Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut – Episode 12 [The Young Girl’s Cherished Desire] [Final Impression]


Going into this episode, I was curious to see how everything was going to be wrapped up, or whether it could even be done at all. Could all of the plot threads be tied off, and all my remaining questions answered? Well, the answer is kind of. Some things I found were left unknown, but given the way this episode ended I’m thinking they’re leaving it open for another season.

So the Giant Warrior from the Fifth Ruin, piloted by El Fajula with Hayes, is still headed towards the Royal Capitol. In the skies above, Lux is slicing through the insurgent Drag-Rides like a fist through styrofoam as he makes his way closer to Ragreed. The purple-haired psychopath manages to slice off an arm of Lux’s Drag-Ride, revealing it was only masquerading as Bahamut. Ragreed is furious as he streaks after Lux, who by now has summoned the real Bahamut, and Ragreed is promptly sliced to pieces by our Weakest Hero.

vlcsnap-00005Lux goes to rescue Lisha, and he is just in the nick of time as her captors are around to forcibly strip her in order to see her tattoo. Lisha is grateful but feels horrible about what happened at the All Dragon Battle, and Lux coaxes her out of her pity party for one by saying he needs her help. Of course she agrees to help him.

Back up in the sky, the duo tag team an attack on the Giant Warrior, and with the help of Krulcifer and Philuffy they are able to knock it over and freeze it to the ground. With the massive creature temporarily subdued, Lux asks Philuffy and Krulcifer to take care of the rebel soldiers in the city while he and Lisha fight Hayes. Saniya threatens the nobles in the castle, but Celes takes her out. Lisha and Lux agree that Lisha will distract Hayes while Lux tries to find a way into the Giant Warrior so he can disable it for good.

Well he doesn’t find a hidden entrance, but rather instead he finds Yoruka. They try to reason with each other, but neither backs off and they are forced to fight on the skin of the Giant Warrior. Lux gets Yoruka emotional by talking about her little brother, and uses that momentary lapse in concentration to defeat her in battle. There is a brief flash of what her little brother looked like, so I can cross off my theory from the last episode about Yoruka being related to Hayes.

While their battleground of choice was beautiful and aptly fitting (the red higanbana flowers are sometimes known as the “flower of death”), their conversation during this scene reveals that Lux destroyed the old Arcadia Empire because he’d wanted to help change the country, and destroying it alone was the best way he could think of. Well it’s simple, but effective. Not a whole lot of mystery there.

Lux reunites with Lisha in time for them to watch the Giant Warrior start to launch a massive energy attack which would annihilate the city. At the last moment however, the stone giant shuts down; inside, Yoruka has sliced the magical sphere powering the Giant Warrior in half. Guess whose loyalties have flipped again? Now all who’s left to deal with is Hayes.

Hayes, who is rather crazed by this point and is starting to channel his inner Dilandau, launches an attack at Lisha which overpowers her Drag-Ride and leaves vlcsnap-00025her falling out of the sky. Lux quickly dispatches Hayes with a superpowered Reload on Fire, knocking him into the head of the Giant Warrior with a massive explosion. Lux swoops down in time to catch Lisha and carry her to safety.

Flash forward to the last night of the National Foundation Festival, and Lisha is making her announcements. She reveals that Lux has accepted her offer to be his Knight, and she asks the people to judge them based on their actions from that point onward, not what happened to the kingdom in the past.

After her speech, Lux and Lisha share a quiet moment inside the castle. Lux spots his older brother Fugil, who flashes his younger brother a maniacal grin before leaving quietly. Lux chooses to say nothing about this sighting to Lisha. Then Lisha says that because Lux is now her knight, they have to “deepen their friendship”, which means that his entire fanclub naturally takes this moment to show up to tease Lux about how they want him to be theirs. Even Airi has decided to join Lux’s personal harem. *gag* They get Lux more and more riled up until he has another freakout. Some things never change!


My thoughts: Well, we’re finally done. I can’t say that I’m happy about this, but neither am I sad. This was the first ecchi other than Golden Boy which I’ve watched from start to finish, so I tried to keep my expectations somewhat reigned in. I knew going into it that there was going to be nudity and sexual stuff, so I couldn’t whine too much about that. How did the rest of the show stack up in my book?

Story: I feel like the first six episodes were pretty light on plot, while most of the action was packed into the latter half of the series. While this isn’t a huge deal, it did feel like the last 2-3 episodes had so much crammed into them that things were inevitably left out. Then again, if a second season is planned, that might also be why some details were omitted from this season. So I guess overall I had some issues with the pacing, but the story itself still drew me in.

Characters: I’m on the fence with this one. Anyone who’s read these reviews knows that I can’t stand Lisha, but I liked or tolerated the rest of the cast. I even came to like Philuffy, despite her slightly vapid personality. I think my favourite character was Lux, with Krulcifer in a close second.

vlcsnap-00007I was a little confused with why the opening animation shows Lux and Lisha as being relatively close, but during the show they never really ignited that magical spark. I was relieved that he didn’t start fawning all over her in this last episode, because that would be really out of the blue and (in my opinion) out of character for him. Since I’m unfamiliar with harems, is it somewhat common for the main character to not pick a definitive romantic interest by the end of the season?

Music & Animation: The animation was overall pretty quality, but there were moments when it got a little derpy. Faces would look a little odd from a zoomed out shot, or proportions weren’t quite right. And I wasn’t a huge fan of the character designs, although I realize that makes me a bit of a hypocrite because the main reason for this dislike was their noses, and yet I’m a huge fan of the Escaflowne TV series… ^^;; It grew on me by the end of the season, but it’s still not my favourite look.

The music was alright. The show itself had some decent themes, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the opening and ending songs (“Hiryuu no Kishi” by TRUE and “Lime Tree” by nano.Ripe, respectively). I’m thinking of hunting down some of the tracks played during the battle scenes, as those were scored nicely.

Overall Thoughts: I didn’t enjoy this as much as Akagami no Shirayukihime 2, but Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut wasn’t a horrible show either, especially for an ecchi. In between the nudity and the action, there was some romance and lots of comedy. I’m interested to see if there’s a second season, because while I probably won’t blog it, I would consider watching it.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2 – Episode 12 [My Story, My Path] [Final Impression]


*sniff* We’re finally at the end of the season, and I am going to miss this show more than anything else I’ve watched these last few months. Well there’s no point in delaying it, so here goes.

Daylight streams through the tall glass windows as Prince Izana and Zen discuss the impending arrival of a messenger from Tanbarun. Prince Izana’s cryptic comments hint that he knows more about the messenger than he’s letting on, but Zen just lets it slide.

Over in the castle greenhouse, Obi thwarts someone attempting to sneak in. It’s Mihaya, who tagged along with the messenger from Tanbarun so he could come visit Shirayuki. Not long after, Shirayuki gets all dressed up to attend an official meeting with both Prince Izana and Zen. There she meets the mysterious Tanbarun messenger – Sakaki! He presents her with a beautiful golden necklace and a scroll pronouncing her new title “Friend of the Crown.”

vlcsnap-00016Prince Izana decides to be an asshole about it all though, laughing at how “strange” Shirayuki’s title was, and actually said right in front of her that he’d considered her a nobody in the past. That being said, he also correctly points out that Shirayuki has never clarified in words what she wanted from Zen. After Prince Izana leaves, Zen tries to cheer her up and says she doesn’t have to rush to say anything yet.

Later that day, Sakaki finds Shirayuki to give her a personal letter from Prince Raj. Sakaki admits that he still thinks of a potential romantic match for Prince Raj, even though Raj has not quite reached that point by himself. After she goes to bed, Shirayuki reads Prince Raj’s letter. He lets her know that he gave her the title so she can use it as a shield in case she never needs it.

However reading the letter stirs some emotions and thoughts in Shirayuki’s mind, leaving her unable to sleep. She wanders outside on the grounds, where Obi finds her, and they leave for the herb garden together. They make small talk until Obi finally just asks her what happened. Hearing Prince Izana’s words and then reading Prince Raj’s letter have left her somewhat confused about what to think, or what she should do next. Obi says that she should talk to Zen first, and he leaves to go get his master.

True to his word, Obi flags down Zen who goes running to Shirayuki’s side. She apologizes for not saying anything to him since their confrontation with Prince Izana the day before, but reassures him that everything she told him previously was still true. She asks him if she’s allowed to think that she loves him and wants to be by his side someday. Zen is overwhelmed by her words and embraces her, then pulls her hair aside and kisses her neck, and then they share a kiss.

Zen scoops up Shirayuki and takes her to the castle rooftop, where there is a little pond and some beautiful flowers. On the way he’s spotted by Kiki, Mitsuhide vlcsnap-00030and Obi, but they leave the two lovebirds alone, reassured that they’ll show up for breakfast.

Alone on the rooftop, Zen tells Shirayuki that yes, she can think about the two of them getting married and being together. It’s always been ok with him. And he promises to one day be able to tell her that he feels the same, in his own words.

Afterwards, Zen reports to his older brother and tells him that he will see Sakaki off. He has a staring contest with Prince Izana, who remarks after Zen leaves that that was the first time Zen had never broken eye contact with him.

