Macross Delta Episode 1 [First Impression]

Macross Delta takes place in 2067 AD, begins the story on Planet Al Shahal where Var Syndrome (responsible for destabilizing people’s minds and reduces them to violent zombies mobs) Outbreaks have been rising. There Hayate who was just fired from the job finds Freyja, who snuck into the cargo in hopes to reach Planet Ragna to audition in hopes to join the Walkure Unit. However she snuck into the wrong cargo, so she’s out of luck- or so she thought. Turns out due to a rising of Var Syndrome outbreaks, the Walkure Unit team are in the same city, where then as expected, an outbreak occurs.

Eva’s First Impression

Well… That was interesting. If I had to choose one word to describe what I thought about this premiere, I would choose: Weird. The episode starts off on a creepy note, so I actually had covered my eyes because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, and whether or not a super violent scene was about to take place, (a lesson learned after watching Psycho-Pass). But the tensions behind the threat virtually vanished as the episode progressed. Macross Delta Ep 1 Img 0015Once the anticipated conflict arose, I could not take the fight seriously. In fact, the conflict started off on a very bad note. I know it is more or less part of the norm in Macross or any of similar series to have the citizens just stop running and shift into Fan-Mode when it comes to their idols performing, but I could think of is, ‘GIRL, THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO FANGIRL!’. And then the performance’s prelude started… Man… I cannot tell you how much I cringed. “Welcome to Walkure World” was so bad! I sincerely hope this is not going to be something we hear every time they transform. (Just, no, you don’t need it, leave it out- please.) And if THAT wasn’t bad enough, well then the first song finally came around and once again I cringed. The prelude was a red-flag about the song-choice that was going to follow, because it was horrible. Now I don’t think the singers are the problem (far from it in fact), I think they are great- but it’s the actual song that I disliked the most. Thankfully however, the second song was MUCH BETTER.

Since this is the first episode, I won’t eat them alive for the song choice qualityand hopefully they won’t give me anymore reasons to do so in the future. But as of right now, it is fair to say it was a huge letdown, causing many of us who loved Macross Frontier for its amazing songs to drop the bar in regards of song quality expectations.

While all of this is happening, both Hayate’s and Freyja’s response to the Var Syndrome Outbreak was simply bizarre. I understand Freyja has this reaction thing going on with the song, but goodness, I don’t know how anyone is supposed to take them seriously when they are acting like they were high– and in a way they were. Once or twice Freyja would suddenly sober up because she would be in a dangerous situation, but then bam- once she was hooked in again, but this time, Hayate too was affected. And this experience probably gave him some sense of direction of what he wants to strive for.

That being said, while there were a lot of things that disappointed me, there are three things that are keeping me on the line. The first is Hayate- which might be a strange choice to some, but to me, he alone is an intriguing fellow. Macross Delta Ep 1 Img 0001Hayate doesn’t have a dream or passion because he doesn’t know what he wants. He travels around to places but it’s still the same old the same old. He is a fairly laid-back fellow, but lacks motivation and (probably) has a routine of being fired for constantly slacking off on the job. With those traits he would undoubtedly be considered as a generic, boring character… but he has something unique about him that he himself doesn’t actually appear to be conscious of. He is a dancer. He is constantly dancing, but not on his own two-feet, but with machines. That is what makes him interesting to me. Why? Well it’s pretty simple, I found it pretty funny and entertaining- even when I was in the middle of internally complaining of how silly is looked when he was fighting. But most importantly, it makes me curious to see how he got into this habit in the first place. Frejya however, is a different story. She is very much like the usual cut out character who runaways in hopes to succeed in an audition to become an idol- in this case, join the Walkture a tactical unit. She is a perky character, but based on my first impression of her, she appeared bland to me- and apparently she’s a Windermerman- whatever that is.

Macross Delta Ep 1 Img 0011The second thing which caught my attention was The Ominous Voice. I am tagging it as ‘Ominous’ because it appears to be what triggers the Var Syndrome in the first place, while Walkure Unit sings to purify the Var Syndrome. So it appears one of the enemies Walkure Unit is dealing with is this Ominous Voice. This made me curious to see if there is going to be a sing-off at some point.

The final factor were the Aerial Knights from the Wind Kingdom (I think). I was shocked by how instead of going after the those affected by the Var Syndrome, they are actively pursuing the Walkure unit. We will have to wait until next week to see if they will provide us any explanation of why they are so hostile towards them.

Despite its bizarre premiere, I am willing to give this series at least three episodes to prove to me whether or not it is worth covering, let alone watching. Hopefully the songs will improve and the rest of the characters will perk enough interest and curiosity to make me start caring sooner than later.

Possibility of Blogging: Moderate Starting with three episodes to see how it goes.

Endride – Episode 1 [Ride] [First Impression]


Hmm… correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t I been here before? Let me analyze the list.

  • The main character is into crystals (Check)
  • The main character has spiky brown hair (Check)
  • One of the female characters has a magical creature sidekick (Check)

This had better not be a Comet Lucifer ripoff, because we all know how that turned out. I’m a little hesitant to pick up this series after seeing so many smiliarities between the two shows, but am not so jaded that I won’t give it a try.

The premise of this show is that fifteen year old Shun Asanaga is one day transported to the land of Endra, where he meets sixteen year old Emilio, who is also a vlcsnap-00013prince. Emilio lives in the land of Endora, whereas Shun comes from the “Land Above,” aka the “surface”, aka Earth.

In the beginning of the episode, we see that Shun lives with his parents, but his father is a workaholic, forgetting even his own birthday many years. Shun has a love of crystals, an interest that could have been passed down from his mother, as she is a former archaeologist. Shun plans a birthday party for his father, but when he forgets to show up yet again, Shun keeps the promise he made to his mother to go retrieve his father from work. This would have been a fine plan if only he could keep his hands to himself, for it is in his father’s office that Shun discovers the crystal which transports him to Endora. Like a moth to a flame, Shun touches the portal and is sucked into it.

Shun is dropped into an underground prison. Once there, Shun accidently discovers that he can summon weapons from his chest, and he uses his Warp Relic to break Prince Emilio out of the prison King Delzaine put him in. Emilio helps Shun escape, but they run into a lion beast-like creature from the Zu Clan and are forced to fight it. Shun manages to once again bring out his Warp Relic, but being unsure of what to expect he is near useless in battle. This allows the lion creature to push them both back and knock them into the waters below. Prince Emilio saves them by towing them underwater into some nearby hidden sewers, and when they reach above ground again, they meet a friend of Emilio’s.

