirayuki and Ryu.

Stay tuned for episode two next week!

Possibility of Watching: High
Possibility of Blogging: High

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut – Episode 1 [The Crimson War Princess] [First Impression]

This show is described by My Anime List as being of the supernatural, fantasy and romance genres, among others, and also… an ecchi. So! If you’re reading this, please know that unlike K: Return of Kings, I will not whine and gripe every time I see boobs, panties, or conveniently obscured genitals. This is an ecchi after all!

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle) opens with a flashback. 5 years ago, the cruel empire of Arcadia was overthrown by a rebellion. One Drag-Knight, nicknamed The Black Hero, lead the country into a new future. Now the new empire, Atismata, is putting all of its energy into training Drag-Knights so that they will never be overtaken by other countries.

vlcsnap-00006Our main character, Lux Arcadia, happens upon the Royal Knight Academy by accident. While chasing a cat which had stolen a girl’s purse, he falls through the ceiling and lands on top of a naked blonde girl named Lisesharte (or Lisha, as her classmates call her). He shoves his foot in his mouth by saying something stupid; then the Academy shoves him in their jail. Lux carries two swords, indicating he is a Drag-Knight. After he is taken to speak to The Academy’s headmaster, she informs him that male Drag-Knights are rather rare and she wants him to work at their school.

However this decision pisses Lisesharte off. Lux was the one who fell on top of her while she was bathing, no? The headmaster agrees that Lisesharte should get to pick Lux’s punishment, so the blonde challenges Lux to a Drag-Ride duel. However, apparently Lux has the reputation of being “The Weakest Undefeated”, so maybe there’s more to him than meets the eye…? The princess of the new kingdom versus a former prince of the old kingdom – Round 1, FIGHT!

vlcsnap-00019For a mecha anime, which I usually avoid like the plague (aside from a handful of exceptions), I enjoyed this show much more than I thought I would. I went into it expecting fanservice, and I wasn’t disappointed. There was the gratuitous bathing scene less than 5 minutes in, and some skimpy outfits and all that jazz. Fanservice aside, both Lux and Lisesharte have secrets in their backstories, and I’m intrigued enough to keep watching.

The animation is pretty good by my standards, aside from a couple of questionable shots, and I have no objections to the music used either. The opening theme is fun and upbeat, but there was no closing theme so I am looking forward to hearing it for the first time next week. Thus, the eye and ear candy gets a thumbs up from me.

As for the characters, while Lisesharte annoys me a little, we only got introduced to a few characters in depth so I feel like it’s too early to critique anyone too much. Lux is a little stereotyped as the naive male lead, but it leads to really entertaining dialogue falling out of his mouth so I’m overlooking it for now. I thought it was interesting that his sister attends the Royal Knight Academy; I wonder if that will become important later on in the season.

All in all, yay for a new surprise favourite show of the season! (????)?*:??? This will be one of only a couple of ecchi I have ever seen, and I hope it will not be a major disappointment.

Possibility of Watching: High
Possibility of Blogging: High

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 1: [Whisper, Chant, Prayer, Awaken] [First Impressions]

~”It’s not easy, huh…”

Capture 19


I was really looking forward to this one

The pitch is a bit “deja vu” But MEH, I LIKE IT

As long as the treatment is different from the previous shows that I saw on this theme, that’s fine with me


The episode starts in a forest where our heroes are fighting a gobelin, 6 against one, and are loosing. Furthermore, it appears that gobelins are the weakest creature in the world of Grimgar, making our crew, a bunch of fucking losers.

That’s right

This show is about a bunch of regular guys, thrown into a fantasy world where they will have to survive, all by themselves


I stop you right now with your SAO comparaison, I’ll talk about that later.

Meet our colorful bunch of suckers, composed by:

Capture 5

Haruhiro/old cat/ lazy-eyes: the main character who’s a thief, known for having sleepy eyes, even though he was born with them. Quite interested in girls if you ask me.