As Sakaki and Mihaya are leaving, Shirayuki gives Sakaki a letter to take back to Prince Raj. Sakaki teases her that he will still try to talk Shirayuki into being with Raj, and Mihaya jokes that he’ll adopt her into his family if she decides she ever wants the rank of a noble.

After the credits role, there’s a brief scene with Zen, Shirayuki, Obi, Kiki and Mitsuhide. They part ways to do their own work, and Shirayuki runs into Chief Garak, her assistant and Ryu. Shirayuki and Ryu leave together for the dispensary. As they walk in silence, Shirayuki thinks to herself that she wants to be able to draw her own path, and she wants her story to be painted with the color of fate.

My thoughts: This was a fulfilling ending to what has been a fantastic season. I’m thrilled that season two was so much more than what the first season was. More of what, you ask? More shoujo, more romance, more fluffyness, more sparkles, more laughs. Just more. And I loved every minute of it.

Story: There were only 12 episodes, the new short standard for an anime series it seems, so there was really only time to have a couple of main story arcs. Some of it was a little cliched, like Shirayuki needing to be rescued by Zen, but as was mentioned in the comments the Claw of the Sea arc was from earlier in the manga when the author was still trying to find her groove, so I’m willing to cut the show some slack. Plus Prince Raj got a lot of character development and the Zen x Shirayuki ship got a really touching scene at the end of that storyline, so it balances out. I also was glad that we got to see more of Shirayuki’s backstory covered, since Prince Zen’s was included in the first season.

Characters: I love everyone! No really, I do. I don’t think there are any characters I actively dislike. (Which is more than I can say for some of the other shows I covered this season.) And there was a lot of character development which is always a plus. I feel like season one of Akagami no Shirayukihime was the setup to get viewers acquainted with the settings and characters, and then this season was when things actually started to happen. The Zen x Shirayuki ship started to sail, we learned more about Kiki and Mitsuhide’s relationship, and we also got a peek at some of the hidden feelings that Prince Raj & Obi have for Shirayuki, even if they’ll go unrequited. Plus, you know, all of the plot. *waves hand nonchalantly* vlcsnap-00040

And this show is funny! Prince Raj and Obi are usually the comedic relief (hello, anyone else like the quip from Obi about Mitsuhide trying to have a secret tryst
with Zen??), but even minor characters like Prince Raj’s kid siblings proved they could be funny too. Nevermind the hilarious facial expressions during certain scenes. *big thumbs up*

Music and Animation: This was where Akagami no Shirayukihime 2 really shone in my eyes. The animation is GORGEOUS, and this is coming from a self-proclaimed graphics whore. It’s easy to see that a lot of time and effort went into making this show look good. The second half of the series had a lot of sparkles during the Zen x Shirayuki scenes, but meh it’s a super fluffy shoujo so I guess it can be somewhat expected. *shrugs*

I will probably pick up the soundtrack for this series at some point if I can. I adore both the opening and ending themes, sung by Saori Hayami and Eyelis respectively, and the music scored throughout the series was nothing but complimentary to each respective scene.

Tl;dr – I suck at writing summaries, but this is an incredible show, and if you like fluffy sweet shoujos I recommend you give it a watch! I’m really sad to see it end, but I’m super excited to finally be able to go devour the manga.

Final Score: 9.5/10

Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R Episodes 11 + 12 [Genericy The Generic Ending] [Final Impression]

The best way to describe watching this show is like eating a piece of stale white bread. Yeah it’s technically food, yeah it won’t make you sick, but it’s bland, flavorless, and hard to chew. That is the best comparison I can think of for this series. And thank god the loaf of bread it finally over.

Every single minute of this show pissed me off. From beginning to end. Everything made me frustrated, bored, or mad. Plot threads were introduced, then forgotten about, endings were thrown in, and characters were introduced when they shouldn’t have existed in the first place. I just….fuck it. fuck it. let’s just review these final two episodes so I can stop talking about this shitty show.

So episode 11 opens with up a young girl being sad that she’s alone all the time. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Alone? She probably has to be with a stylist ALONE for four hours a day for THAT hair, am I right?

Alone? She probably has to be with a stylist ALONE for four hours a day for THAT hair, am I right?

It turns out that this girl’s name is Leilei. (at least i think it is. I really don’t fucking care) And she’s an insanely popular idol from America.


I hate when they do this. Yes. Yes we have popular singers in America. Yes they hold concerts. But we do not have what Japan considers “idols” in the states. There’s a culture that goes along with the concept of idols and America doesn’t do that. Especially with the whole “little girl with a stuffed animal” look. That is a cultural thing. That would not be considered cute in America, that would be considered creepy if you were a fan. If you were to ask any American about idols they’d be like “ mean like ‘American Idol’?” Because it’s not a thing we have. Argh. I’m one minute in and this concept already pisses me off.

So she comes to Japan and her company starts stealing all of the airtime and jobs from the other models including cancelling the announcement of an anime. (sigh) (puts face in hands) I just….THIS is the conflict of your magical girl show? THIS is what you deem important enough to make into a series when this isn’t your main focus? Remember that whole Fan card thing? Is…is that still important? Or are we caring about missed gigs?

Magical powers? oh shit! I forgot that was a thing!

Magical powers? oh shit! I forgot that was a thing!

You know, speaking of bullshit, I actually just started watching [email protected] and I realized something very interesting. First of all, this show came out over 3 years ago, and, guess what, there’s an idol character who’s girly but her idol persona is being a tomboy. GEE? SOUND FUCKING FAMILIAR?!

I’ve only seen 2 episodes of that series, and i’m already more invested in this stupid motherfucking piece of 12 episode crap. Ugh. i’m going to give myself a brain aneurysm. Where was I?

Oh yeah, so the three, having a day off go to the amusement park, where they run into the American idol, who, for no reason at all, speaks perfectly fluent Japanese. BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT. This is a trope that really pisses me off. When Americans just straight up speak fluent Japanese for no other reason that “we’re too fucking lazy to have her speak English and put Japanese subtitles or come up with a reason of why she would speak Japanese”.

So her and the three become friends. Yay! Friendship!

This? This right here? This is apparently friendship

This? This right here? This is apparently friendship

After they separate, they find out that she’s going to sing at the Tokyo Dome. You know, that thing that they’ve been trying to do for the whole series. Because you know, having this giant lofty goal set up by the characters, it’s totally cool to have a random character that we’ve never heard from before just come in and do the thing the three main characters have been vying for their whole lives. No, no, that’s fine. Really. Just belittle the point of the series. Really, it’s fine. I don’t give a shit anymore.

So I bet you’re wondering where those mascot animals have been this episode. Well, they have literally been on vacation. No, that’s the actual reason they gave for their absence. They were visiting their homeworld. WHICH APPARENTLY YOU CAN TAKE A BUS TO.

(smashes head on table) HOW THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE A BUS TO- lkdfjsakdlfklajsfkls

(smashes head on table) HOW THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE A BUS TO- lkdfjsakdlfklajsfkls I hate everything in this show

However, they then sense a monster and get off the bus. And the monster then proceeds to kick the shit out of them. And that’s where episode 11 ends.

Fuck I have one more of these? Goddamn it. Fine.

Episode 12 picks up with the three girls finding their mascots having been beaten up. Oh yeah. and I forgot to mention the monster stole all their Fan – C cards. Because of course it did. All three of the mascots recognize LeiLei as the monster, so the girls go to investigate at her concert.

They sense a monster so they all excuse themselves to transform. They do, and they find out that the doll she always carries around was the monster that possessed her and she is using the power of all the Fan-C cards to make everyone love her.

...I can't believe I just typed that. This plot is so fucking stupid.

…I can’t believe I just typed that. This plot is so fucking stupid.

Then, with the power of the three of them combined, they defeat the evil and she turns good again. Huzzah.

Okay, I may have just made this climax seem incredibly rushed, boring, and uninteresting. But that’s only because it was. There are several reasons that this was uninteresting and didn’t work.

  1. This leilei chick was just introduced last episode. She came straight out of the writer’s ass so we had no desire to see her be saved, we had no point of reference for her, and her motivation seemed weak at best, and her origin was rushed and fucking stupid.
  2. The only thing these girls ever do is use their special move. And the special move never fails. For an example that I have used in the past, let’s go back to Sailor moon. There were times when her special move didn’t fucking work. And that made it interesting. Without fail EVERY SINGLE TIME their special move has worked. You have no reason to think it WON’T work, and it’s boring.
  3. They spend so little time on the “Magical Girl” Aspect of the series that it really leaves you with so many questions you don’t even know where to begin like “Why are there Fan-C cards?” “who made these magical girl powers?” “Why did one of the monster cards want to help Leilei?” “Who made the Fan C-Cards?” Now for anybody who’s saying that they may have answered any of these questions in episode 1, that brings me to the point of, These things should be important to a series. If I don’t know WHY someone’s doing something just saying “oh well they mentioned it offhandedly in episode 1 once” isn’t a good answer.

Oh yeah. And I forgot to mention (because I knew you were biting your nails wondering if this was going to happen) Blonde chick and cross haired dick end up together. ….yayyyyyyyy (twirls finger unenthusiastically)

I just...I don't fucking care

I just…I don’t fucking care

You know what would have been a twist? If he ended up NOT liking her in that way and they had to continue on with their lives with that knowledge. You know, maybe a sort of realistic twist ending? But nope. NOPE. Gotta go with the stock, uninspired Hollywood ending because this show couldn’t have an original thought in its fucking head. So sure. Pair together the two characters who shouldn’t even exist and were invented for this series and weren’t even IN the original.