I’m not sure what to think. Shun both annoys and amuses me. Prince Emilio is so far very abrasive. Shun’s father is, quite frankly, an idiot. The music is tolerable, but the animation (especially environments) is very pretty. I was expecting a little more from Endride, ie it took like half the episode for the action to get going, but I’m thinking that might just be my high expectations.

I think it will be the usual three episode rule for me. I’m confident this can turn out to be a decent show, if it doesn’t follow in the same steps of Comet Lucifer.

Possibility of Watching: Moderate
Possibility of Blogging: Moderate

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Episode 1 [First Impression]

Are you ready for the suffering?

Re_Zero 1 Img010


Re_Zero 1 Img021I’m actually pleasantly surprised. Re:Zero is pretty interesting. I mean, I do like suffering perhaps a little too much (which is odd, because I also like super cute things a little too much) but I had no idea it would be this grimdark. I initially wanted to pick it up for several reasons. The first was because of the seiyuu – as expected, Emilia and Felt were both great. Noto Mamiko (kind of a cross between Ohara Sayaka and Hayamin) as the semen demon with a lewd outfit was also a nice surprise, I didn’t realize she was on the cast at first. The second is because isekai (‘reincarnating or being teleported to a fantasy world’-type plots) is the future of anime, as I said back when I did that post on Konosuba. I’m still waiting for that Mushoku Tensei adaptation. And a third would be because of based White Fox. I know they didn’t exactly live up to their pedigree with Underwater Ray Romano 2 (although I personally liked it a lot more than I should have) but they have the resources to pull off something good, and it’s working quite well so far. It’s two-cours as well instead of split-cour like literally everything with more than one planned season is these days, so that’s nice. White Fox finds a way.

Re_Zero 1 Img023

Speaking of its production, I was really surprised by its pacing and direction in general. The director is a literally who (he’s had lots of support roles in some big-name titles, but he hasn’t headed up a project other than Wakaba Girl) which is a little alarming at first, but he’s done good with this set of pilot episodes. It’s not like this counted as two episodes after all – it was an hour-long special of the first episode split into two parts presumably for the sake of better pacing, which was a great decision. As a result they didn’t have to rush anything, nor did they have to end on a weird cliffhanger at the 22-minute mark. I also liked how they used CG to liven up the city and make it seem like an active, bustling place – it was a little jarring when I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly felt out of place, but it was cool to suddenly realize that the hippo and lizard talking in the corner of the screen weren’t just part of a static background accompanying Subaru, but were actually moving and talking. It’s the power of money!

Re_Zero 1 Img019In hindsight, I really should have expected that a Groundhog Day-style plot with ‘dying’ as the trigger to restart a loop would involve a lot of suffering. Like Hakomari. I also don’t really expect anyone else to be pulled into his loop with him (seeing as he’s the only one from an isekai) so that means Subaru will be the only one to have permanent suffering inflicted on him as he dies again and again. And indirectly, that means we suffer too! No matter how much it might hurt to see the others around him die (I was very angry when Felt was killed, cute lolis are not to be harmed) each loop you despair more at the fact that all the connections Subaru made in the previous loop are now gone. Doesn’t that sound fun? All the relationships and friendships he builds up with different people are reset when he dies. Maybe the green loli will never found by her parents now. His acquaintance with Emilia doesn’t exist any more, even though in the first loop he got to know her and befriend her and she told him to do his best. He got to know the giant dude and Felt in the second loop, but then all three of them died again. It’s like he’s destined to suffer until he reaches the next save point (if there even is one) without getting a bad end.

Re_Zero 1 Img012And most of all, you despair at the fact that Subaru doesn’t seem to have any idea what the hell is even going on. I can’t believe he spent the entire second loop not realizing that he’d in fact died the first time, and that something was wrong with how no-one remembered him. The shopkeeper was angry again, the pawn shop floor wasn’t covered with blood, and most of all the massive wound to his stomach disappeared. Emilia was nice enough to take care of him when he’d merely been beaten up by muggers – there’s no way she would randomly abandon him if he’d been stabbed, not least of all because he’d helped her out so much up until that point. The fact that she was gone should have set off warning bells. For all his supposed RPG smarts he wasn’t very perceptive – it’s not an issue of him being out of it for the first couple of hours, he spent the entire second loop without thinking through things at all. I won’t fault him for not knowing that her name obviously wasn’t Satella though. She clearly did that to test him – to see how he’d react when he heard that name and to ascertain just how little he knew. Might the Jealous Witch be her estranged (and most probably evil) sister? Who most probably has something to do with why half-elves are discriminated against even though Emilia is such a qt?

Re_Zero 1 Img011

Re_Zero 1 Img017I have no idea about the insignia though, and we won’t find out any more until we learn who exactly Emilia is and who she’s affiliated with. The moment Elsa knew Subaru was part of Emilia’s faction, she went absolutely batshit on him. Not that we’re ever going to get anywhere with anything until Subaru learns to understand that he’s died before, that he’s stuck in a time loop and that he should use his knowledge wisely to understand how he should play his cards. I love how he was so concerned with encountering generic cliches to help him out, because that’s exactly what I was afraid they’d do to give him an easier time – but if stuff like that happens it’s not likely to matter anyway since his chances of dying from now on are pretty high. Does he even get an ability other than Revival? All he has with him in each loop is some food, his fists, his Keit-Ai, his memories and his mounting despair. I wonder if he ever ends up killing himself to get a free do-over? Are there penalties if he does that? Or a limited number of re-runs if he leaps through time too much?

This’ll be so much fun! I haven’t read the light novels, but if it’s a time loop fantasy isekai adaptation with cute silver-haired girls and lolis it’s well within my strike zone. And it just happens to be written by Haunted. Remember to press F to pay respects.

