Mayoiga Episode 12: Nanaki Mirrors Your Soul (Final Impressions)

I came back from a very exhausting and busy day from work and I was about to take a really nice nap until


Oh yeah.

I have to review this pile of poop.

Not greato.

And the longer I put it off, the lazier I’m going to get. Even though I’m really tired, I watched the episode. And of course it was dumb but it finally ended. I feel like I don’t really need to go into so much detail on this final episode because all the information presented to us was repeated again so and of the stuff that happened was not surprising or a big reveal. Except one thing.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0015So Koharun’s father is the researcher guy Mitsumune met. Kamiyama, if I’m remembering correctly. She’s so upset at her father for not caring about how he’s aging prematurely and how he’s researching the village. She’s trying to find his Nanaki, his trauma or something so he can return to normal, and she’s mad at him that he’s not looking around with her. Basically, to find her father’s trauma she’s purposely making other people’s traumas worse…or something like that. In hopes that her father’s trauma will pop out or something, I don’t know that part didn’t really make too much sense. I don’t think Koharu (which is her real name, no shit) knows how Nanakis work.

So yeah Hayato had that giant ugly-CGI Nanaki attack the others, he’s still yandere and wants Mitsumune to be his puppet. But Mitsumune says some stuff about wanting to be more stronger and courageous and being a better friend to Hayato like helping him with his family issues and that really struck a cord with Hayato. But then Koharun comes out of nowhere and is like “No he’s lying he just saying that because Masaki is cute” but it doesn’t really work anymore. Now they can’t control the giant Nanaki and so they all run off.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0032Reiji being Masaki’s Nanaki was true, I mean…we already knew that. He was her imaginary friend and he’s her trauma. I would care more if I actually liked Masaki. I mean I do feel bad that everyone tried killing her multiple times even when they didn’t have any actual proof of the stuff they accused her of. I mean poor girl leave her alone. But other than that, I thought she was kind of dumb. I expected her character to be something more, like she really did know some stuff about the village or she had supernatural powers or something. Remember how in the first episode she was really superstitious and weird? I thought that was going to reveal something, but we got nothing! I felt like her personality shifted a lot throughout the show from mysterious girl, to mean mysterious girl, to damsel in distress, to annoying girl that doesn’t reveal important information. The show was making it so Masaki would have a weird spiritual connection to the village, and well…yeah I guess? But not really. Apparently she’s supposed to be an important character but she was worthless.

So we all know that to leave the village, everyone has to accept their Nanaki. Mitsumune is still there because he has a new Nanaki, a little fuzzball with Masaki’s ribbon on its back. Masaki had denied Reiji being her Nanaki, but she confessed to Mitsumune that she always knew Reiji was a figment of her imagination. And so she accepted him, and she left. And she was also happy because Mitsumune put the moves on her and was like “I’ll always listen to you and be with you!” or something and she blushed. I actually thought they were going to kiss and I would have been mad if they did that would have been stupid.

So yes now everyone knows that to leave they have to accept their Nanaki because it’s a part of who they are. Some agree that they will and leave the village, but there are a few that are staying behind, such as Koharun who wants to research the village like her father, the hat guy because he doesn’t want his ass to get killed back home, Valkana because he probably has a thing for Koharun, Lion, and other people I don’t care about or remember. The rest of the gang leave, and Mitsumune is the last to leave. So they all appear in the bus with Driver-san and they sing that damn hippo song and go home. Great. This episode was…whatever. It was already stuff we knew about, we just saw it end. The only part I liked was when the three best girls hugged each other before saying goodbye. Lion throwing herself at Nanko was so cute. ;_;

Berry’s Final Impression

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0054

That’s me, I’m the sad looking fuzz. But I’m still cute.

That was not good. Not…good. To be honest it was pretty awful. I was really hyped up for this show when I had read the synopsis for the first time. I love mystery shows so I was excited for this. And I will say that I was enjoying it in the beginning. It made me curious as to what was going to happen, and trying to guess at the supernatural elements was pretty fun. I actually do like the idea of the Nanaki though, that’s a positive I’ll give the show. The idea of people’s past traumas haunting them is pretty great because you can really learn about a character. But in this show’s case, it’s not very effective when you do things where we come to hate the characters! Almost the entire cast was so unlikeable.

So unlikeable that I wouldn’t have minded if they all died. They were so stupid, so mindless, so gross, just awful people. And other characters were ignored to the point that I even forgot about them, and then they would randomly speak up and I’d be like oh shit I forgot about you! Also, the conversations they had with each other was so stupid and not funny that I usually would ignore the subtitles for a bit because they’d be talking about stupid shit that didn’t have to do with anything they were talking about.