Why did they focus so much of the screentime on these two fuckers? If i’m watching a series revamp of an older series I loved, why, dear god why would you invent two new characters that had NOTHING to do with the original and have them take up 1/2 of the entire series? Why? Seriously. Why?

Oh yeah. The epilogue. The rabbit thing comes back and tells Komugi that more bad shit is going down and she has to become a magical girl again.

Pfff you go ahead. I won't be around for this shit.

Pfff you go ahead. I won’t be around for this shit.

This series is the most uninspired shit I have seen in a long long time. I feel like simply typing this review isn’t adequate to describe how much of a letdown this series was and everything that is wrong with it. I would write a college thesis on how this series failed to deliver on every single possible level.

A perfect example of wasted potential is Koyori’s changing personality when she hits her head and how she becomes a dominatrix. It was VERY lightly touched upon in this series, almost as a nod to the original, but then it’s completely forgotten about. She was a main villain of the original because of this, but this was completely forgotten about and never used to become anything interesting whatsoever. This is the level of shit they do here.

In the old series the bad guys came from a virus world. Hence why she was a NURSE. See how that works? She was a nurse and therefore had to defeat viruses. HOLY CRAP! SENSE MAKING! In this one they brought in a much more subdued version of Koyori (and…changed her name for some strange reason) and also added Mary Sue Nun girl.

i have already bitched long and hard about the fact that they brought in these new characters for absolutely no reason considering they had a PLETHORA of characters to choose from in the original series, but it’s something that has to be repeated. EVERYTHING was stripped from the original. The comedy, the charm, the wit, EVERYTHING.

This series did not feel like a magical girl show. It felt like someone was trying to rip off [email protected] and realized they had to throw some magical girl stuff in there so they didn’t get sued.

Yep...totally original shit here.

Yep…totally original shit here.

I..I can’t keep this up. fuck this show.

Episode 11: 4/10

Episode 12: 2/10

Head: This plot had so much potential. SO MUCH potential. An updated version of Komugi? This should have been fucking hilarious! But it wasn’t. The plot was dull, it was overdone, they tried to play it so straight it hurt. The characters were bland, the story went nowhere, and everything involved in the story was dragged out, until the end where an ending was rushed and felt very forced. With a few rare exceptions like the episode with Komugi and the ninja challenge, I normally couldn’t stand this show. ESPECIALLY the episodes with Blonde fuck. Also, it’s boring and a ripoff.

Head: 3/10

The art….was okay. I’m personally a fan of the original more, but that’s because it was overexaggerated and fun. This time around they toned it down and you could tell from the start it was meant to be more family friendly than the previous series. There are a few art things that bug me though. Like….why the shiny hair balls. The fuck is up with that?

seriously. the fuck are those?

seriously. the fuck ARE those?

Eye 6.5


Oh my god could this series have dropped the ball any harder with this? I don’t think so. There was NO heart in this show. I didn’t feel ANYTHING other than boredom, annoyance, or hatred for the entire series. At least for a series like Vanadis I could FEEL hatred. This….THIS I couldn’t feel a damn thing. It’s like I had a feeling-ectomy. Nearly every single episode I sat here in a dumbstruck stupor. This was by far one of the stripped down, basic, by the numbers, uninspired pieces of trash I have ever seen. THIS is a series that was made by a “by the numbers” corporate board meeting. It has every trope you can think of, but they forgot to include the love. Even shows that are TERRIBLE by my standards, I can at least feel that there was some love involved. But this. THIS really feels like someone fed anime tropes into a machine and it spat out a script. This was so painful to watch. I really wanted to stop. I really did. And trust me. If I wasn’t reviewing it, I would have stopped.

Heart 2/10

Total score: 3.83/10

Seriously. Fuck this show. I do not recommend it. DO NOT WATCH IT. If you want to watch this series, watch the old OVA. it’s far more enjoyable and will actually make you laugh. This isn’t worth being a doorstop or a really expensive coaster.

But man…. Fuck this show. I’m done. I’m just…I’m done.


(me having watched the final two episodes back to back)

(me having watched the final two episodes back to back)

Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows


Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows (She and Her Cat: Everything Flows) is a 4 episode short about a young woman in college who lives with her black cat as she searches for a new job. The short is narrated from the cat Daru’s point of view, and each episode is about 7 minutes long excluding the opening and ending songs. The opening theme is “Garasu no Hitomi” by Masumi Ito, and the ending theme is “Sonata” by Clammbon.

I had a feeling going into this series that it was going to hit me in the feels, and I was not wrong. I’m no longer in university, but I live alone right now with two cats, the older of the two being a senior. Watching this show reminded me of how precious each day with her is, because she will be 14 this year and won’t live forever.

Other themes in Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko include family, independence, mental health, and the struggles of trying to adult in a world that can sometimes be pretty harsh.

Episode 1 (She and Her Apartment)

We’re introduced to the main unnamed character, whom I’m just going to call “Kanojo” (since she’s technically referred to by this in the series title, as it’s the third person word for “her/she”) and her cat Daru. Kanojo and Daru have been living with Kanojo’s friend Tomoka in an apartment, but Tomoka is moving out. This means vlcsnap-00015Kanojo will most likely have to move to a new place, because rentals in Japan can be very expensive and she won’t be able to afford her current place on her own.

Word gets back to Kanojo’s mother, who tries to talk her daughter into moving home so she can save money, but Kanojo refuses. There’s mention of an arrangement between Kanojo and her mother; it sounds like Kanojo was allowed to move out on the condition she had a roommate while she was in school. Meanwhile Kanojo is trying to find a new job, but she gets passed over so she tries to expand her net a little. In the end she gets dressed and goes to work and school like she always does, still trying to do her best despite opposition from the world around her.

In my personal opinion, what makes this show stand out to me is that it’s narrated from Daru’s point of view. If LIDENFILMS had chosen to have Kanojo be the star, this would be just another slice of life show. With Daru as the show’s narrator, this means that because Daru is an indoor cat, aside from flashbacks the show is limited to what happens within his little world – the apartment. This will take on more meaning after the next episode.

There’s something comforting about Daru’s love for his owner. It makes me wonder if this is how our pets see us. Is this how my cats see me? Oh, my heart.

Episode 2 (She and Her Sky)

This episode is largely a flashback. Kanojo and Daru are in the living room of Kanojo’s apartment, looking at the beautiful sky together. Kanojo reminisces for Daru about how they first met.

Daru was a kitten when he was given to Kanojo by her mother as a pet. The impression I got was that Kanojo’s parents separated, or her father is not in the picture to some capacity, so Kanojo has to be home alone after school because her mother is working. However Kanojo notices that her mother spends more time with the cat than she does, and she gets a little jealous. Kanojo continues to reject Daru, saying she’d rather be alone. vlcsnap-00006

One day while her mother is out, Kanojo puts little Daru in a box and takes him to the nearby river, where she leaves him under the bridge. Young Daru is naive
to her plan, but it’s clear to the viewer what Kanojo’s intentions are. Kanojo doesn’t get far though, because as two teenage boys pass her on the path and spot Daru, she has a change of heart and goes back for him. I’m not ashamed to admit that this scene really got to me.

Later in the evening as the sun is setting, Kanojo is quietly sitting on the swings with Daru in her lap when suddenly a random little girl appears. She comments on how cute and soft Daru is, and Kanojo learns through mimicking the girl’s behaviour that yes he really is. This also marks the first honest interaction we see between Daru and Kanojo. The girl turns out to be from a class across the hall at school, and Daru inadvertently helps Kanojo make a new friend.

The flashback ends, and Kanojo and Daru share a meal together in the present. Daru observes that they each live in their own time, but the times when their lives intersect are more precious to him than anything.

Tissues became pretty much a prerequisite for me by this point, because the end of this episode was also when I started getting a sneaking suspicion about how this show was going to end… o(?_?)o

Episode 3 (She and the Look in Her Eyes)

The episode opens with Kanojo on the phone with someone. She comments to the person on the other end of the line that she wants to continue being a part-timer, although it’s not clear whether this is referring to her job or post-secondary studies.

Daru observes that the days are getting longer, and he’s sleeping longer and more deeply. During one particular nap he has a flashback to his mother and siblings, and it’s implied that they were killed by a large bird. Daru remarks on his age, saying that he remembers distant memories more clearly now for some reason, and that his body doesn’t move like it used to.

We get another flashback to a young Kanojo, perhaps when she is in her late teens. Her mother is opposed to Kanojo moving out, but Kanojo wants her mother to vlcsnap-00005focus on her own life instead of always putting her daughter first. Kanojo is correct in pointing out that when her mother says things like she just wants Kanojo to be happy, or she’s waiting for Kanojo to do get a job before she remarries, it unfairly puts responsibilities and burdens on Kanojo’s shoulders and that’s not right.

Back in the present, Daru notices that Kanojo comes home later these days, but he’s not sure how long she’s been doing that for. While she’s away, he simply lies on her bed and waits for her. When she comes home, she smells like another town, someplace unfamiliar, but the show never specifies where she goes.