Re_Zero 1 Img022

Possibility of Watching: High
Possibility of Blogging: High

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 1: [Izuku Midoriya: Origin][First Impressions]


I WOKE UP AT 10 AM TO SEE THIS ( on a Sunday morning, which is what my parents called a “miracle”)

So what is Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academia about ?

vlcsnap-2016-04-03-12h53m34s712Well, it’s about Midoriya Izuku, a regular guy. But not the regular guy of every shounen anime who says ” I’m just a regular High School Student” and then discovers that he’s the descendant/son of who the hell you want, has magical powers and has to save the world. No, Midoriya’s problem is that he is normal in a world where unreal became real. Indeed, a few years ago some abnormal abilities called “quirks” started spreading across the world and 80% of the population now has a quirk. So Midoriya is one of the unlucky 20% to be quirkless, different from the rest of the population. Not having a quirk doesn’t stop you from being happy but Midoriya has a dream: He wants to become a Hero. However, without a quirk, it’s quite complicated. So this story is the story of my son Midoriya who wants to become a hero despite having special powers.

vlcsnap-2016-04-03-12h52m52s208The first episode opens up with young Midoriya protecting another kid from Bakugou the bully and his sidekicks. The fight is unequal since Bakugou and his sucker gang have quirks and not Midoriya, so of course, Midoriya gets wrecked. It’s right after that we learn the whole stuff about quirks becoming a normal thing in this world. Due to this phenomenon, the criminality has improved and to conter this, a whole new profession was developed in order to protect people: Heroes. Now, they are paid by the government, super famous and so on. It’s the dream job for Midoriya who truly wants to save and protect people. He’s been into that Hero stuff since his childhood after watching a clip showing All Might, the most powerful hero, saving 100 persons from an accident. Midoriya had all the All Might Merch and was a real Hero Otaku, which he still is now. However, like it was mentioned before Midoriya does not have a quirk. Usually a quirk is developed when its owner is around 4 years old but for Midoriya, that moment did not happen. The doctor said it quite brutally: “You better forget all of this”. You do not have a quirk so sorry kiddo but being a hero is impossible for you.

Right after that announcement Midoriya is really depressed and watches his favorite All Might video again. His mother arrives and Midoriya asks her while crying: “Can I be a Hero too?”.
Instead of reassuring her son, his mom apologizes, telling him that she’s so sorry, which implies that she does not believe that he can become a Hero.vlcsnap-2016-04-03-13h02m29s667

Man, that scene… seeing my son Midoriya in tears, asking that, just got me soo bad… it was a pretty emotional scene in the manga but seeing it animated was just too much.

So things are quite tough for the Midoriya boy but he didn’t forget his dream and he’s still aiming at becoming a Hero. He takes lots of notes about them, follows the news and studies hard to enter the Yuuei Academy, a public high school forming heroes which has an exam success rate of 0,2%. Midoriya is currently still a student in a crappy middle school but does not lose hope even if all his classmates who have quirks are making fun of him rather than encouraging him or praising him for his courage. And that’s where my favorite character enters:







I don’t care about the haters, Kacchan is awesome. In fact, every morning, I’m drinking the hater’s tears who cried because they can’t be as awesome as he is. So you’re probably here wondering why I like this douchebag… Shhhhh… Just wait and see.


vlcsnap-2016-04-03-12h59m24s559So Bakugou is a dick to Midoriya but it’s easy to understand that Bakugou is actually a dick to everyone. He wants to enter the Yuuei Academy too and apparently he has great chances to succeed. He thinks he’s the best and hates Midoriya more than anyone else, especially for being this persistant and not losing the sight of his dream despite being quirkless. Where everyone sees Midoriya just as an hopeless dreamer, I’m sure that Bakugou fears him. Bakugou is afraid that Midoriya can outdone him and that’s why he’s so mean to him. I said mean but he’s actually fucking horrible with him let’s say…

But you know, Midoriya, or Deku as Bakugou calls him, is awesome too ( like everybody in this show) and even if his mother doesn’t trust him, all his classmates are making fun of him every day and his childhood friend being the king of assholes, MIDORIYA IS STILL HANGING TO HIS DREAM! He’ll pass the entrance exam of that school and become a hero even without a quirk. That’s some good hero for you!

So one day, Deku is saved from a Super villain by All Might, his favorite hero of all time. He follows him to a rooftop because he wants to ask him a question. After hesitating a bit, he finally asks his idol: ” Can I be a Hero without a quirk?”.


Charibo’s Thoughts:

Well it was worth waking up at 10 AMvlcsnap-2016-04-03-13h05m18s374

I initially discovered Boku no hero Academia in the Jump that one of my relatives brought me back from Japan (I’m such a weeb). Although I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on, since I can’t read Japanese properly and because it was the chapter 65 of the manga, I thought it looked really cool. That’s also when I fell in love with Bakugou… Don’t judge me, I’m sure you will like him in the end, eventually… So I decided to check out the manga and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. Boku no Hero Academia is awesome, full of amazing characters, nice fights and really funny to read. So of course I was hype as hell for the anime adaptation.

vlcsnap-2016-04-03-12h58m00s195So this first episode? It was really good. The animation is great but I still have a little problem with the characters in the background whose faces are not drawn sometimes. But the details on the faces and the expressions are faithful to the manga and Bones did a great job here capturing the art style of the original material. I particularly like the Onomatopeias in a comic book style, it quite fits the atmosphere.

Overall I’m not disappointed at all with the direction. That scene with Midoriya crying was really intense and well directed. Being able to move me to the tears at episode 1 is quite and achievement. The whole episode was faithful to the first chapter and that’s a good thing.

For the moment the soundtrack is great. I’ve heard it’s made by the same composer who did the Haikyuu!! soundtrack, which is amazing, it’s getting me even more hyped to see the fights! I have no problems with the Voice Actors’s cast for the moment, I was afraid of how my Baekugou might sound but he’s fine. Deku’s voice actor did a great job in my opinion so I have no complains on this side.
The Opening is great too. I won’t say amazing because … I don’t know… It got me hyped for the episode, I probably won’t skip it but I won’t try to sing along or download the song. I really like the end where they jump in the sky and stuff, typical OP I know, but me liking this kind of stuff.

My only concern is the same as all the manga readers.. This episode adapted lets say the 2/3 of the first chapter. With this anime being 13 episodes long I’m really wondering where they are going to stop, what the rhythm of the episodes is going to be. I hope they won’t rush the whole thing to provide us a “grand finale” that would be such a waste of potential. And this show has a lot to offer…

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do!

Will I watch this? : Of course

Will I review this?: Why are you even asking?

