Haikyuu 2!! Episode 25: [Declaration Of War][Final Impressions]

Honestly, I don’t want to do this review.
I don’t want Haikyuu to end.
Ok, we got season 3 in fall but still.
I want Haikyuu every week to fill my kokoro with sport anime greatness.
But it’s fine, let’s do this.

vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h15m52s787Seijoh has lost and therefore they have all sort of feelings. Some of the players like Iwaizumi are crying, Yahaba and Mad dog are watching Karasuno being happy with envious,frustrated eyes, wanting to “pay them back” and Oikawa being rather composed about their defeat. But we all know that Oikawa is noisy when it comes to trivial stuff however, when shit goes down, he’s calm, composed and reaaaaaallllly scary. Seeing Aoba like that makes me feel bad, really. Not as bad as I felt when Karasuno lost last season but still, it hurts a bit.

The Leek dude and the other guy that were on Kageyama’s team in middle school and are now in Aoba tell him that they won’t lose to him next time.Honestly I don’t care about them, I don’t like them, they are responsible for my blueberry boy’s trauma of being left alone on the court. So yeah, shuuush go away leek guy.

Ushijima, the arrogant guy from Shiratorizawa that Hinata and Kageyama met at the very beginning of the season is here again to tell Oikawa that he should have come to Shiratorizawa cuz they are the strongest team and that his talent is wasted at Seijoh. Oikawa responds to him with the only rational answer: he hasn’t made the wrong choice and Ushijima should not forget Oikawa’s worthless pride that he likes to mention so much.vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h19m05s615

With him saying this we now know that Oikwa is actually a yandere.
Seriously this face is creeping me out.
He looks reaaaaallly scary, I’m now afraid of Oikawa, I’m really afraid.

Before leaving the gymnasium Hinata and Kageyama look at a board displaying the announcement of their match against Shiratorizawa and Hinata then says:“I’ll show you how much we can grow from the concrete”. Aaaaahaaah to cool, too cool Hinata…


So they go back by the bus. Coach Ukai thanks the Sensei for all the training matches that he organized which allowed the team to grow a lot. Once they arrive at the school they discover that everyone stayed late to congratulate them for their win. It was fabulous…But I stayed strong and did not cry! GUYS! I DIDN’T CRY! ALTHOUGH I WANTED TO!

All the team watch a sport program on TV relating what happen today with all the matches and stuff. As expected they say more things about Shiratorizawa and Seijoh than about Karasuno but it’s fine, it’s cool, just you wait and see. Coach Ukai, in the gymnasium, then makes a little speech about tomorrow’s match: “Okay kids, you won against Aoba once, but Shiratorizawa is something else, Aoba never won against them so it’s gonna be hard”. For Hinata it doesn’t matter since no one expected them to win against Aoba but they did it. That’s right HINATA MY SON! LET THE HATERS HATE!

vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h25m26s441Yachi also thanks Hinata and Kageyama because since she saw them struggling and fighting during all this time, she felt fear, joy and so many other feelings watching them playing the match against Aoba Johsai. Which to me, looks exactly like me, like us viewers. Because we followed them struggling, training as hard as ever and saw their hopes being crushed at the end of season one, that the match against Aoba was that thrilling, like the pinacle of the hype.

After practicing a bit, Kageyama and Hinata leave the gymnasium and look at the city from the hill where the school is. Kageyama who’s not the most talkative person in the world then says to Hinata: “We’re going to win tomorrow” and Brofist him. Such, beauty, such friendship, my heart is crushing… After the ending credits, the whole team meets with Ushijima the national dick who apparently has nothing else to do but to wait for them at the entrance of the gymnasium. Kageyama and Hinata come forward to tell him that they are going to kick his national Ass.


I’m tented to say that even if they lose against Shiratorizawa they’ve already won. The school acknowledged them, they took their revenge on Seijoh, regain their past glory, created many good memories, meet so many strong players and made lots of friends. It’s so beautiful and yet, I’m sad because I know that after the match against Shiratorizawa, the 3rd years are going to leave… god I don’t want to .

Charibo’s Final Thoughts

tumblr_o4nzcpYTW81qgrwpxo2_540It’s over. Haikyuu is over, Haikyuu is gone. What am I going to do with my life right now? I need to find another purpose. Well, I do have Boku no hero academia and D gray man around the corner but still, Haikyuu is great. Haikyuu is my favorite sport anime. But why is this show that great? It’s the question that I ask myself quite a lot of time. I think the answer remains quite simple: Haikyuu is like a delicious chocolate cake that has been made following a particular recipe. But that cake is so perfect that it has become an exemple for all the chocolate cakes on earth that want to become has delicious as the Haikyuu chocolate cake. See my point? Haikyuu is following the basic sports anime recipe but adding his particular ” je ne sais quoi” so it becomes something better than a basic sports anime. Se my perfect french ? I know, I know 10/10.