There’s another flashback, this time to when Kanojo finally moves out with Daru to live with Tomoka. Kanojo’s mother tries to impart some loving maternal wisdom to her daughter, but Kanojo is a little annoyed and brushes it off.

Back in the present, Kanojo is overwhelmed. Her mother leaves a voicemail asking why Kanojo never comes home to visit. Tomoka leaves a message lamenting that Kanojo won’t be able to make it to her wedding, but wants to schedule the after-party on a day when Kanojo will be able to attend. Kanojo is drowning in what she perceives as her inability to move forward, while she feels like others are [progressing in their lives without her. How do they do it? How do they make it look so easy? Daru feels her pain instinctively, but is unable to help her anymore; she will have to learn how to deal with this herself.

I thought the shot at the very end with Daru was very fitting. In the past when Daru was younger, while he couldn’t physically help Kanojo with her problems, he could lie near her or rub up against her and she would be comforted by his presence. However now that he’s getting older and can’t leap up onto the bed or the windowsill by himself anymore, he can’t comfort her the way that he used to. To me this is a metaphor for getting older: as we all become adults, sometimes we have to leave behind the things that comforted us when we were younger. (Oh and if you hear a cracking sound as you read this, it’s the sound of my heart starting to break. I definitely knew what was coming by this point.)

Episode 4 (She and Her Story)

Daru is up in the middle of the night, trying to get at something but is unable to reach it. Kanojo is curled up in her blanket like a cocoon on her bed, oblivious to Daru and the world around her.

At her mother’s house, a phone call wakes her up. She starts to talk to Kanojo but the line suddenly goes dead. In a panic she rushes over to Kanojo’s apartment and starts banging on the door. When Kanojo opens the door in a haze, her mother hugs her in immense relief.

Inside the two sit down for some tea. Her mother explains why she was so worried, and Kanojo theorizes that Daru must have somehow made it up to the little vlcsnap-00004side table where the phone sits and dialed her mother’s number. The two women agree it must have been Daru because he missed Kanojo’s mother, and they share a laugh. It’s revealed that Kanojo’s mother did indeed remarry, but Kanojo still won’t call him “Dad.” Which is kind of bullshit in my opinion, since Kanojo wanted her mother to remarry and be happy, but now that she has Kanojo won’t acknowledge the man as part of their family. :/

As mother and daughter laugh together, Daru remembers one of the moments when a young Kanojo and her mother laughed together. He relaxes, reassured that they’re doing better now. As Kanojo’s mother gets ready to leave, Daru falls asleep into his “longest, deepest sleep yet”; it is implied that Daru dies in Kanojo’s arms without ever waking again.

Daru muses on the similarity of clacking train tracks and the sound of a beating heart. We see flashes of Tomoka with her husband, and Kanojo’s mother, before panning out to a shot of Earth in space. Back in her apartment, Kanojo lies on her bed, her eyes puffy from crying. She feels Daru walk up by her head, but when she sits up suddenly there is nothing there. Kanojo is sad, but she smiles knowing that Daru is still with her in spirit.

“In the room where she and I lived, though my time and hers no longer exist together, the world still moves and we still travel upon it. So one day, I know we’ll once again…”

There’s a timeskip, flashing forward to one year in the future. Kanojo’s hair has grown out, and Daru’s picture has been added to her picture board. She’s talking to Tomoka on the phone while she gets ready for her new job. The two friends talk about Daru, and Tomoka says she’s glad Kanojo is feeling better. The girls decide to make plans to celebrate, since they’ve been putting it off for a long time.

After the ending theme song, we’re treated to a bonus scene. Near the river, possibly under the same bridge that Kanojo once tried to leave Daru, there is a little white cat sitting in a cardboard box out in the rain. Many people stop to look at him, but no one takes him home. The cat is narrating again, but in a voice that is not quite Daru’s. Yet from the way he speaks, it’s pretty clear that this new white kitty is Daru reincarnated. Kanojo looks into his box, and this cat recognizes her scent. With a smile, Kanojo picks him up and takes him home.

“Beneath a soft curtain of rain, I was thinking of a long journey I would never be able to remember. At the end of a long, long journey, I ended up here. I forgot a lot of things, but there’s one thing I faintly remember: Her scent. Earth turned quietly on its axis, and in the midst of this big world, she and I quietly lost body heat together. Just as our heat and our breaths flow across this planet, she and I flowed across the planet, and ended up here so we could meet once again. That was the day she took me home. And that’s why I’m her cat.”


Final Thoughts:

[cue my gross and ugly sobbing]

Ugh, I don’t know why I do this to myself. I knew this was probably going to be something deep and somber, one way or another, and I was right. I love me the psychological shows with some depth to them, but I didn’t think I’d be watching something that hit quite so close to home. I literally haven’t been able to get through the fourth episode without crying, regardless of whether I’m watching or writing about it. (?_?)

What has been sticking with me upon finishing Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko is Daru’s comment about his life intersecting with Kanojo’s and how those moments are precious to him. My two cats have always been indoor-only, and since I work and have a social life I am away from home for a period of time most days out of the week. I usually assume they are happy and content, but now I’ve been trying to look at life from their angle, namely their interactions with me. As their (pet) parent, how do they see me? Are they as happy to see me as Daru is to see Kanojo? Do they feel like they’ve had a fulfilling life? It’s definitely food for thought.

Anyways, on to the anime. For a short I was really impressed with Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko. As of this writing it’s scored at a little over 7.5 on MAL, but I would give it a higher rating.

vlcsnap-00003Story: Because it’s only four episodes long, it’s hard to fit much of a plot into this show, but Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko manages to pull it off by focusing on Daru’s relationship with Kanojo, Kanojo’s relationship with her mother, and Kanojo’s interactions with the world around her. These three things flow together smoothly, tying one in with the other so that they are hard to distinguish from each other.

As someone who’s left the post-secondary world and is now adulting by holding down a job and paying rent like Kanojo, I also appreciated that Kanojo’s employment struggles were included in this show. Her inability to find a new job also does not overshadow the story, instead only contributing to tensions between mother and daughter in the first episode, and Kanojo’s mental health issues in the last two.

Characters: Daru, Kanojo and her mother are the three main characters in this show. I liked how the use of flashbacks fleshed out both more of Kanojo’s backstory, and more of the conflicts she had had with her mother in the past. The latter is important for showing how those difficulties contributed to their current relationship. The struggles between Kanojo and her mother regarding Kanojo’s growing independence were something I can definitely relate to and can sympathize with.

In particular I feel like Daru being Kanojo’s childhood kitty helped him serve as something as a bridge between mother and daughter. Their relationship has its issues, but Daru has the ability to inspire nostalgia, make them laugh, and help bring the two closer together. And while I was admittedly dreading Daru’s death, I thought it was very touching and appropriate that he passed away in Kanojo’s arms, secure in his feelings that she would continue to mend her relationship with her mother.

Music and Animation: The anime has a very clean feel, but the graphics are still quite beautiful and detailed. The scenic shots in particular have a watercolor feel to them, especially with the shots of lush blue skies or fiery orange sunsets. *0*

Speaking as a pet parent of two cats, Daru’s movements and behaviours as a cat are very realistic. Not for a moment did he do anything that seemed out of character for a cat, and the quality of animation never suffered.

The opening and ending themes were alright, very simple with a country, almost folksy feel. The opening theme, “Garasu no Hitomi”, is a short instrumental track – something unique among anime. Offhand, the only other show I can think of with an instrumental opening theme song is Haibane no Renmei. The fourth episode differs in that the opening theme is not included, and the ending theme is moved up slightly in order to make room for the ending scene with the white cat.

Overall Thoughts: Despite the fact that this show was the reason why I went through half a box of tissues in a couple of days, I think it’s a quality show. The music and animation are simple yet consistent, and serve to enhance Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko‘s atmosphere. My current situation and being a pet parent to two cats helped me relate to this series, but those are not the sole reasons why I enjoyed this anime.

For while this may appear to be a simple show about a young woman and her cat, it has connected with me on a deeper philosophical level, giving me cause to reexamine my life with my cats and ponder the circle of life. I know that sounds kinda cheesy, but it’s still true. Maybe we will meet again in this lifetime or another, in another form, another body. What a comforting thought, to be able to recognize a loved one or a beloved pet despite wearing a coat of another color. Is that not something to cherish above all else?

Final Score: 9.5/10

[Author’s Note: This show is cited as being part of the Spring 2016 lineup, but aired during March 2016 during the Winter 2016 season.]

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Episode 12:[See You Tomorrow][Final Impressions]

vlcsnap-2016-03-27-18h29m16s695Ranta managed to escape the fifth level and went back to the 4th one with all the farm land and stuff. After trying to call his demon zodiaco (who’s a total bitch btw) he manages to avoid fighting against Death spots who followed him and meet with the sucker party again. They are all quite happy to see him even if, like Yume said, they don’t particularly like him, they don’t want to him to die. Speaking of Yume, it’s now crystal clear that Ranta is totally into her. Although, even if he calls her “flat chested”, which she’s not, he’s quite interested in her boobs.

