Go! Princess Precure Episode 50 [FINAL]

Wow it ended just like that… I’m not used to these type of endings in this genre.

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Oh my heart. I have been swept away by the sea of emotions. The ending was a bittersweet one. What I appreciated the most about it was how they didn’t sugarcoat anything and were considerably realistic. Having completed their purpose, the dress-up keys goes into hibernation to recharge and prepare for the next battle in the future. This meant the girls had to return their keys as they belonged in the Hope Kingdom. It broke my heart when they revealed they will no longer be able to travel between worlds, because the two worlds were never connected in the first place- in fact I was pretty upset about it. But being worlds apart was just one part of it. In order to pursue their dreams, most of the group had parted ways in the spring. Kirara is off to Paris to pursue her dream to become a Top Model, Minami travels to where her marine biologist friend is to study alongside her, Towa and Kanata reunites with their parents and return their duties. Haruka and Yui are the only two who probably managed to stay together till they graduated from Noble Academy. Yui has successfully published her picture-book of the story of the Princess Precures, staying true to every detail- making a little girl sad for the same reasons we have. Haruka had decided she will become her own princess, though it is a vague when it comes to career paths, we know she had successfully done so. (I would presume she would specialize something in the flower/garden business due to her passion of flowers).

Go! Princess Precure Ep 50 Img 0029If you asked me which farewell was the saddest, I would have to tell you it was every, single, one of them. My eyes were all watery when Towa broke down saying goodbye to her friends, knowing she might not be able to see them again or for a very long time. The same applies to Haruka saying goodbye to Kanata. She put on a strong face, telling him the same thing she had told the girls, as long as their hearts as connected, they will surely see each other again. (THEY BETTER!!!! OTHERWISE THAT WOULD BE JUST TOO CRUEL!). One of the cuter moments of the episode was probably seeing Shut and Cloth being true to themselves and I guess might actually get a job if they haven’t already to work at Noble Academy’s secret garden.

I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see, from the get go, the fight wasn’t over yet. I absolutely loved how we saw another form, this time Dyspear and Close merged into one (which I guess you could say had a bit of romantic underlining there, at least that what I had sensed). Once more Toei Animation experimented further with how else could they raise their bar when it comes to animating fights, making this one more detailed and combat focused compared to the last fight where the girls couldn’t do much until they received their power up.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 50 Img 0014I found it both important and refreshing how in this story, the conclusion to this battle is not wiping out the other, but acknowledging and accepting both Despair and Dreams can and will always exist. Haruka approached Clospear with intentions to simply talk it out, and find a way to end this eternal battle. While doing so, as she tries to understand despair, what creates it and how can she make it stop? But then she realizes, despair will never disappear. Happy things and sad things come in cycles, it is the way of life, and it is what can make people stronger. When she tells him she acknowledges both will exist for all eternity, he agree with her and comes to the conclusion there is no point of fighting each other anymore. This is part is huge because for once, this isn’t about the villain undergoing redemption or being eliminated, it is about acceptance and acknowledge they can in fact co-exist. Sure the conclusion is fairly underwhelming, but it makes sense. Furthermore, we see the girls experience grief of parting ways, and how it is okay to feel that way, as long as you can get back onto your feet!

As the story comes to a close, the epilogue jumps into the future, showing us the girls grown up and continue to follow their dreams. Haruka has grown up into a beautiful woman, reminiscent of her appearance as Cure Flora. We see them all holding a clear dress-up key, born from their hearts. It is left to the viewer’s interpretation of whether or not the keys can be used to bring them back together again- I know I would like to think that. I think the writers had also left it up to interpretation of the final scene where Haruka stands on the hill and looks back and smiles, perhaps reuniting Kanata once more. (You know if they had put him in, it would have killed me). Endings where the viewers can create their own interpretation can be fun sometimes!

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Final Thoughts

Go! Princess Precure is now the second precure series I have done a full coverage on. Without its strong story that resonated with the viewers (both young and old), and the charming characters whom most of us can relate to, I don’t think I would have been able to write an entry every week. What I loved the most about Go! Princess Precure was the life lessons about Dreams it had provided and how it was able to connected with the audience on a personal level. Multiple times, their messages had resonated with me, and it was something I greatly cherished that because for the past few years, despair was getting the better of me and was eating me up inside. This series addressed the key components and struggles we all undergo while pursuing our dreams. It served as a major eye-opener for those who lost sight of their dreams, forgot what motivated them and/or why they wanted to pursue it. Most of the time, the answer are right under our nose, but the problem is, many of us forget about it without even realizing it. There are all sorts of reasons responsible for causing us to forget. It could being too preoccupied with work/studies, overwhelming stress, self-doubt, depression, tragedies, sickness, the list goes on… And when we forget these things (often the simplest things), the hardest part is trying to remember them. Some can recall what it was faster than others, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. It can take days, months, sometimes even years. This is the reason why this series struck a chord in me. I strongly advise anyone who is experiencing this kind of struggle to watch Go! Princess Precure. I can’t guarantee it will help you, but I can at least tell you, it did for me with a struggle I had been experiencing for years. I found my answer in Episode 39, so thank you Go! Princess Precure, for helping me remember my dream and the reason of drive which fueled it. <3

Overall Score: 9/10

Story/Plot: 9/10 – A strong story with a powerful message resonating with the audience.
Characters & Development: 9/10 – Relateable and charming characters, each one of them experienced thorough character development.
Animation Quality: 9/10 – They were pretty darn consistent with the animation quality with this series. It is also worth appreciating how much details they have put into creating more dynamic animation in their fights.
Original Soundtrack: 8/10 – Worth noting the ED Theme songs were really good, but the overall soundtrack was a bit bland to me.

Recommendation: HIGH -Thoroughly enjoyable series from start to finish, and is strongly recommended for anyone who is struggling with their own dreams. It may provide the clarity you need.
Extra Note: I will try to get my cousin’s kids to watch it once they are old enough though, ha ha ha.

Goodbye Go! Princess Precure, you was a fun and special series to cover, you will be missed.
It is now time to pass the baton to Mahou Tsukai Precure, so I will see you all next week!

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