Ace Attorney Episode 1 [ First Impressions ]

The Ace Attorney franchise focuses itself on a set of characters that many have come to know and love with dedication and intrigue. For the longest time I can recall the notion that there should just be an anime- something I completely agreed with. For the sake of this review I will slowly interchange Japanese names with American ones. Keep in mind that as I review this show I am reviewing it as a long term fan of the video game series; and if you are looking for a review of a show as a standalone series then this is not the place for that. I intend to review the Ace Attorney anime under the simple concept of: Can the idea of Ace Attorney exist outside of the games they inhabit, or can they be successfully adapted?

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 01 [720p].mkv_20160403_004508.281

The first episode of Ace Attorney focuses in on the series as the first game does. ‘Phoenix’ is the name the english speaking audience will recognize, and he starts his adventure in the same way as he does in the first game. In Japanese every name is a pun and every concept might as well be one too: Naruhodo Ryuichi is the main characters Japanese name and if you don’t know, Naruhodo means ‘I understand’. It’s a blatant pun. Now Phoenix, or Naruhodo, is a rookie who is just starting out under Ayasato Chihiro in order to defend his clients against charges they claim to have not committed. We get a glimpse into a murder that has been committed and Phoenix must defend someone who is actually his friend.

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 01 [720p].mkv_20160402_223325.515

The show did a great job at adapting the very distinctive GIFs that made up the games, showing the characters emotions much like they were originally displayed. Truthfully, I am actually impressed with how genuinely the show seems to be capturing exactly what it needs to be. I can’t imagine thus far a more accurately executed adaptation: the show literally took every inch of what it is from the game and took every speech, moment of truth, and details about the case almost identically. It wasn’t a complete carbon copy (at least I can’t say it was having not played the first Phoenix Wright in a few years) but it definitely made me go: yup, this is Phoenix Wright.

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 01 [720p].mkv_20160403_004710.953

Here is the trouble: This episode is not a good place to judge whether this is a good thing or not. There were moments of excitement and intrigue but I know what’s coming next. As a person who has played the game it is hard to be impartial and say ‘well, this was dull at times’ like I felt the atmosphere could be, because I’m too busy being interested in what will be displayed next. Sometimes this episode made me go ‘okay, now can we move along for the good stuff’?’ so I had to stop, pace myself, and ask questions. Phoenix captures details in his mind visibly on screen, and we can’t as actively review the evidence as we did in the games. This means that a lot of the mystery plays out in a more solid narrative because we can’t review it all and decide how the case went ourselves immediately.

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 01 [720p].mkv_20160403_005248.593

Simply put, the way this episode displays Phoenix Wright both troubles and excites me. I am worried the translation can be so literal it might stamp out all emotion but I am ecstatic to see that this medium might give us a better mystery when we are sort of forced to learn the details of the case in the same order as Phoenix. In the games, sometimes we would look at several pieces that Phoenix didn’t think about and go ‘well clearly this is the answer’. We might not have the same tedious answer the game wanted, but we figured out the mystery. This might give us a better chance to experience the story.

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 01 [720p].mkv_20160403_004621.218

As a player of the games, I can so far recommend this as a faithful adaptation. As a reviewer of anime? So far Ace Attorney is interesting but not griping enough to scream show of the season. I will be giving this show more time to show me how it will display a story I both know and anticipate getting to know again, as I hope new and old viewers alike will do. Also, fine, I admit it. . Naruhodo is a hilarious name. Furthermore, Chihiro is perfection, and Larry/Yahari is just as I always pictured him to be.

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 01 [720p].mkv_20160403_005352.640

Possibility of Watching: Yaaas

Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed


Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 70: Thunder Rabbit

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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV – Episode 1 [Before the Storm] [First Impression]

On Wednesday March 15, 2016, an event titled “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” was held in Hollywood, California. Attendees were treated to not one, two, or even five, but fourteen revelations related to the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XV. One of those announcements was the launch of a new five-episode anime titled Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV.

So here we are! I’m so ecstatic that I get to cover this. The last time we had an anime adaption or tie in of a Final Fantasy game was (from what I remember) Last Order: Final Fantasy VII, an OVA released in 2005 as part of the collector’s editions of FF: Advent Children in Japan and North America.


Flames crackle in the night air as a child, Noctis, slowly opens his eyes. He’s lying in a pool of blood, barely conscious. Towering above him and the body lying next to him is a murderous looking serpentine creature, its six arms each holding a long blade. It prepares to attack Noctis but is thwarted by a group of men with swords of their own. A man I’m assuming to be Noctis’ father summons blades out of thin air, and hurls them at the creature.

vlcsnap-00004Noctis awakens briefly sometime later on. He’s clean and wearing different clothes, and we see someone hold his hand in theirs. (I’m still assuming this is his father.) Noctis is unable to stay awake and passes out again.

In the present day, Noctis awakens in the backseat of a car. He and his friends are on a trip to the city of Caem, but first they have to stop for food and gas.

At the little roadside diner, they order food and discuss what their next plans are. Ignis and Gladiolus bicker over Noctis’ picky eating habits, and this behaviour seems to continue throughout the rest of the episode. They’re all friends, but at the same time Noctis is royalty so the others are there to protect him and look out for him as well. It’s like having a friend and a babysitter all rolled into one.

Their plans get slightly derailed, however, when they hear a radio broadcast at the diner. The Kingdom of Lucis is now in anarchy after the death of their royal family, so the Empire has established a temporary government to help squash any anarchists. As they’re listening to the broadcast, an Empire ship flies by overhead, and drops some troops not too far away. Noctis and his friends take that as their cue to leave. As they drive away from the diner, Noctis’ inner monologue informs the viewer that the kingdoms of Lucis and Niflheim were at war for a long time, until Lucis lost. Now their royal family is dead, and the Imperial Army has overtaken Lucis’ Crown City.

Later that night, the guys stop to have something to eat and camp out. They muse about how much longer they’ll be able to take it easy like they are, because eventually they’re going to have to come out of hiding to reclaim their home. Prompto keeps taking pictures of everyone, and it’s revealed that their roadtrip had started out as a trip to Noctis’ and Lunafreya’s wedding, but then everything happened at the Crown City so their plans had to be altered.

The sun is barely over the horizon when the four guys begin driving again. It’s not long before they run into more Imperial troops, who have set up a roadblock. Noctis and the others can’t drive around it, so they are forced to fight. vlcsnap-00019

The fight scene serves as, in my opinion, a slice of what the combat in Final Fantasy XV will be like. The guys have the ability to materialize and dematerialize both themselves and their weapons at will, and this ability also allows them to switch their weapons in the middle of combat too. It’s a nice spin on the usual hack and slash in many RPG games, but really it just looks so fucking cool! O(???)O And that battle theme music ~!