Oh and yeah, I don’t know if I’m the only one who saw it, but on one frame, Ranta is drawn with his helmet. However, he clearly left it in the mine…. And then next frame, the helmet disappears. I can’t believe they let that slide. I know there is different animators for different scenes but still. Don’t let that kind of mistakes slide A-1.

Haruhibro makes another speech about him not knowing if he’s a good leader because he has weaknesses, but it’s okay since their party is now pretty balanced it’s all that matters. He’s not Manato, even if he thought he was and that he had to be Manato, he’s not Manato and had finally realized it. So now, he can move on and start evolving on his own.
But Death posts is here again and apparently stronger than before because according to Mary, the more he gets hit the stronger he gets. But both her and Shihoru are tired and out of magic so my bruh goes for a desperate move and drags the big bad guy down. They both fall on the ground but my bruh breaks his wrist. Mary is panicked and wants to go down to help Haruhibro but Ranta stops her and they both leave the mine. Before leaving, Ranta shouts to Haruhibro to not give up on living. Which my awesome Bro is surely not ready to do. Also, I’d like to mention that Haruhibro became quite hot in this episode. It might just be me, but, yeah, go for it Haru. vlcsnap-2016-03-27-18h44m47s040

“It’s a battle of life and death and I’ll keep on fighting until I die”

Nice words Haruhibro, now go kick his ass!

So he follows the magic light and kills the bad guy but collapses right after that. When he wakes up he is in his room with Mary by his side. I was waiting for a kiss during that scene but it did not happen… OH WELL, NEXT TIME!
There was a big bounty for killing death spots so now they have money. They go to the tavern to celebrate, met with Renji and the other side characters that no one really cares about. Then, finally, after going to Manato’s grave,the episode ends with Haruhibro leading the way to new adventures.

I think the most interesting part of the episode was Haruhibro’s final vlcsnap-2016-03-27-18h55m45s390emancipation from Manato, who was a role model for him. All this time he felt safe staying in Manato’s shadow and when Manato died, he tried to become Manato because it was reassuring.It was a way to regain peace. But when Haruhiro sacrifies himself like Manato did and survives, he truly awakens as the leader, as his own leader. When he wakes up he earned the trust of all his party members, including Ranta. He acknowledges Manato’s death and apologizes to Renji. Then, when he goes to Manato’s grave, the latter one tells him that he has grown a bit which could mean that he’s finally starting to evolve, to improve as himself, for himself. Also, I do think, Manato’s sudden disappearance means that now, Haruhibro doesn’t really need to ask him for advice since he’s now able to think as a leader all by himself.


Charibo’s Final Thoughts

Ah Grimgar, I don’t know where to begin with this anime that was in most cases either praised or bashed for almost the same reasons.

Art and Sound: The music was cool, made by the same band/Artist, but still enjoyable. I guess they really need to sell their album, uh. Different tracks were used so it wasn’t repetitive. As for the art, the backgrounds were absolutely gorgeous but the overall animation was a bit eeeeeehh…. That’s A-1 pictures for you. Again, the characters were touched by the “derp syndrome”. Every time they were in the background, their faces started changing to some weird drawing. Yeah, I don’t have much things to say about the the art and sound…


Story: It’s a bit messy. Honestly I had trouble understanding where the anime wanted to go. The first episodes set the mood to a kind of adventure/action/fan service and were followed by Manato’s sudden death. Then we spent a long time watching the characters coping with death to finally end with some battle episodes and some good action. Honestly, at the beginning I was lost. Should I take this show as an action show? As a physiological anime? It’s clearly talking about interesting topics such as death, price of life and so on. But is it intentional? Does the anime really want us to think about those topics or is it slow and weird just because it’s poorly written? Finally I decided to take it more as a thought on death and self emancipation from role model than a classic adventure/fan service anime. And I liked what I saw. If think it’s quite well done now that I look at the structure of the episodes within the insight. A cringe start but quite reassuring because Manato was there and did not suck, his sudden death that shake their whole world with slow episodes as for a slow recovery and the quick fast paced last episodes where the characters, especially Haruhibro finally recover from their trauma and start living their own life.


Characters: I don’t know if characters are the strongest point of the anime. I guess it again depends on your preferences. If you can’t stand characters who suck and are a bit useless you probably won’t like the whole grimgar cast. Those guys aren’t the best warriors of all. But honestly, I quite identified with Haruhibro, that’s why I called him my bruh. I think I’ll be like him if I was in his shoes. Though, I won’t look at the girl’s asses or boobs, since I don’t care about those things, but abs, abs… Abs is the way to go.
So Grimgar can shine with its character development. Especially around the middle of the series the attention is focused on our sucker crew recovering from Manato’s death and how they are dealing with it. If every character has a bit of spotlight the only one left behind is Moguzo. I’m sorry but poor him, in the end, even Shihoru is more developed than him.
In my opinion another quality of the characters might be how human they are compared to other animes. I don’t know about you but I would certainly hesitate to kill gobelins at first ( but that might be due to the fact that I’m a pussy afraid of bugs). During the first episodes, they were hesitating, feeling bad about killing another living being and at the end, they were killing Kobolds like it’s nothing, because it became a part of their routine. But it takes time to adapt to a new environment and way of living so I can’t blame them for being huge losers at the beginning.

Final Score: 7/10. Grimgar was fine. The animation was obviously lacking during the fights, the rhythm of the episodes was a bit unequal but I ‘m a big fan of the topics that were brought up in the show. Grimgar is not a masterpiece, but it doesn’t deserve he wave of hate that occurred. Sure it’s slow. But it’s about a bunch of losers being losers. Don’t expect them to be awesome from the beginning. In the end, I guess it all comes down to tastes and preferences. If you’re not a big fan of slow pacing and useless characters slowly improving, this anime might not be the right one for you.

Gate Episodes 23 + 24 [Wait…It’s Over?] [Final Impressions]

Well, after all this time, 2 seasons (split apart by a season in the middle even) Gate is finally over. Am I sad that it’s over?Actually yeah. I really enjoyed this show and i’m not happy to see it go. It was one of the few shows in the past while that i’ve really gotten into and wanted to see more. (especially with Rory) However, while all terrible shows must end, so must the good shows. So the question is, did the series end with a whimper or a bang? Well let’s perform a double dose of reviews and do this one more time.

So episode 23 starts up with the army rescuing the kidnapped pro-peace senators. And…it really does go off without a hitch. It’s pretty straight forward. They rush in, kick everyone’s ass, and take back the prisoners.

ow my ass! ...and the rest of my body!

ow my ass! …and the rest of my body!

After a while, the Japanese then just start parachuting in.

haha i love that reaction. he's like

haha i love that reaction. he’s like “…da fuck?”

meanwhile, back at that battle at the jade palace, the SDF shows up and, you guessed it, wrecks the rest of the guys.

I don't normally post this many pictures, but i words can't describe the hilarity properly

I don’t normally post this many pictures, but i mean…my words can’t describe the hilarity properly

And really, the reason that i didn’t review this episode by itself last week is because this is all that happens in this episode. The SDF shows up and rescues everybody. Everything goes flawlessly and the only casualty is that some random guy gets shot in the arm with an arrow. But he ends being being fine later anyway.

The blonde knight lady tries to go back for the princess, but that doesn’t work, so the SDF saves her and the purple haired one (fuck I don’t know their names)

Awww yeah. Give that interdimensional being some sweet sweet japanese loving.

Awww yeah. Give that interdimensional being some sweet sweet japanese loving.

and that’s really all that happens in this episode.

So we’ll jump to 24 where the series wraps up and stuff actually happens.

So our main heroes show up and go like “yeah, we’re going to rescue the princess.” That’s about the time that the rest of his team from season one also show up and say they’re going to help.

Here's the plan. Since no one on our side ever dies, let's just walk up through the front gate and grab her. ... Actually i'm not joking. That's their plan.

Here’s the plan. Since no one on our side ever dies, let’s just walk up through the front gate and grab her. … Actually i’m not joking. That’s their plan.

Our main guy then decides to just say “fuck it” and take Rory and Leilei and walk through the front door to talk to the prince.

No joke, they walk through the front door

No joke, they walk through the front door

I love this scene because the prince is all “mwahaha I will be ready by the time they show up to save you” and they show up 10 seconds later. That was pretty goddamn hilarious actually.

He tells them that he won’t let her go so he sends an ogre after them. And they kick its ass. They grab the princess and start to leave. When the prince tries to protest, a sniper bullet zooms by his head. After this, they take the princess and go.

After escaping the castle in the truck, They apparently also rescued the emperor who wasn’t dead, but the poison just made him weak somehow. But when they start talking he conveniently wakes up.

I took the

I took the “perfect time to wake up from a coma” class taught by Jey from Tribe Cool Crew

He then makes the princess the official leader of the people as he decides to retire.

We then cut to her coronation where we find out that the blonde chick has been seeing the sdf dude and she’s pregnant, the purple haired chick started seeing the guy who caught her and….of all people, the guy who got stabbed started seeing the bunny girl who he shot. …yeah…I…I don’t have much to say about that pairing….I…I really don’t.

um...what would you call this? bloodshipping?

um…what would you call this? bloodshipping?

and of course the 12 year old is paired with that ambassador guy. I’ve actually scoured the internet trying to figure out this guy’s age, but I can’t find ANYTHING. However, based on the fact that he’s an ambassador i’m going to guess at the YOUNGEST he’s about 25. Which… (snicker) that’s pretty terrible show. Wow.



