Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2 – Episode 1 [The Red That Spins Fate] [First Impression]

Why do I adore this show? Well it’s a shoujo, a romance, the female lead’s a decent character, and the main couple are just so damn cute together. Bring on season 2 of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime!

Before saying anything, I want to point out how damn pretty the opening and ending themes are. The animation of the actual show is decent, but the opening and ending sequences stand out to me as some pretty awesome animation. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for anything shiny? Ooo look, squirrel! vlcsnap-00020

Last year I followed Berry’s reviews of the first season of Akagami no Shirayuki-hime while simultaneously watching it, and like Berry I had some reservations about the show. For example, Zen & Shirayuki make a sweet couple, but as Berry pointed out Zen acted on his feelings pretty quickly, making their relationship feel a little rushed and one-sided. Also Shirayuki was always singled out for her red hair, and I’m concerned that this second season is going to continue to harp on that point. Yes we know she has red hair, get over it.

Right off the bat, there’s an emphasis on Shirayuki’s work as a herbalist and how much she is learning. Fantastic! I hope that continues throughout the rest of the season. As Shirayuki zips around the castle, life appears to be continuing on normally for everyone else. Zen is busy with his paperwork, Chief Garak is busy with her work, and Obi is still wandering around idly.

But beneath the surface, trouble is brewing. In the first moments of this episode, we see Mihaya (the guy who kidnapped Shirayuki in the first season) approach the castle. He reveals via interrogation later in the episode that a young man named Kazuki is searching for Shirayuki for some yet-to-be-revealed reason, and is most likely en route to the castle already based on information Mihaya told him. Meanwhile Zen’s older brother, Prince Izana, receives a missive from Prince Raj in Tanbarun inviting Shirayuki to a ball. Prince Izana summons Shirayuki to discuss the invitation, and Zen tags along to their meeting. Zen makes it pretty clear he still distrusts Prince Raj, and insists that Mitsuhide accompany Shirayuki. The lovebirds will be separated for one week.

Obviously it’s pretty suspicious that these two events are coinciding with each other. Someone is searching for Shirayuki, while she’s being summoned away from the safety of Clarines? I wouldn’t be surprised if Izana is conspiring with Prince Raj to get Shirayuki to leave the castle and Zen’s side. Or maybe he’s plotting with this mysterious Kazuki? Let the conspiracy theories fly! I get the impression that Zen still doesn’t trust his older brother, but that’s ok Zen, I don’t either! >_>vlcsnap-00023

So how did this rank as a first episode? Pretty good in my opinion. We get a re-introduction to all the characters and their daily lives, and fans of Zen & Shirayuki got a cute scene to squee over. No lying, I was one of them too. I know Shirayuki still has to sort out her feelings for Zen, but until she does, it’s cute to see her blush every time he gives her a meaningful look, or as we saw in this episode kiss her hand. I have my fingers crossed that this pairing will work out. (Please oh please!)

I hope we will have more character development, and that this show won’t fall back onto very old and worn out tactics like Shirayuki being targeted for her red hair. I also want to see other character relationships developed further, like Obi and Shirayuki’s friendship, and the master-apprentice relationship between Shirayuki and Ryu.

Stay tuned for episode two next week!

Possibility of Watching: High
Possibility of Blogging: High

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  1. Izana’s definitely scheming here, but in a good way. He probably wants to see if Raji’s turned over a new leaf, and also get in Raji’s good books by agreeing to his invite, so that Clarines can have friendlier relations with Raji’s country. Zen’s just overworrying about Snow, since he still doesn’t trust Raji.

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