The guys are winning the fight until more troops and a large metal crate are dropped from the sky. The door to the crate opens and out slithers a serpentine creature. Noctis confirms for his friends that yes, this is the creature that had once nearly killed him. Noctis launches himself at the creature with a battle cry, and the episode fades to black.

My thoughts: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS! I’m so excited for Final Fantasy XV, and this anime just makes me even more eager to play it. I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan for nearly 20 years, ever since the release of FFVII in North America, and I haven’t been this excited to play a FF game in a long time. This anime short is just icing on the delicious cake.

What did I like about this episode? Pretty much everything. The animation and music are top notch, and the music in particular just feels like Final Fantasy. I don’t know how to describe it. Like putting on a favourite piece of clothing after not wearing it for a long time? I will definitely be tracking down this series’ soundtrack, if the music played during the credits is any indication of the OST’s quality. However there was no opening theme; I’ll have to wait until next week to see whether or not this will be the norm.

As for our main quartet, the guys play off each other nicely, and it’s easy to see they are all very devoted to both each other and their cause. Ignis is clearly the brains, Prompto is the joker, and Gladio is the muscle. Guess that makes Noctis the cool, quiet one.

The downside to being a fan of such a long-running series is that sometimes I can’t help but make comparisons to previous games in the franchise, even without doing it consciously. For example, Prompto reminds me of Zell from FFVIII, and Noctis looks similar to Zack Fair from FF: Crisis Core. But that of course is not something I can hold against Brotherhood, and I don’t. I wish each episode was a little longer (episode one clocks in at a little over 10 minutes), but I love Final Fantasy so that’s just me being a tad greedy. ^^;;

I’m so excited to see what the next four episodes hold! ?(*’?`*)?

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: F-yeah!

Uchuu Patrol Luluco – Episode 1 [First Impression]


Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Space Patrol Luluco) is a quick little short about a young thirteen year old girl named Luluco living with her father, who works for their city’s Space Patrol (like a police force). In their city of Ogikubo, aliens and humans can live together, resulting in a city that is full of very unusual, out of this world things, nevermind what that implies about its inhabitants. Luluco hates Ogikubo, trying instead to be very “normal” in a city where things are very unusual. In her eyes, the less attention drawn to her the better.

On this particular morning, Luluco is getting to eat breakfast with her father, something which is not the norm because he works a lot and isn’t home much.
However he accidently eats a space capsule he “confiscated” from work, and is turned into a giant iceberg. Luluco freaks out and rushes him to the Space Patrol office where he works, where she is greeted by his alien boss Over Justice. vlcsnap-00010

Over Justice offers Luluco a deal: in exchange for defrosting her father and returning him to normal, she will go undercover for the Space Patrol at her middle school. Why? The Space Patrol can’t interfere in an environment where there are kids, by the sound of it, so they have no authority at her school. She’d be a temporary space worker fighting “mysterious space crime.” It is not shown whether she agrees to this deal or not.

Luluco makes it to school on time that morning, but is dismayed to find that she has midterms. As she’s sitting in class, an alarm goes off on her head. No that’s not a typo. One of her classmates is cheating on the exam, and before she can do anything, her Space Patrol Suit transforms her a la magical girl-style into an officer, complete with a bubble helmet. As her teacher and classmates ogle her new look, her suit morphs her body into a gun and fires at the offending classmate as he tries to flee the room.

My thoughts: I initially thought that this show looked a lot like Dead Leaves, what with this style of exaggerated animation, but upon seeing that Trigger was the studio producing this show, I can see that it’s also very reminiscent of their other show Kill la Kill.

This show’s style of humor is not really my thing; it reminds me a lot of Family Guy, where jokes are sometimes beaten into the ground before the show will move on. Plus wtf was with the purple-haired lady patting her hands all over Luluco’s body? Was it some sneaky magical suit implantation…? And I’m probably reading too much into it, but I wasn’t thrilled with having the barrel of the gun stemming from between her legs either. :/

I… am not sure what to think of this show yet. It’s trying to be cute, and in some regards it succeeds, but I really don’t like how spazzy and over-the-top it is. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with it, but will give it the usual three episodes because I want to see how the introduction of Alpha Omega Nova is handled.

Possibility of Watching: Low (if not blogging)
Possibility of Blogging: Moderate

Mayoiga Episode 1: [Look Before You Leap] [First Impressions]

So it begins,

Mayoiga is one of the shows I’m the most excited about with Boku no Hero Academia.
Man, I’m a sucker for good physiological mystery.
Will this one be good?
Let’s see, let’s see…

The episode stars with the tour guide presenting the bus tour in a rather strange way. According to him, this bus should be considered as the Noah’s Ark, heading towards a promised land where they can all start new life and say goodbye to reality. The guide calls himself the Mystery Emperor Dahara and asks everyone to present himself. Everyone then, does so.
All the members of the tour have different reasons to be here. But all of them seem to want to escape from something, hoping hat this secret place will offer them a better life than reality. Some of them have pseudonyms which are really strange like “Pink Goddess” who is a guy,” Speed Star” and so on. Well, I said pseudonyms but for some of them like “Pink Goddess” they also said their real name right after so….

There’s also 3 Yuuna but the guide decides to go with Yuuna, Yuune and Yuuno to simply things. Then we are introduced to the main characters, Mitsumune and Speed Star, Varukana who’s a bit nervous and wants everything to go softly, Lion and Masaki. Only Speed Star and Mitsumune seem to know each other.

vlcsnap-2016-04-02-10h40m19s846The Nanaki village is rumored to be a phantom town in which people can disappear, which is not located on any maps and not known by the police. So it’s the perfect place if you want to hide from something, someone or have a new start. Well, to me, it doesn’t look like a good idea to go there since there are obviously fishy people wanting to hide something that would go to this place. Who knows what kind of psychotic personalities can be there? According to the guide, his society managed to find the location of the village thanks to the help of a certain individual but we don’t learn anything else about this special someone for the moment.