Anyway, i’m sure you’re wondering what happened to stupid ass bunny girl, right? Well, turns out that she runs away with her tail between her legs (haha get it? because she’s a bunny girl?) and even though she’s getting her revenge she’s sad.

awww poor baby

awww poor baby

See, i’d feel worse for you if you didn’t send out assassins to kill innocent people and put ideas in the princes head to do terrible terrible things. As it stands, you can go fuck yourself.

So we only have one more scene left. It turns out that Itami isn’t at the party because it’s one year later and it’s time for that doujinshi event he missed last year because of the attack. When he arrives however, Leilei, the elf, and Rory show up too. Because of this, the police grab the four of them and take them somewhere safe away from the throngs of people much to Itami’s dismay.

Itami. Just saying bro. you better hit that.

Itami. Just saying bro. you better hit that.

And that’s where the series ends.

So yeah….the series doesn’t exactly end in a perfect nice little package, but it ends nicely enough. Basically this is one of those endings where if they really wanted to, (aka it makes enough money) they COULD make a third season and it wouldn’t feel forced. But they could also end it here and a lot of people would be satisfied. Of course i’m not one of those people, but that’s just because I really like this show.


Yeah, gotta say, if you haven’t guessed, I AM quite the Rory fan. In fact, I saw THIS up for preorder the other day. No way in HELL I could justify it….but man do I want it.


This series was interesting. It was one of those “none of the main cast dies” series…but for once, I don’t really care. It was weird for me to see a series where all the main characters are crazy overpowered and yet…I was still cheering them on. It’s very strange to see that. Normally when a character is not the underdog you don’t really care if they succeed. But I actually felt sucked into the story and DID care for what was going on.

To me, the most interesting characters were Rory and Itami. The rest I could take or leave. Leilei was….okay nothing special, and the elf chick kind of annoyed me for being all “where’s dad?” for half the series. We all know what I think of Bunny girl and the prince as villains as well as everyone else, but that aside, they all seem to work together and make a very entertaining show.

Episode 23 was funny and entertaining, but the problems were the same that a lot of the other episodes had. It didn’t focus a lot on the main characters, and while enjoyable to watch everything go right for the good guys, there were no real named people I cared about as they were all still on their way there. It would have worked better as half an episode rather than the whole thing dragged out.


Episode 24 though was pretty enjoyable I must say. I really wished it was wrapped up more concisely, however I suppose that has to do with the whole “possibility of a season 3” thing.

Seriously...why you no hit that?

Seriously…why you no hit that?

Episode 7.5/10

Would I like there to be a season 3? Yes. Yes I would. True the series COULD wrap up here, but I feel like there’s more stories that could be told. The prince is still alive and things haven’t quite wrapped up with him yet I believe. Also…the pied piper’s still out there so that would be cool if they brought him back. The gate is also still there and hasn’t closed as they said that it eventually will. So until that gate closes there are stories to tell, INCLUDING PAIRING RORY AND ITAMI TOGETHER DAMN IT. (yes this broken record will keep spinning)

Head: Great idea. I think it was very interesting to have the good guys be the overpowered ones. It worked in a way where unlike Yugioh or One Punch Man, that although they were overpowered it was still in a way that they could be defeated and I found it very compelling. A lot of the plot did annoy me at times like how the bad guys’ plan was just to throw more soldiers at the invincible people, but that added to the hilarity in a way. There were episodes that I felt there were unnecessary things, but it didn’t detract from the entire series overall. I kind of just forgot those episodes were there. (like the adventure of 12 year old running away girl) 7/10

Eye: The art was extremely good. The females looked very cute and the guys looked masculine. The scenes in Japan were cool and across the gate were very pretty.

wow....that is a really nice day isn't it?

wow….that is a really nice day isn’t it?

Eye 8/10

Heart: This is the spot where it could get patchy at times. Some of the episodes had really good emotional scenes and then you had things where they tried to make you feel bad for the bunny girl or something stupid like that. There were times I could just not get invested. Like when they introduced all those dark elves just to die. That was more funny than anything. Also, even though it was a while ago, they really did make the other country leaders look like douches. That was pretty funny though. All in all…. the feelings were…….okay. 6/10

total score 21/30 = 7/10

A solid show. I think this series would have ranked a bit higher though if Itami HAD ended up with Rory definitively but that’s just my own personal preference. If you don’t like that pairing that’s fine, I’m just adding my own two cents of personal opinion.

All in all, do I recommend this show? Yes. Yes I do. I would say if you want to see a show where the underdog is not the good guy but they can’t just go around punching all their problems away, I recommend giving this a go. Oh well, it looks like it’s time to say goodbye to gate one last time. Peace out Gate. See you on the other side.


Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 25 [FINAL]

Final Impression

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0007I am genuinely surprised how everyone I thought had died last week, ended up surviving and are in better shape than Mika is- but before that, HOLY SHIT, FUCK YOU FAREED. How dare you kill off the one guy you considered your true friend!? What is even worse, HE HAD AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE THE ENTIRE TIME FOR BEING ENGAGED WITH GAELIO’S LITTLE SISTER, ALIMIRIA. Most of us thought he was being forced into it by his father, but NO, THIS WAS ALL PART OF HIS PLAN, or at least he beat them at their own game. My heart shattered in a million pieces for Gaelio, it’s absolutely horrible how he has to learn all of this just before he is killed. What upsets me the most is how he chooses to kill him as oppose to trying to form an alliance with his “one true friend”. With how much Carta was heads over heels in love with him, she probably would have instantly gone to his side had he made the offer.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0029So what was Fareed’s game plan? His purpose was to expose the corruption within Gjallarhorn and gain more power. In order to do so, he helped Tekkadan so that they could safely escort Kudelia and Makanai to parliament. By winning the election the collusion between Henri and Fareed’s father will come to light. He used Ein as the living proof to expose disorder within the organization, killed Carta (the only child) in order to disrupt the power balance within Gjallarhorn’s Seven Stars, and killed Gaelio in order to empower himself further by taking his place as the heir of the Bauduin family.

And the results? Tekkadan has been hired as Arbrau’s military advisor, Fareed’s father is now exiled, Fareed is on track of becoming the heir of Bauduin’s family, Gjallarhorn’s corruption has been officially exposed, which has resulted an unrest and distrust spreading to other economic blocs. This makes those other blocs shift to expanding their own military forces, which the mafia bosses are preparing to exploit/take advantage of what will happen for business opportunities. The next conflict now lies with the half-metal resources.

Fareed said he has lived his life in anger. That is why kindness doesn’t reach him, or at least won’t have a strong enough impact on him to change his ways. This particularly concerns me because what will he do with that power? What are his other goals which he has not spoken of? Well we will have to wait a couple of months because Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans will be back with a second season FALL 2016!

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0018Finally, let me say it again: I am very surprised how everyone I thought had died last week, got out alive and are in better shape than Mika is. Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy they are alive, but dear lord, I do not want to have to watch them die/almost die again. My heart can’t take it!!!! Mika however was the one who came out of the fight in the worst condition. After over-exerting himself, Mika is now blind in his right eye and his right arm is paralyzed – however he is able to move it when he is in Barbados. Near the conclusion of his fight against Ein, Mika said he finally understood how the system works. And in a way, I think I do too, but it comes with a price. Ein was said to be displaying the true potential of the Alaya-Vijnana technology, but at the cost of living a life as a machine. It should be noted Mika is now walking the same path, because while he is still able to walk on soil with his own too feet, the future holds either death or essentially become one with Barbados and like Ein, forced to live in it until he dies or is killed. So one way or another, Mika has a grim fate ahead of him- unless a new technology comes around to help address the downfalls. For now, most of Tekkadan’s family gets to live another day and will return to Mars. What awaits them? We don’t know, but the future ahead of them will be a difficult one.

Since Gundam 00, I haven’t been able to enjoy any of the following series… until now. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans has a great story and characters that made me care and become invested in the series. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0028Actually now that I think of it, this is my first complete coverage of season of Gundam! What appealed to me in this series was the quality of the writing and the characters. It goes without saying the strongest factor were the characters and their struggles. Of all the characters, I would say Kudelia and Atra were the ones who had undergone the most development as they growth were the most distinctive. Orga has grown and learned from his experiences and he has matured further as a strong leader, and Mika… well he seems to be more or less the same as how he was in the beginning, except for the fact he now is interested in being educated. But what made this show so enjoyable were the relationships between the characters. Tekkadan was family, formed by a group of child-soldiers fought for their freedom and future. There wasn’t a single character to hate, they are extremely likable and charming and all I wanted was them to survive. The villains of the series were in a sense a bit more vague, but Fareed himself was one to keep you at the edge of your seat. His unpredictability and manipulative ways made him a fascinating character, one we love and hate.

