Show By Rock!! # Episode 1: Melody -Schlehit Melodie- (First Impression)

Holy crap…

I am absolutely…blown away from the episode’s explosive intro. I legitimately wrote that first sentence without noticing the puns I made, but haha. But no, really those first three minutes was probably the coolest three minutes I’ve ever seen and I rewatched that scene about 100 times. Hoping that I would see them, the anime answered my prayers: BUDVIRGINLOGIC made it into the anime, and they’re the baddies. Not too surprised that they are since they really have the evil look. I’m not sure what story they had in the game since I never looked it up, but seeing their role here should be fun to see.


Also, seeing BUDVIRGINLOGIC perform with the show’s usual animation and not in the Miumon forms was a pleasure to watch because it looked good. BONES is definitely capable of making all the bands perform like this and not in their chibi Miumon forms, but I guess to make it look like the game, they perform as Miumon. They’re still small and cute as ever in their 50000 frames per second performances.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-01-1080p-mkv0004We got the plot before we even needed to think about it. As usual, the plot isn’t extraordinary. It’s the usual villain wanting to control the entire universe thing like we’ve seen before. But cliche plots like that don’t bother me too much if the execution is on point. Also, seeing Dagger making a comeback just made things more interesting if you ask me, so I’m very excited. The opening scene with all the ships, the Queen of Darkness voiced by the Queen of Seiyuus, Miyuki Sawashiro (*swoon*)…was great. It was all just so cool. When this series wants to get dark, it can. Just seeing Midi City engulfed in explosions and ruin was something I definitely didn’t think I would see. BUDVIRGINLOGIC singing when all this destruction is happening was badass, everyone’s Melodisians becoming tainted, just everything going wrong. Seeing the outcome before seeing how things came to be that way just drew me in immediately, so good on BONES for doing that. Also, the song was fantastic.

But what we saw was the future. In the present time, we see everyone in BRR. Typical hijinks and fun times ensue. After the events of the first season, Criticrista is now part of BRR. This’ll be interesting to see, seeing what kind of rivalry Criticrista and Plasmagica had in the first season. But that just means that Banded Rocking Records acquired a very popular band, so that’ll give the label a bigger name than before. And we can already see that as BRR is holding a concert for their bands.

We see as Plasmagica is about to perform, Criticrista notice that the girls look a little sad that Cyan isn’t with them anymore. It broke my heart every time Retoree would look back at the photo they took at the beach, while even saying “Cyan, I miss you…” Aww, Retoree. ;_; It really was a strange sight to see only three instead of the four. I was wondering what kind of song they were going to sing with just them, but before they could put on their show, everything went dark, and that’s when conflict started.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-01-1080p-mkv0047I do have to say that I did feel like things were a tiny bit rushed. Though one complaint I had last season was that it took awhile for the plot to kick in. This time, the plot is kicking in right away! Ninjinriot makes their appearance, going back in time from the destruction of Sound Planet to help Plasmagica and tell the others of BRR what happens in the future, and to get their help. Seeing as how BUDVIRGINLOGIC appeared with Dagger, they agree immediately. They have to do whatever they can to stop the Queen of Darkness and save everyone in the universe. And save the music! I didn’t expect to see Ninjinriot, I regret not playing their songs as much when I had the game on my phone. They seem like a very cool bunch and I would like it if they could perform at least one song. Either way, it looks like we’re going to be seeing them a lot, so that makes me glad.

But hey, what about Cyan? The biggest worry I had when coming into this season was how Cyan was going to be included again. The first season had ended so well, I didn’t think Cyan needed to come back again. For what reason would she need to come back for? Well, we know now!

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-01-1080p-mkv0055Cyan was the one that took down Dagger. With him back, and the Queen of Darkness, it’s no surprise that they would need her help again. It was so cute to see her in glasses again. It sounded like things were going well with her school band, but she was troubled that she agreed to write the song for their concert in the cultural festival because she hasn’t come up with anything. This scene was quite nice, as the girls of Plasmagica sang while looking at their matching guitar picks from last season’s finale. But of course, things aren’t peaceful for long, as Cyan looks up into the sky to see a “shooting star” coming down at her. When in fact, it was Kamui, the mecha ninja from Ninjinriot taking her to…of course, Midi City.

This episode immediately pulled me in just from that amazing beginning scene. As usual, the show looked good, and it sounded good. The ED theme actually isn’t my favorite of Plasmagica compared to Have a nice MUSIC and Do Re Mi Fa Party, but it was cute. Again, when the show animates them as Miumon, watching this in 1080p, it just looks really good. A little too good because it’s kind of scary that they literally look like nendoroids I could pull out of the screen. BONES back at it again with the bomb animation. My favorite of the music was of course Schlehit Melodie. I always loved BUDVIRGINLOGIC’s music, which is why I wanted them in the anime. Like I said, I would like to see Ninjinriot perform a song, but I would also love to hear ARCAREAFACT perform too because I wanted them in the anime too, and bam here they are. They have great music too, and I wonder what role they’re going to have in the anime.

Albeit this episode was a bit rushed with so many things going on, I greatly enjoyed this episode. I just…really love Show By Rock. I never thought I would love this series so much but I really do. I love it. I’m happy.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: GUARANTEED!!

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