9 thoughts on “Noragami Aragoto Episode 1 [First Impression]”

  1. The biggest change I’ve seen is how Bishamon’s mansion looks like a French chateau instead of the manga’s Italian castle-type walls resembling Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. (I also read the manga after Season 1 ended. How up to date are you?)

  2. I agree, Season 1’s OP was better. Although Season 2’s OP choice was probably a decision by the production committee, this being business as usual. I think music company Avex is investing in the anime, so in return the show has to showcase this new single – connected with their company- as the OP. The song’s the 4th single by this Oral Cigarettes band, BTW.

  3. Personally I loved the new OP, has this nice frantic feel to it that just adds some extra HYPE to my weekly watching.
    It was a pretty slow episode, but there’s already some big hints as to the threats to be encountered this season: Just this episode there was 1) The new Regalia, 2) The mischievous medicine man, and 3) The Masks. Not sure what they represent, though it reminds me a lot of Tokyo Ghoul. But basically, HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! Here’s to the best 5 Yen I’ve ever spent!

  4. I realize Hiyori’s… issue… serves as her entry into this world, but given the danger it poses to her both physically and spiritually, shouldn’t folks be more interested in trying to find some sort of solution to it?

  5. PS: Eva, take care of yourself. While we certainly want you to keep blogging here, the flipside of that is you can’t DO so if you cripple yourself trying. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself, and we’ll make do.

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