There’s a lot of rumors and hypothesis on why nobody can locate the village, from political conspiracies, mass murders, toxic gaz, moving villages or other stuff. All those theories seem really exciting to Mitsumune but not so to Speed Star. After a bit the bus members sing a song about an unlucky hippopotamus , like it’s a holiday trip. Almost everyone is singing even Mistumune . Speed Star asks him how does he know the lyrics of the song and Mistumune replies that this song is quite popular. Right after that Speed Star starts to sing it too. Did he know the song before and if yes why did he ask this question to Mitsumune? Or does the lyrics come naturally?

vlcsnap-2016-04-02-10h50m56s960They have a break at a service station, we learn the real name of Speed Star which is Ayato but he doesn’t want to be called this way. Mitsumune is also a pseudonym and that my friend, tricked me since I thought it was his real name. That’s way more intelligent to take a false name which looks like your real one instead of “Pink Goddess ” or “Speed star” if you want to trick people. I have my eyes on you Mitsumune, don’t you dare play the care free guy, I won’t believe you.
Anyway, Ayato is not convinced that the village exists and does not intend to be friends with anyone whereas Mitsumune truly believes in this village and wants to start over. He also received several messages from his mother asking him where he was and if he truly hates her. They both take it quite lightly like “ooh you have some over protective parents” but you know, if your son disappears like that without saying anything it’s quite normal to be concerned. I’m really curious about Mitsumume’s backstory now. In fact, I’m curious about everyone’s back story.

Mitsumune meets with the Masaki girl who’s quite an interesting character too. She’s a bit superstitious and believes that if she does this or this, something good or bad will happen. Like if she can hold her breath for that long, she will pass an exam. She talks a lot but doesn’t feel very well. She also asks Mitsumune if he thinks she’s weird and he strangely responds yes, without really thinking. He then gets back on the bus in order to find medicine for her.


On the bus he meets with Lion, the girl with he cat hoodie. She’s strange too but that doesn’t surprise me anymore. She tells him that crows eat their friends when they are dead, presuming that something bad will happen to this bus. Mitsumune responds by saying that it’s fine, even if the people on the bus are close they won’t become friends or family so they won’t eat each other.
AGAIN! THAT DUDE IS SO FISHY! I LOVE HIM ALREADY! Who says that kind of stuff?! Only a really practical, logical mind can comme up with this! This guy is so fake… I love him.

Back on the bus they all play a creepy game in which they list different kind of torture. After that, they have to read their “death letter” that they were supposed to write to make people believe that they’d gone far away to commit a mass suicide. Which can be, what they are actually doing if you ask me. At this point, the driver tells everyone what they needed to hear and what we’ve all be thinking all this time: What’s up with starting over? They are all young and haven’t experienced many things in life. Normal people try to live and solve their problems the best way they can instead of running away from them. Even, if he doesn’t say much Ayato seems to think the same way whereas Mitsumune disagrees and then agrees. He looks like the kind of guy that would go where people would tell him to go, his opinions seem to change like the wind.

After that, he has some weird dream or hallucination in which we see him walking on a thin line, falling down, waking up in a sort of hospital with his mother hugging his replica. What I understand from that is, he tried to commit suicide or just fell by accident and when he woke up, he wasn’t the same anymore. He was a different person and nobody, not even his mom could see it. That could also explain Lion’s sentence ” You’re a time bomb, if you keep on holding things too much you’ll explode”.

vlcsnap-2016-04-02-11h15m08s187The driver goes crazy, revealing to everyone that he also has problems and would like to run away too. His plan is to make everyone die in an accident so that they can all say goodbye to this world. At this moment Jack, the silent dude stands and walks towards the driver saying that all the adults are the same, they all deceive you at some point, which shows us that this dude has a problem with adults and authority in general. He punches the driver and Masaki pukes on him so the bus is forced to stop.
During the break, Mitsumune offers a drink to Masaki and they talk a bit. She knows that Mitsumune is not his real name but think it suits him since it’s bright and cheerful like him. I don’t think this dude is really bright and cheerful, in fact, even if he says that he choose this name for no particular reason I do believe it was to make people think that he’s a bright and cheerful guy.

At some point a strange music starts playing and instantly makes Mitsumune cry. This music seems to come from a big watch showing that it’s midnight and a strange girl named Koharu arrives, singing a rather creepy song. She’s the special someone supposed to show them the way to the village. Then they go back on the bus. After crossing a bridge they are supposed to arrive to the village. But since there’s 11 episodes left I don’t think everything will go as planned.

Charibo’s thoughts:


I think this first episode was soooo good. I cannot wait to see the next one. I’m hooked, I like everything about the show. The animation looks fine, the music is amazing, the background songs are just creepy enough. And the characters… GOD DAMMIT THE CHARACTERS ARE NICE!
vlcsnap-2016-04-02-10h52m31s064Sure we didn’t get enough character development in this episode for everyone but I did not expect much. However, it’s just episode one but the main guys who I suppose are Lion, Mitsumine, Ayato, Varukana and Masaki did have a bit of spotlight in this episode, enough to make them look interesting in my eyes.
I’m especially fond of Mitsumune. I-I-I just can’t explain, he reminds me a bit of Nagai from Ajin. He’s really fishy, he sure has a lot to hide and that makes him so interesting in my eyes. Like Lion noticed, he’s the one to watch out for. Even if the opening and the key visuals make us think that Masaki is going to be the key of the mystery I have my eyes on Mitsumune!

Oh and this anime is tagged as Mystery and Drama but as the R -17 +on MAL so we can expect some violence. I don’t know if this show is going to turn out like Corpse Party or Another though. I think rather than dying in horrible ways, everyone is going to disappear is mysterious ways. I’m a sucker for mystery and have a strange fascination for the survival genre. While the opening reminds me of Shiki the whole content makes me think of Bokurano that I absolutely loved. I just hope it won’t be as depressing as Bokurano, man, that stuff was though.
I have mixed feelings about the Opening. I love the visuals but I couldn’t get into the song which sounds too discordant to me. But again, discording sounds in cinema or animation is used a lot to reveal that something isn’t working, that something is off and about to break. Which is the exact state of Mitsumune and I guess the whole cast: on the verge of breaking down. They all have something to hide and want to run away from their problems but something is telling that those problems are going to catch up with them.

Oh! Now that I think of it, it actually reminds me of Final Destination 5, where the characters are on a bus, about to cross a bridge but they manage to escape before the bridge collapses. However, since you cannot escape death like this, they all die afterwards. So yeah, it strangely reminds me of this movie… Oh well, if the bridge breaks in the next episode I’m going to laugh a bit.