What was the point of this show? If I hate 95% of the cast, how am I supposed to care about this show since the plot centered around their traumas? I just don’t…

Is it really that hard writing a good story? Is it really that hard to make this somewhat interesting? Is it hard to write good characters? Some of the plot points made sense, and sometimes it didn’t. How was this approved?! Dammit, honestly how? There was not one good thing about this show! The writing got so lazy in the end too, with Koharun. But then she wasn’t so bad…? I love how everyone wanted to kill Masaki when they had no proof against her, but when they found out with definite proof that Koharun caused everything, they didn’t do anything. Fuck this show.

Ok no that’s not true. I freaking love the opening song. So that was a good choice. The premise itself was actually interesting, so that’s another plus. Problem was the execution was awful. Animation wise, it’s cute. But sometimes the animators got lazy so it would look ugly. And god the CGI for some of the Nanaki was so ugly! And it just didn’t mesh well with the rest of the show so that just made some of the Nanaki really stupid, or laughable, or both.

This was painful. It started off pretty entertaining but then slowly disintegrated into…this. It’s poop. 3/10, stay away.

Is this my Nanaki?

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0030

Charibo’s final impressions

As I was taking my weekly Bleach bath to wash my sins away and while listing to some good old’ vaporwave I began to ask myself what were the most cancerous things in my life right now. Surprise, Mayoiga came at the top of the list, right after the minions which are the spawn of Satan.

In my opinion, this show is garbage. Everything is retarded, it’s full of plot-holes, unanswered questions and useless things. I mentioned all those weaknesses in my previous reviews and I feel like ranting for too long about this show would be like shooting on a injured animal: not really cool and fair play. So to keep it short and simple:

Most of the characters were completely useless, they had no character development, no characterization. The authors did not even bother to give them Nanaki nor real reasons for joining the tour trip. Some of the characters, like that Sick Kid, were so invisible that I really wondered if they still existed. They made sick kid and co talk a little bit in the last episode to remind us that they are still alive but that’s it. I fail to understand the utility of such huge number of character if the show is not using them, even as potential dead bodies.

Nothing makes sense, I won’t start mentioning all the plot holes and “deus ex machina” that happened because there’s too many. The one that shocked me the most was: Masaki mentions in this episode that she came to the village because she read and heard about the it thanks to the grand father’s articles on the subject. In those articles he clearly mentions that Nanaki are the scars of the past and shit. So WHY, WHY NOBODY KNEW IN THE TOUR?! They obviously did some researches to find the existence of the tour bus so why nobody knew about the existence of Nanaki expect Masaki? She’s clearly not a pro but managed to find those articles so why the rest of the shit gang did not know? Ok, they are retarded but still, Masaki is also a retard and she was able to figure that shit out. Furthermore they keep on saying at the beginning that everybody is searching the village and stuff. So, if everybody is searching for the village, means that they should have find the grand father’s articles. BUT NO! Apparently no, only Masaki read them. Pretty convenient right?

Finally, while the first part of the show failed to create some tension and a mystery atmosphere, the second part was rushed as hell, introducing new characters, new sub-plots and apparent motivations for some character that nobody cared about. The last five minutes of this episode tried to wrap things up so fast that I failed to understand their logic.

If I had to mention one good point for this episode, it would be the music. This episode’s soundtrack was really good, so good that I spent more time listening to the background music than to the dialogues. Also Ayato was funny in this episode going all yandere, that was funny. But then, in the bus he’s like “EEEH, long time no see”, all happy and stuff. I don’t know, two hours ago you wanted to kill them and know you are best buddies. Accepting your scars of the past must be pretty convenient.

Maybe you enjoyed the show as some comic nonsense and that’s good for you. And I guess it is one possible way to explain how and why this thing was made: to produce some “comic absurd nonsense”. In that regard, the end makes more sense. The people had supposedly changed, accepting their past scars and stuff, but as soon as they start to leave, they begin to sing the Hippo song, proving that after all, they are still retarded. I see this end as a big middle finger: “You thought all the shit they went through and all the unstoppable speeches on acceptance and difference would have affected them?” AH! YOU’RE TOO NAIVE! Nothing changed. They are still retards, which makes all the cancerous speeches that we had to sit through during the entire episode useless.

I don’t care. If you want to suffer, better buy an anal plug than watch this cancer of a show.

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