Overall Score: 8/10


Haikyuu 2!! Episode 25: [Declaration Of War][Final Impressions]

Honestly, I don’t want to do this review.
I don’t want Haikyuu to end.
Ok, we got season 3 in fall but still.
I want Haikyuu every week to fill my kokoro with sport anime greatness.
But it’s fine, let’s do this.

vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h15m52s787Seijoh has lost and therefore they have all sort of feelings. Some of the players like Iwaizumi are crying, Yahaba and Mad dog are watching Karasuno being happy with envious,frustrated eyes, wanting to “pay them back” and Oikawa being rather composed about their defeat. But we all know that Oikawa is noisy when it comes to trivial stuff however, when shit goes down, he’s calm, composed and reaaaaaallllly scary. Seeing Aoba like that makes me feel bad, really. Not as bad as I felt when Karasuno lost last season but still, it hurts a bit.

The Leek dude and the other guy that were on Kageyama’s team in middle school and are now in Aoba tell him that they won’t lose to him next time.Honestly I don’t care about them, I don’t like them, they are responsible for my blueberry boy’s trauma of being left alone on the court. So yeah, shuuush go away leek guy.

Ushijima, the arrogant guy from Shiratorizawa that Hinata and Kageyama met at the very beginning of the season is here again to tell Oikawa that he should have come to Shiratorizawa cuz they are the strongest team and that his talent is wasted at Seijoh. Oikawa responds to him with the only rational answer: he hasn’t made the wrong choice and Ushijima should not forget Oikawa’s worthless pride that he likes to mention so much.vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h19m05s615

With him saying this we now know that Oikwa is actually a yandere.
Seriously this face is creeping me out.
He looks reaaaaallly scary, I’m now afraid of Oikawa, I’m really afraid.

Before leaving the gymnasium Hinata and Kageyama look at a board displaying the announcement of their match against Shiratorizawa and Hinata then says:“I’ll show you how much we can grow from the concrete”. Aaaaahaaah to cool, too cool Hinata…


So they go back by the bus. Coach Ukai thanks the Sensei for all the training matches that he organized which allowed the team to grow a lot. Once they arrive at the school they discover that everyone stayed late to congratulate them for their win. It was fabulous…But I stayed strong and did not cry! GUYS! I DIDN’T CRY! ALTHOUGH I WANTED TO!

All the team watch a sport program on TV relating what happen today with all the matches and stuff. As expected they say more things about Shiratorizawa and Seijoh than about Karasuno but it’s fine, it’s cool, just you wait and see. Coach Ukai, in the gymnasium, then makes a little speech about tomorrow’s match: “Okay kids, you won against Aoba once, but Shiratorizawa is something else, Aoba never won against them so it’s gonna be hard”. For Hinata it doesn’t matter since no one expected them to win against Aoba but they did it. That’s right HINATA MY SON! LET THE HATERS HATE!

vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h25m26s441Yachi also thanks Hinata and Kageyama because since she saw them struggling and fighting during all this time, she felt fear, joy and so many other feelings watching them playing the match against Aoba Johsai. Which to me, looks exactly like me, like us viewers. Because we followed them struggling, training as hard as ever and saw their hopes being crushed at the end of season one, that the match against Aoba was that thrilling, like the pinacle of the hype.

After practicing a bit, Kageyama and Hinata leave the gymnasium and look at the city from the hill where the school is. Kageyama who’s not the most talkative person in the world then says to Hinata: “We’re going to win tomorrow” and Brofist him. Such, beauty, such friendship, my heart is crushing… After the ending credits, the whole team meets with Ushijima the national dick who apparently has nothing else to do but to wait for them at the entrance of the gymnasium. Kageyama and Hinata come forward to tell him that they are going to kick his national Ass.


I’m tented to say that even if they lose against Shiratorizawa they’ve already won. The school acknowledged them, they took their revenge on Seijoh, regain their past glory, created many good memories, meet so many strong players and made lots of friends. It’s so beautiful and yet, I’m sad because I know that after the match against Shiratorizawa, the 3rd years are going to leave… god I don’t want to .

Charibo’s Final Thoughts

tumblr_o4nzcpYTW81qgrwpxo2_540It’s over. Haikyuu is over, Haikyuu is gone. What am I going to do with my life right now? I need to find another purpose. Well, I do have Boku no hero academia and D gray man around the corner but still, Haikyuu is great. Haikyuu is my favorite sport anime. But why is this show that great? It’s the question that I ask myself quite a lot of time. I think the answer remains quite simple: Haikyuu is like a delicious chocolate cake that has been made following a particular recipe. But that cake is so perfect that it has become an exemple for all the chocolate cakes on earth that want to become has delicious as the Haikyuu chocolate cake. See my point? Haikyuu is following the basic sports anime recipe but adding his particular ” je ne sais quoi” so it becomes something better than a basic sports anime. Se my perfect french ? I know, I know 10/10.

The story line remains quite simple and therefore we can expect to be bored at some point since it’s almost the same thing: matches, practice, matches. But I wasn’t bored once. A thing that always surprises me in anime and more particularity in sports anime is the variety of situations that can occur. I mean, all they do is playing volley ball, you have to be talented to find situations, problems that will produce enough content for your work to make 25 episodes without boring the viewer to death. And it’s where Haikyuu succeed. Every situation, match is unique, it’s not boring, I feel the hype at every corner. It’s just aaaaah… I have no words.

Another strong point of the show is the characters. It’s simple: I cannot hate them. All of them, I like them. Even Ushijima, the national Dick, I don’t hate him, I’m like “Meh whatever”. Even the leek guy, I don’t care bout him but I don’t hate him. The characters are different, there’s a wide range of personalities and they are well developed. Even the characters in rival teams that got their asses beat by Karasuno at the spring tournament. During every match there’s enough attention given to them so that we are at least a bit attached to them and feel bad when they lose. So the character development is on point in this show.

I’ll pass quickly on the humour which is glorious. All of them are funny to death. Tanaka and Nishinoya are going to be the death of me I swear. Bokuto and Kuroo too. They are all my sons, I love them.
I feel like I could write some kind of poem about this show:

Roses are Red,
Violets are blue,
The Art is beautiful,
The sound too.


Overall, I don’t have much things to say about Haikyuu!! This show is just that great that it’s hard to find flaws. It was a bit difficult to review the matches sometimes since I felt like repeating what the characters said before me but that did not lowered my enjoyment at all. If you haven’t watch haikyuu go ahead, watch it. Guys too, don’t think that it’s a gay show based on the cringy yaoi fan art all around Tumblr. Haikyuu isn’t gay, Haikyuu is god dam masculine with guys hitting balls while sweating and shouting that they are never going to lose. How can you be more masculine than that? Except if you’re Joseph Joestar you cannot be more manly.

Overall score: 9/10 because it’s haikyuu!! guys. See you this fall. I won’t miss it by any means.

Berry’s Final Impression

Ohhh, I love Haikyuu!! And of course I was upset for Seijoh because they’re a good team and they put up one hell of a match. Seeing them cry, and then seeing Karasuno laugh and jump on each other, I’m just asking what the hell am I supposed to feel?


But ultimately, I was happy. Happy for the team, and just happy for this season in general because it was fantastic. Sports anime are pretty simple. You know the major goal for the characters is to be in the grand tournament, so it’s usually the characters that make the show, along with great execution of the matches, and Haikyuu!! does both. The characters, their motivations, their conflicts, and their growth feel so real that I root for them. Even for the opposing team I root for them. Everyone is just so likeable. I think I’ve said what I needed to say in my other episode reviews so I’ll quickly repeat myself.

Haikyuu!! does the cruelest thing by making you love all the characters and all the teams. There’s no ill feeling towards Karasuno’s opponents because they are fair. So even when we’re happy Karasuno won, we feel bad for the other team. This anime brings out a lot of emotions during matches like fear, excitement, joy, and sadness. And I love it when an anime does that to me because that’s when I know I’m really into it. I’m really sucked in and watching it week by week was painful.

vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h17m26s960But characters! Wow, lots of character development this season. The conflict that happened between Hinata and Kageyama was important in their relationship. Their duo still wasn’t perfect and they both still needed to learn from each other, and them practicing alone actually was probably best because they were able to try new things at their own pace. For Tsukishima, he grew exponentially from the half-assed non-cooperative jerk to the more effort and helpful jerk. Ennoshita got his time to shine! And Yamaguchi isn’t a baby crow anymore. Each member on the team serves an important purpose and I’m glad some of them were given time to grow because it makes me love them more. Kiyoko became more important, and this season also introduced to my princess Yachi and badass Saeko. I love them both,

The seriousness and comedy are balanced perfectly. The music is awesome (tho I’m still not totally a fan of the second OP), and the animation is amazing when need to be, but this show never looks ugly. I can’t say anything bad about this show because it does so many things right. Of course we’ll have to sit through training montages and episodes with a lot of talking, which to some it might be boring, but what can you do, they’re important. This season left off with Karasuno about to have their match against Shiratorizawa, so unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until later in the year for the start of season three. I wonder how many seasons of Haikyuu!! we’ll get because the manga is still ongoing. It would be so crazy though if we got to see the Little Giant soon, I want him and Hinata to meet. Though hearing from some people, he hasn’t appeared yet. Oh well, I’ll just look forward to the Shiratorizawa match later this year. See you guys until then!

9/10, improvement from last season with more character development.


Also because of Yachi. CUTE!!!!