Will I watch this: Yes, Yes and Yes again

Will I review this: I really want to

Stay tuned for more blogger’s impressions!

Berry’s First Impression

I’m on the second season of Assassination Classroom and I STILL don’t know everyone’s names, so don’t expect me to remember everyone’s names in this show too. There’s so many of them. I might have to keep a list of them with their name and picture next to each other just for reference.

Well, what a strange show. The tour guide is just as creepy, making this whole trip seem like a field trip. Also, there are children here. Did they need a permission slip for this trip I mean what in the world? There are adults here, but there are also children so whatever website they use to meet each other, I suppose age doesn’t matter. But for the children, what the bus driver said was true unless they’re in a REALLY bad situation at home and don’t know what to do. There are 30 people on this bus leaving for this village to start a new life, and while some said their reasons for leaving in their introductions, some of them didn’t so I’m curious about them. I bet some are blowing their problems way out of proportion and this was the easiest option to escape but…whatever, I’ll just wait.

This show is creepy. I know bad things are going to happen. Like deaths and disappearances. We’ll also have the mystery of Nanaki Village and the true reason for it. It’s all so weird but it’s the kind of weird that I like. Also, these people seem a little out of it to me. The hippo song was weird, because it started out innocent but then went to talking about getting its limbs torn off. Like??? But then they were playing a game of naming a sort of torture while clapping and smiling, and if they said something dumb they would have to read a suicide note. Is this a normal game in Japan, or is this a game this particular group came up with? Because it’s very morbid and strange. Everything is, and it’s making me uneasy. But that’s good, that’s good, because a show like this is supposed to make me feel nervous.

Not a whole lot happened in this episode, they haven’t even reached the village yet but they will next episode. We got introductions, barfing, a weird nightmare, singing about sad hippos, and almost getting killed by the bus driver. Next episode they’re probably just going to settle in. This was a weird, but great episode. We have a feel for everyone’s characters so far, even though memorizing their names is going to be a chore. Mitsumune…hmm, I can’t totally pinpoint what kind of person he is. We’re being told he’s not as cute and innocent as he looks, and maybe so, but he hasn’t shown anything weird yet. But I guess I’ll have to pay attention to him. I really liked this episode and the show really has my attention. I said I would review this show, but I’m still thinking about which shows to take. I covered 5 shows last season while juggling schoolwork, which I had a lot, and it was tiring, so I’m not sure if I should take 3 or 4 shows. Along with AssClass, for sure I got Jojo, and I really want Bungou Stray Dogs, and Show By Rock!! will not be this season so I have another spot open. I don’t know if I should REALLY cut back this season or just grab the shows I want. 4 shows at most.

Possibility of watching: Definitely

Possibility of blogging: Unsure. I’ll decide soon. College makes me cry.

Terra Formars Revenge Episode 1:[The Special Two][Quick Look]


Terra Formars,

What can I say about this show. I’m surprised they made another season out of it but to be completely honest I enjoyed Terra Formars. I watched the first season, the uncensored one, in two days and you know what? I liked it. It wasn’t that bad. If you expect nothing else than a gory/dark/horror show with cockroaches it’s quite decent.
So now, Terra Formars is back for another season and for more cockroaches fights. Am I excited? Not really, but I’m willing to give this show a chance so let’s get going!


The episode opens where the first season left, with Akari and Michelle being surrounded by cockroaches. They decide to take a second shot of the magic medicine that turns them into bugs in order to be able to continue the fight while the cockroaches are nicely waiting for them in a circle . It reminds me of those fighting games where the enemies are waiting for their turn to attack. Like, they can’t attack all together at the same time, no,they need to do 1vs1… But anyway, I digress.
So yeah, they take their drug shot and Akari is now ready to fight the cockroaches because then he will see Michelle in the shower.

Oh wow
Nice motivation dude.

I was expecting something like “saving my ass” or “saving that god dam kid in the hospital who’s the center of all the annoying flashbacks of this episode”… Or your friends if you are the sentimental type… But that shower stuff man, Akari bro… Seriously… What happened to you? You know what? Let’s take a quick look at Akari’s last lines from the last episode of the first season. His motivations can’t be that different right?


A friendly reminder of Akari from the first season, when he was bad ass.

“Even if you steal our equipment and technology to get stronger, even if there are some sneaky bastards on the inside holding us back, we won’t lose no matter what. Don’t underestimate the earth, and the earth’s organisms”.

So now, he wants to fight to see a girl showering? Okay… No I’m not mad, not yet… It’s only been 1:39 minutes and I can already tell that this review is going to be fun aha.


Okay so right after we have a rather nice recap scene, explaining us again the problem with earth, mars and the cockroaches as well as the purpose of the mission. To sum up quickly for those who don’t know the “story” of Terra Formars: Earth was in a bad shape so humans wanted to colonize mars, they send various stuff on the planet to create oxygen. They also sent cockroaches but they evolved and a virus started to spread on earth. So everything is quite bad for humanity. They decided to send several missions on Mars and this one’s goal is to capture 1 000 cockroaches also known as Terra Formars to experiment stuff on them and to cure the virus. If you want more explanations you should either read Berry’s reviews or the manga. Both of them are great, not like my summary. You can also watch season 1… It’s another option…

So! Back to Mars, all the divisions are surrounded by cockroaches and … nothing really, they fight a bit with no blood but we don’t really have the time to learn anything else cuz it’s time for a long series of flash backs involving Akari and that kid victim of the AE virus. I thought it was the “Ass Erosion” virus but apparently no, well I don’t know, I forgot the real name of the virus. Let’s go with Ass Erosion shall we, not like anyone actually cares…
So Akari is quite attached to this kid since he’s victim of the Ass Erosion virus, like his dead girlfriend. So saving that kid is like saving his girlfriend. Before leaving for Mars he made all sort of promises to that kid like he did to his girlfriend before she died. So Akari’s motivation to fight is supposedly that Kid and the hope of finding a cure against the virus. I say supposedly because now, it seems like he’s more interested in watching Michelle’s ass rather than curing the Ass Erosion virus.


A nice shot of Yoyo Man

So that’s it with the flash back. The fight continues and Akari is lifted up in the air and punched by the cockroaches multiple times. Then he manages to free himself from them thanks to the help of Yoyo Man ( I also forgot his name sorry) and uses a cockroach to soften his fall from the sky. We have to notice that, Akari is also a magician since the corpse of the cockroach disappeared after the fall. But I’m stopping on little details here, who cares about a corpse missing AHAHA, yeah, I care about those details.