Then there is Manato: the only one that does not sucks entirely. He’s priest and leader of the “looser party”.

Moguzo : The big teddy-bear guy who’s a warrior. He likes to cook and I’m almost sure he likes to sew.

Yume : the red hair girl, even though she sucks at pretty much everything, she’s a Hunter.

Shihoru: The quiet/crying/big boobs magician. Honestly, I don’t like her. Maybe her background story can justify the fact that she’s a pussy but for now on she’s pissing me off. COME ON OKAY SHE HAS BIG BOOBS but honestly, she’s annoying. And I prefer Abs by the way.

Ranta: The hot blooded one who’s dark knight. I don’t really care about him. I initially thought he would annoy the hell out of me but he’s actually okay. He’s more a comic relief than anything else.

They have no freaking idea where they come from or who they actually are. Like Haruhiro, the main character told us, they all woke up at the same place at the same time, clueless as ever. When I say that they don’t remember anything, they really don’t remember anything. They forgot everything about their past and even the meaning of some words such as “phone” or “game”. There were initially 10 of them, waking up in a dark room in a strange white tower.They all met with Brittany, the chief of the Red moon Office of the volunteer squad for Ortana’s borderland Brigade. Yeah that’s a long title. We don’t really learn much about Brittany nor about the rest of the newcomers. Expect from the Silver Hair guy named Renji, who’s hot, badass and ready to fight.

Capture 16

They are somehow forced to join the volunteer soldier squad if they want money to live. Their job is now to kill monsters and sell the loot to earn money and survive. Of course they need the money to buy food, a place to rest, clothes and equipement. Another goal is to buy the Official bordeland badges that gives some advantages but for now on , they don’t have the money too. Apparently, the Reijii guy formed a party with the persons that I guess he thought the strongest. They’ve already brought their official badges from Brittany which means that they are quite strong compared to the “looser team” that haven’t killed a single monster since they’ve arrived.

Capture 26

I mean DAYUM

They had to chose a role among different classes, Haruhiro chose to be a thief and that guy is a lucky fellow. His master, Barbara, has probably the hottest body of the whole Grimgar world. Of course Haruhiro is aware of that, and refused to be trained by another person.

AHAHA, U dirty little brat, I like you already Haruhito.

They all decide to try again and to go to the forest to kill a gobelin. They suck so bad that hey can’t fight two gobelins at the same time so they’ll have to find a loner if they want to have a chance to win. But they lack of luck and can’t find any. Their pockets are emptier than ever and they start to feel the hunger.

On their way to the forest they have a discussion about boobs. Ranta likes Shihoru boobs because they are big. There is also a scene that reminds me of a bad Yuri Hentai, not that I watch that type of things, but in my imagination, that’s what it would looks like. So there’s nothing much in this conversation, really. Oh yes, maybe the fact that Shihoru doesn’t have any self confidence at all. She finds herself fat and she’s convinced that she is. She also starts crying because of that… Fuuuu, I don’t care, I swear, I’m not saying anything about how useless she is… God dammit I said too much

Capture 34

Why are you smiling ? If you continue to suck this bad you’re going to die of starvation.

Charibo’s thoughts:

“That was nice”

Plot: The thing that strikes me first with the plot is the fact that they don’t explain anything , not even to the characters. We are thrown with them into a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, but we know nothing about it. They woke up in Ortana’s town and I guess there’s a few more towns around, but that’s it. No words about the World in which they evolve. So that’s nice, I like that, everything seems kind of real. This is true survival I’d say. Not like another show that I won’t mention because I somehow care about my life.

“But Charibo, you already told us the name of this show at the begging of your review, there is no point in hiding the fact that you are a filthy hater anymore…”

“Shut up Jean-Kevin, I’m not paying you for blowing up my cover, now go back watching Naruto for me”

Ahem, so, What was I saying… Oh yes!