The story line remains quite simple and therefore we can expect to be bored at some point since it’s almost the same thing: matches, practice, matches. But I wasn’t bored once. A thing that always surprises me in anime and more particularity in sports anime is the variety of situations that can occur. I mean, all they do is playing volley ball, you have to be talented to find situations, problems that will produce enough content for your work to make 25 episodes without boring the viewer to death. And it’s where Haikyuu succeed. Every situation, match is unique, it’s not boring, I feel the hype at every corner. It’s just aaaaah… I have no words.

Another strong point of the show is the characters. It’s simple: I cannot hate them. All of them, I like them. Even Ushijima, the national Dick, I don’t hate him, I’m like “Meh whatever”. Even the leek guy, I don’t care bout him but I don’t hate him. The characters are different, there’s a wide range of personalities and they are well developed. Even the characters in rival teams that got their asses beat by Karasuno at the spring tournament. During every match there’s enough attention given to them so that we are at least a bit attached to them and feel bad when they lose. So the character development is on point in this show.

I’ll pass quickly on the humour which is glorious. All of them are funny to death. Tanaka and Nishinoya are going to be the death of me I swear. Bokuto and Kuroo too. They are all my sons, I love them.
I feel like I could write some kind of poem about this show:

Roses are Red,
Violets are blue,
The Art is beautiful,
The sound too.


Overall, I don’t have much things to say about Haikyuu!! This show is just that great that it’s hard to find flaws. It was a bit difficult to review the matches sometimes since I felt like repeating what the characters said before me but that did not lowered my enjoyment at all. If you haven’t watch haikyuu go ahead, watch it. Guys too, don’t think that it’s a gay show based on the cringy yaoi fan art all around Tumblr. Haikyuu isn’t gay, Haikyuu is god dam masculine with guys hitting balls while sweating and shouting that they are never going to lose. How can you be more masculine than that? Except if you’re Joseph Joestar you cannot be more manly.

Overall score: 9/10 because it’s haikyuu!! guys. See you this fall. I won’t miss it by any means.

Berry’s Final Impression

Ohhh, I love Haikyuu!! And of course I was upset for Seijoh because they’re a good team and they put up one hell of a match. Seeing them cry, and then seeing Karasuno laugh and jump on each other, I’m just asking what the hell am I supposed to feel?


But ultimately, I was happy. Happy for the team, and just happy for this season in general because it was fantastic. Sports anime are pretty simple. You know the major goal for the characters is to be in the grand tournament, so it’s usually the characters that make the show, along with great execution of the matches, and Haikyuu!! does both. The characters, their motivations, their conflicts, and their growth feel so real that I root for them. Even for the opposing team I root for them. Everyone is just so likeable. I think I’ve said what I needed to say in my other episode reviews so I’ll quickly repeat myself.

Haikyuu!! does the cruelest thing by making you love all the characters and all the teams. There’s no ill feeling towards Karasuno’s opponents because they are fair. So even when we’re happy Karasuno won, we feel bad for the other team. This anime brings out a lot of emotions during matches like fear, excitement, joy, and sadness. And I love it when an anime does that to me because that’s when I know I’m really into it. I’m really sucked in and watching it week by week was painful.

vlcsnap-2016-03-26-21h17m26s960But characters! Wow, lots of character development this season. The conflict that happened between Hinata and Kageyama was important in their relationship. Their duo still wasn’t perfect and they both still needed to learn from each other, and them practicing alone actually was probably best because they were able to try new things at their own pace. For Tsukishima, he grew exponentially from the half-assed non-cooperative jerk to the more effort and helpful jerk. Ennoshita got his time to shine! And Yamaguchi isn’t a baby crow anymore. Each member on the team serves an important purpose and I’m glad some of them were given time to grow because it makes me love them more. Kiyoko became more important, and this season also introduced to my princess Yachi and badass Saeko. I love them both,

The seriousness and comedy are balanced perfectly. The music is awesome (tho I’m still not totally a fan of the second OP), and the animation is amazing when need to be, but this show never looks ugly. I can’t say anything bad about this show because it does so many things right. Of course we’ll have to sit through training montages and episodes with a lot of talking, which to some it might be boring, but what can you do, they’re important. This season left off with Karasuno about to have their match against Shiratorizawa, so unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until later in the year for the start of season three. I wonder how many seasons of Haikyuu!! we’ll get because the manga is still ongoing. It would be so crazy though if we got to see the Little Giant soon, I want him and Hinata to meet. Though hearing from some people, he hasn’t appeared yet. Oh well, I’ll just look forward to the Shiratorizawa match later this year. See you guys until then!

9/10, improvement from last season with more character development.


Also because of Yachi. CUTE!!!!

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