At the same time, the guys in the division 2 are fucking sucking at everything. I don’t know who’s the worst, the cockroaches who can’t reach and grab a clumsy girl or the division who’s dumb enough to spread a net and not include the girl inside. But it’s okay, they don’t all die because the Captain and the only bad ass characters of the show, Marcos and that Boxing guy, arrive.

Michelle is looking for Akari who’s laying on the ground too occupied to have another flashback to care about the cockroaches around. You know, I’m starting to think that there is some rule that exists which allows every shounen hero in a bad position to have the right to Flash back. Like ” Oh I’m in a bad position and about to die, I invoke my right of Flash Back, where I can tell he story of my life and show the reasons why I shouldn’t die”. So yeah, another flash back, this time about Akari’s dead girlfriend, also victim of the Ass Erosion virus. So our young hero wakes up thanks to the power of love and friendship, I suppose, ready to kick some cockroaches’s ass. Will we finally get some epic fights?



Yeah, I’m really feeling the fight intensity here.

There’s a big cockroach and they give each other little punches on the stomach for a while, then Akari is about to lose but the whole team arrive and call his name. So after a lot of punching with no blood, Akari manages to behead the massive cockroach and all the other cockroaches are then leaving, because “oh no, the five of them are too powerful for us, quick, let’s retreat.”

Akari falls on the ground again because he has no power left, practicing judo is really tiring you know, and Michelle catches him as he falls. He says “Sorry Michelle-chan I used too much power” or something like that and falls asleep grabbing Michelle’s boobs…

You know what? I was fine with him being a bit perverted in the first season but here, it’s just too much… I don’t remind Akari doing anything like that before… god dammit, he was so awesome in the first season, what happened?

After that, the commanders make a speech telling the crew the situation of the other divisions. Some of them are not responding and others were apparently destroyed. But I don’t remember which division has which number, I don’t expect anyone to remember so this feels a bit useless. At least show us the faces of the commanders of each division. That would be more useful than just the numbers… But eh, it’s okay, I guess. So the captain says stuff like: ” okay fuckers, now let’s rest, we know you’re sad about your friends who died but, it’s okay, no big deal,sleep, eat and the girls are going to take a shower”.


I have nothing to say about the useless Fan service.
I pass.

Akari is awake again and talks a bit with Michelle. She says that they will keep his promise ( to save the Ass Erosion Kid) but he think she’s talking about the shower scene. There you go, that stuff is brought up again… I can tell that Akari is saying all that bullshit about the shower to not worry anyone or too sound like a light headed guy even if deep down inside he has a terrible past but eeeeeehh… It gets annoying after a bit. Now I feel like this shower stuff is more brought up for the comedy’s sake instead of being used to develop Akari’s character.

So everyone eat and jerk around, the night passes and when it’s morning again, the cockroaches are not coming, why ? Mystery, Mystery. Just before the ending, we learn that people on earth have send a rescue ship but they’ve let one country carry all the burden of the operation. Honestly, I’m way more interested in what is happening on earth and all the political strategy thing going on rather than in the shit fights on Mars. That might be just me but since the dirigeants on earth looks like huge douchebags things can get interesting.


Charibo’s Thoughts:

Let’s not lose any time in nice talks about the story and stuff to focus on the main problems:

What’s up with the bright colors?

What the hell of the Fan service?

Why is Akari a hentai pussy?

I was watching Terra Formars because it was violent, gore, and because I was afraid of the cockroaches. Now I’m clearly not afraid anymore. I think the colors are too bright and if you thought the first season had bad animation, let me laugh a bit. The animation here is clearly lacking of everything. In my opinion this episode is worse than everything. During the episode, Akari was “fighting” against some cockroaches but it seems like he was just practicing some judo catches… Like lifting them and throwing them on the ground. Do you expect me to believe that they can be killed like that? Seriously. No blood, no head smashed with eyes popping out… I miss the old season.

For exemple there’s a GIF from the first season, uncensored. It’s a bit graphic so I’ll leave it under the spoiler tag. Don’t click if you don’t want to see a cockroach being beaded.

vlcsnap-2016-04-01-21h03m19s270I don’t want to talk about the useless fan service. It just pisses me off even more.
Furthermore, I’m not a big fan of the comedy they decided to add… Those guys just killed horrible cockroaches, watched their friends being killed in front of their eyes and they are there, joking, jerking around. Please… The comedy was fine at the beginning of the first season, before landing on Mars because they had no idea of what they were about to live. But now… no… just no… like Marcos and Yoyo Man just watched their childhood friend Sheila die (it actually happened in the first season but in the show, it’s I dunno, like the same day) And they are joking about Akari collapsing. COME ON!
On the other hand, we get excessive flashbacks of Akari and the sick Kid in the hospital, reminding us why he is doing all that. But it’s not like I care about the characters anymore. I used to like Akari in the first season because he was bad ass. Now he’s just … eeeeeh, like the show… Just… no…

The OP is fine, but it can’t compete with the first one which is one of my favorite OP of all time. Just listen to it and you’ll see the difference. But now, listening to it makes me remember the first season… God… What happened Terra Formars? This episode is even worst than censored version, because now, we can’t even hope for a better version…When I’m writing those lines I’m actually listening to the first opening again and again, crying on how good the first season was compared to this shit. Now, there’s no need to censor anything since the fights are no violent at all. I get it, Terra Formars made a lot of noise when it first came out because of the censored version but I think that this is worse. Trying to make a lighten version to avoid the censor is killing the spirit of Terra Formars. Remove all the gore, the dark and threatening atmosphere of the first season, add more comedy, shittier animation, fan service to avoid the censorship and you’ll get Terra Formars Revenge.

Will I watch it? Yeah. So that I can put a very bad score at the end. That would be my…


Get it?
I’m not even sorry

Will I blog about it? HELL NO. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands right now, and I don’t want to waste it reviewing this. Maybe it will get better, and if it does I’ll probably do a review of the whole show once it’s over. Other than that I don’t think I’ll write more stuff about this show. I’ve already said too much. My head is hurting, I’m sad and disappointed. It’s fun to write about how bad a show is for a couple of episodes but after a bit, it’s not funny anymore, it feels like torture and I don’t hate myself enough to to do this.