Boku no Hero Academia Episode 13: [In Each of Our Hearts][Final Impressions]


vlcsnap-2016-06-26-14h55m56s209After Nomu was thrown in the air by All Might, the latter tries to intimidate Shigaraki because he has reached his own limits. Of course nobody knows this, except Deku who is panicking and who decided to jump at the last minute in order to save All Might. As expected Midoriya’s attack was careless and Shigaraki was able to counter it pretty easily, putting Deku in a bad position. But I have to give this to Deku: he was pretty bad ass at this moment, he reminded me a bit of Bakugou… Heh… Also, like All Might mentioned, if Deku did not jump, All Might would have been killed, so in the end, it was a careless but useful move. However, Deku is saved at the last minute by the reinforcements brought by Iida. They manage to quickly take control of the situation which forces Shigaraki to leave, swearing that he will be back, more powerful than before, which led to some good old teasing for the second season.

vlcsnap-2016-06-26-15h08m59s577So the consequences of this attack? The kids now know that the pros’ world is quite scary, which is a good thing when you think of it. All Might is sure that this attack gave strength to the young students who are now aware of the difficulties they will have to face.
As for the bad guys’ side, they are even more pissed off than before. Shigaraki has noticed the troublesome existence of Deku and is determined to get rid of him. So now they are going to create a more powerful league of villains which gives room for another seaaaaason!
Oh yeah, and now, the school is concerned about improving the school’s security. Finally I want to say, it’s not like it’s important or anything…

After the fight we get some nice little comic scenes. The french Laser guy really made me laugh, the way he sparkles and gets ignored by everyone is just priceless. We also got another emotional talk between All Might and Deku where we don’t learn anything new, but serves to give us hope for the future. The scene after the credits also shows another villain who’s hanging on a rooftop, Batman style, looking threatening like all villains do.


Charibo’s Final Impressions:

vlcsnap-2016-06-26-15h23m35s287As you’ve probably noticed, the story in itself isn’t ground breaking, it did not make you jump off your chair when you first heard the plot of Boku no Hero Academia. But what can I say? Japan loves school environnement and those good old’ shounens, but where Boku no Hero academia differentiates itself is with the super hero setting borrowed from the western comics. Now, Boku no Hero academia follows the kind of plot built on the motivation of a single character, where this particular character wants to be something special and the anime follows his trials and tribulations to achieve his goal. So on this side nothing extraordinary new, the show is pretty shounen-ish which can be considered as an asset or as a flaw depending on who’s watching it. As for myself, even if this type of show isn’t the one I affectionate the most, I do enjoy shounen. One of my favorite shows being Saint Seiya I can hardly lie and say that I despise this kind of show.

So is, in my humble opinion Boku no Hero Academia good?
Well, yes.

vlcsnap-2016-06-26-15h23m03s384First, I’ll say that I’m a big fan of main characters who suck. I always find interesting to see a character becoming strong and overcoming difficulties. I find this concept is pretty engaging and it is always nice to see our dear hero succeeding in accomplishing what he believes in. In that aspect Boku no Hero Academia succeeds, Midoriya is a total cutie and I just want him to be happy.
As for rest of the characters, I’ts simple, I love all of them. Well, I may have some preferences for a certain king of Explodokills but my obsession aside, I enjoyed the whole cast. Speaking of my Trash Lord, I’ve seen a lot of people disliking Bakugou with passion, saying that he was a retard and simply an asshole. Oh well, oh well, pleb might talk, Bakugou remains the best. On this matter, I’ll sit on my comfortable chair and watch the world burn of hate for this character while silently drinking the haters’ tears.

I have nothing to reproach to the sound and the art, both were surprisingly good, that’s studio BONES for you. The pacing was great, I was pumped for each episodes and the last 3-4 episodes showed us some solid actions scenes, perfect to end the season in a grand finale.

vlcsnap-2016-06-26-15h04m54s887Now for the flaws. I’m not really sure if it’s a flaw in itself but to me, this show lacks of that little spark which makes something different from all the other shounens I’ve seen. Sure, the super hero concept is quite new in japanimation, the characters and art style are nice but what’s more to it? Heh, for the moment, nothing really. Furthermore, the message whole message ” YOU CAN DO IT” isn’t completely new and tends to get a bit old. Other than that, the show doesn’t try to develop any other topics that could have left room for a deep analysis. Because yes, Boku no Hero Academia isn’t a powerful masterpiece, a show that was going to shake the whole animu community, to revolutionize the world but it’s fine. Why you may ask? Well, because it never meant to. It’s like the show is aware of its own limits and nature. It’s not a show that tries to hard to be something else.This admission is quite pleasant to notice and thus doesn’t make the show unbearable to watch.

I mentioned the characters earlier so what’s more to say about them? Well, in this first season only a few characters were truly developed, leaving the rest of the high school students a bit forgettable. But developing an entire class of students takes time and doing it in 13 episodes is impossible. But, I’m one of those people who read the manga before so I had more time to get attached to the cast. So even if I recognize the fact that the cast wasn’t developed enough, I was still already attached to the characters before starting the anime.


Overall, Boku no Hero Academia is a good show in my eyes. It is nothing extraordinary new nor revolutionary but it is well executed. The story, the characters are engaging, making the show a pleasant animu to watch. Now in my opinion, the show lacks of “deep topics” to discuss, if you’ve been following my reviews you might have noticed that I love to get off topic and to fantasize about the meaning of things. I just love over analyzing, which might be a flaw, buuuut yeah, in my eyes, Boku no Hero Academia lacks of those things, although this argument is really subjective here. However, the fact that the show doesn’t try to hard to be something else, lightened my worries and makes me forget the fact that there’s no hidden meaning, symbolism behind every characters’ action.
So in the end, we are left with a good shounen, enjoyable but that’s it. There’s nothing more to it, and we shouldn’t try to seek more.
Oh and Best Grill goes to Tsuyu. I don’t think I need to mention who best boy is, that’s pretty obvious ( ? ? ?)

Score: 7/10

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