Ojisan To Marshmallow Episode 12 [Final Impressions]

Well after all that has happened with this damn show, I can at least say, it’s over. I can finally put this stupid ridiculous nonsense behind me and move on with my life. Thank. God. I can’t say this series was ever enjoyable. I can’t say it was ever bearable. But at least I can say, it’s over. So there’s that. So with that, I’m actually happy to say, let’s recap an episode, one more time.

So the episode picks up immediately where the last one ended off. The creepy girl goes to find marshmallow guy with the two marshmallow girls using a scent that marshmallow people love. Unfortunately, they love them too, so they become effectively useless.

GG guys. GG.

GG guys. GG.

Smelling this, marshmallow guy runs back and into creepy girl. They then start to talk about stuff. She eventually tells him that she likes him and he brushes it off as that she’s drunk. Because, you know, he’s an idiot. She asks about the child and woman she saw before, but he states that that was just his sister and niece. Because yeah. that makes sense to call your uncle “papa”. (they try to explain this but it’s stupid)

no, your niece is just an idiot

no, your niece is just an idiot

During this conversation he finds out though that creepy girl doesn’t hate him because she teases him all the time and he’s happy about this. They head back to the group and we cut to them at the amusement park again, this time, him asking her for a marshmallow.

the fuck is up with this dude and marshmallows?

the fuck is up with this dude and marshmallows?

Argh this ending was so contrived and stupid. I’m sorry. you can’t be a creepy, violent, stalker chick for the entire length of the series, and then get everything you want in the end just because the main guy realizes you’re not a terrible person to HIM. I not only didn’t CARE about these two, I didn’t WANT her to get what she wanted as the only things she did to get him were underhanded and frightening.

This show has very fucked up morals. It’s basically saying that if you like someone, just keep being a creepy fuck and it will eventually work out. Oh, and if you are nice at the way end, that makes up for everything. Look, I know the guy isn’t the greatest looker in the world, but he can do better than this crazy bitch. If it were me, i’d stay as far away as possible.

This is not the face of a girl you want to date.

This is not the face of a girl you want to date.

I have said from the beginning that I hated these two’s dynamic and that didn’t change for the better as the series progressed. In fact, it got much worse. There’s nothing really redeemable about this show. It’s about terrible people wanting to get relationships with terrible people. I didn’t care or like a single character in this show. And as i’ve said in the past, if the episodes hadn’t been 3 minutes long, i would not have made it past episode 2.

That being said, let’s jump to the scores.

Head: The plot is stupid. It’s about a yandere in love with Forrest gump. He likes marshmallows. That’s all this series has going for it. The episodes didn’t go anywhere, the plot didn’t go anywhere, and nothing happened. 3/10

Eye: I mean…it was pretty. I have to give it that. The series was shiny and nice and I didn’t want to close my eyes at the art. You know, when I have really bad shows, the eye is really the only score that I can’t really give terrible results too because nine out of ten times, the art is usually pretty good, even in a terrible show. know…find. 7.5/10

Heart: nope. there was none. No feelings. This series failed on every level with this. Straight up super fail. 2/10

Total 12.5/30 = 4.1/10

Seriously, all in all. Even though the episodes are only 3 minutes long, it’s not worth it. Do something more constructive with that three minutes…like…watch an AMV or something.

Fuck you bitch you don't deserve a happy ending. I'm just going to assume you died or something.

Fuck you bitch you don’t deserve a happy ending. I’m just going to pretend you died or something.



Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu Episode 12: Girls Beyond the Wasteland (Final Impression)

“Only the ones with passion burning in their hearts can grasp their dreams in this cruel wasteland!”

I don’t know why I had such a want to watch this, but I did. And I watched it all, and here we are at the end of this show. And the day of the first day of sales has arrived, and what will happen with Team Rokuhara? Well let me be honest and say that I didn’t even know how to start this review because in less than 10 minutes into the episode without any build up or tension, we learned that Rokuhara did indeed beat Typhoon in their little contest. And getting the news so suddenly, I didn’t even know how to react. Literally it’s just the team walking to the club room, Kuroda on the phone and then giggling to herself, and she says they won. That’s it. And I thought something would go wrong in the next couple minutes because I swear, I was less than 10 minutes in, we got the important news already. But no they really did win, and I just sat there…blankly, for the rest of the episode.

[HorribleSubs] Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 12 [1080p].mkv0026And then the rest of the episode, they go out to eat at a restaurant and celebrate their victory. Ahh…fine. It turned out in the end, Asamori-san completely sold out immediately and ZEGA (which totally isn’t Sega) called Kuroda to make plans to make twice as much as the 3,000 units they sold. As for the Taiga game, they also sold out, but they were only asked to make 2,000 more, so Rokuhara ended up winning. And the thing is, Asamori-san is a low price game so it’s easier to buy it than Taiga, which is a full price game. Also, Asamori-san is a casual simple game that panders to the otaku audience (yuck), while Taiga is more deep and mature. So Asamori-san selling more wasn’t too big a deal. I guess? So yeah, they won.

And so after that they all celebrate, help Kuroda’s brother with his debt as well. Kuroda confronts everyone and asks them if they want to make another game with her, but a game where they have a more flexible schedule and can make a game where they don’t have to worry if it’ll sell or not, just any type of game they want. But everyone’s like No way, Kuroda, that attitude won’t work in the wasteland or some other crap I didn’t care about. And then in the very end, there was some stuff with Hosokawa that didn’t matter at all, and the show ended with the team hanging out on the roof, the girls painting the stuff that you see in the ending credits.

Final Impressions

I did not like the ending. At all. They didn’t make the build up to the day of the sales exciting or anything, and I felt that just in a matter of seconds we learned they won and that’s it. And then afterwards it was so happy and chill that I thought something was going to happen to change things, but nope. We were just given the news, and we were supposed to be happy for the team. But I wasn’t. I was blank, because I didn’t feel anything.

[HorribleSubs] Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 12 [1080p].mkv0020I thought that with this show, we would learn more about how to make a game. And even though the anime was supposed to be about making a game, this anime didn’t teach us anything or show us anything. We had the writing, but we never got to see what the plot was or events that happened. We had the programmer, but we didn’t see how the game was put together. We had the artist, and we did see some of the art, but not most of it. And the voice acting episode was boring. Also, Kuroda did a lot of work in the background and I wish we could have seen that more. I don’t like comparing, but with Shirobako I felt that I was part of the studio making the anime. With Sore ga Seiyuu, I felt I was there with the girls with their voice acting. But here, I didn’t feel that because we never got an in depth look at things. The plot of this was making a game, and that’s certainly what they did, but there were other things that got in the way that now that the anime ended, it was completely unnecessary.

So Yuuka had this crush on Bunta, which we saw because she got angry at Bunta while also being jealous. The show looked like it wanted to bring in some romance, maybe a love triangle. It did stuff, like give us drama regarding that issue, and gave us an entire episode with Yuuka and Bunta. Kuroda at one point did show a little interest in Bunta, but nothing ever happened. They were really pushing the romance but did nothing with it, and I should feel glad but I’m not because what is the point of bringing in potential romance when you’re not even going to do anything with it? Why bring up the boring and dumb drama when no one is going to end up with each other? It just means that the time related to the romance stuff could have been used for other things.

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 12.mkv0009I wasn’t a fan of the other pieces of conflict they tried to do. The story was a huge problem, but characters were as well. I did not feel attached to any of them, and when I actually had grown fond of Andou, she did things that were way out of line and didn’t get any kind of punishment, and so I ended up not liking her anymore. And with the other characters being bland, and Kuroda annoying me at times too, I just didn’t care about any of them, or their problems, or with the outcome of their game. Bunta was the main male, but he was just so plain and he was too wishy washy. Kuroda was the main female, and sometimes I found her irritating by not taking into consideration the workload for the team, but it all didn’t make sense until we learned she was making the game to pay her brother’s debts. But still, even though it did make me interested for a while, the matter was handled quickly. Atomu was plain and forgettable, Andou betrayed me, Yuuki is also forgettable but it’s still funny that a small shy girl like her loves drawing porn, and poor Yuuka was useless for a long time. Also, tt was funny how in their celebratory dinner they talked about how nice it was that they could be honest with each other, but I felt that sometimes they weren’t.

Animation? Mediocre. Quality was just not good. Taking one good look at it and you feel surprised that this was produced in 2015/2016. Sound is another thing that I didn’t care for. I don’t remember the OST. The opening song was okay and I liked the singer’s vocals, but I ended up skipping the opening after a few episodes. The ending theme as well.

The show started off good, and I will admit that I had some good laughs such as when Kuroda tried acting out tropes in real life and them going wrong. It’s just that this was not a strong show. After a couple episodes it started to decline on me. The characters did not develop, except for maybe Kuroda. She was a girl who was always alone but she opened up herself more and likes being in a team, but she is still a boring character along with everyone else. They have no substance. We didn’t learn anything about making games, and even though we watched them make a game we didn’t really know what their game was about. We didn’t go into depth about it, which was disappointing. All in all, I have to be honest and say that this show really wasn’t so good. Though I’m not particularly mad about it, maybe because I used up all my anger and frustrations on Prince of Stride. Though this show wasn’t as bad as Prince of Stride, it hardly did any better. Which is sad, because this show also started out promising but it let me down as well.