It’s not like ANOTHER SHOW THAT I WON’T MENTION, where the bad guy goes all ” FUFUFU I’M THE ONE BEHIND EVERYTHING, TO ESCAPE YOU NEED TO DO THAT AND THAT”. Yeah sure, tell them how to escape you idiot . In my opinion, telling nothing, and leaving people in their own ignorance and doubts is the true evil.

As for the survival side, it’s present but not really marked, many characters talked about dying without any dramatic tone. They aren’t really scared of death. When they have no money left, they care more about their stomachs like “oh I’m hungry” rather than about their life. There’s also a difference between being good in a game and being good in real life. Thank you anime, thank you. If they all suck that might be because they’ve never touched a sword, bow or staff before. We don’t know where they come from but giving the fact that they were wearing modern clothes I’ll say it’s around our century. So yeah, there’s some high chances that none of those guys ever touched a weapon before. Maybe they’ve played MMORPG before, but that can’t possibly make them gifted hunter, warrior or whatever the hell they want to be, just like that.

Everything feels so natural about this show and that’s what I like about it. Their conversations are not the most interesting thing in the universe but at least it’s not generic shounen’s dialogues. Expect for the weird Yuri part, come on, you can do better anime. I was expecting the slow pacing so I wasn’t surprised by the small amount of things happening in the episode. I can’t say that I like boring shows buuut… I tend to prefer shows with more talking than fighting. Because when a fight arrives, you’ll enjoy it more.

Art: I want to make babies with the background. It’s BEAUTIFUL. I started being interested in checking out this show because of the Art. I love it, I really love it. The shades and lights on the characters are amazing and the water-color backgrounds are breathtaking. I have nothing more to say. I’m in love.

Capture 21

OST: So far, so good. The music during the first battle against the gobelins was catchy. I didn’t paid much attention to the music during the rest of the episode but it seemed great to me.


Capture 20

Haruhiro: that guy isn’t gay. That’s my conclusion after seeing this episode. He seems like the average guy, but actually, you know what ? HE HIS ! YUP, he truly sucks, and that’s great. I don’t know his age, he looks like he just hit puberty and that could explain a lot of things. But like we all know, age in anime is tricky. But I like him,he has great abs. However, the seyuu’s choice is a bit weird, Haruhiro’s voice is a bit too mature for him. But eh, at least, that’s not another Eren Jeager’s voice.

I like Manato and his “big brother attitude”. Which reminds me of Makoto from Free and that’s a good thing. I would wave my “Best guy” flag right now if I wasn’t a bit apprehensive towards this guy. I mean, he’s too nice, he’s wayyyyyyy too nice. I just watched too many episodes of Scooby-doo to ignore the fact that at the end, it’s always the nice gardener the culprit.

As for the girls…. MEEEEH… Yeah, Yume is fun but weird. I promised I won’t bitch about the big boobs girl so I won’t say anything. And for the Teddy bear guy, well, he’s nice but quite forgettable. I hope he gets some scenes to show how badass he truly is.

Charibo’s MEH point :

The only “MEH”point of this show, if I can say it like this, is the Fanservice. There was only a few boobies in the PV so I wasn’t really on my guard for this show. But yeah, there’s actually a rather decent amount of Fan service. The thing is, I don’t care about boobs or asses at all. And because of that I don’t usually enjoy seeing them in Anime. And if the way there’re shown isn’t natural at all I tend to be pissed off. However, from what I saw in this episode, it’s okay. I wonder if there’s going to be some sort of quota, I hope so. I want the same amount of Boobs and Abs please. Especially that Rejii guy’s abs. He’s hot. I don’t mind Makoto , Manato’s too, but he doesn’t seems like the type of character to undress on the first episode. We will have to be patient then.

Also, I don’t mind the obvious sexual attraction between the characters, and I would say that I prefer that. That gives a sort of justification to the Fan service. I prefer seeing a guy blushing and being sexually attracted to the big boobs’s girl rather than ignoring her like the MC of a harem Anime.

So yeah,that was nice. Not the type of show that I usually watch but I really want to try this one

Possibility of watching: Sure

Possibility of Blogging: I really want to