Handa-kun Episode 1: Handa-kun and a Girl’s Friendship (First Impression)

Not having Daisuke Ono in this is really freaking me out.

Where is he? Hello, why aren’t you here? I literally forgot that he was recast I swear. Shimazaki is a pretty great seiyuu, I’m just used to Ono. I don’t know why he was recast but it tripped me up. Maybe I’m showing a little bias here because I enjoy Ono a lot, but I guess this isn’t too big of a deal. Hehe…*sweats*

[HorribleSubs] Handa-kun - 01 [1080p].mkv0011Okay so the show. I’m going to be honest and say straight out that it was underwhelming. The comedy wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. I didn’t find myself laughing out loud as much as I did with Barakamon and yes I’m going to be comparing this with Barakamon, I’m sorry. Hearing that we would be getting this prequel type of show with Handa in high school, I had a mixed reaction. Yes, I wanted another season of Barakamon, but I looked on the bright side in that it was Handa! And I really liked him a lot, so I should be happy. And so I was really looking forward to this. But with cast changes and even a studio change, I got a little skeptical. After last season’s disaster Mayoiga, I look at Diomedea with a little dread. I’ve only seen a couple of their shows, and the ones I did watch I thought were just okay shows. But, again, I stay optomistic. I didn’t want to write it off without even seeing the first episode. And now that it’s here…

I don’t know. I find the show a little odd. You can obviously see the differences here from Barakamon. I just feel like this show doesn’t have the same mood/atmosphere as the other. I feel like Handa-kun takes place in an alternate universe from Barakamon with its style of comedy. I think that may be my main problem.

[HorribleSubs] Handa-kun - 01 [1080p].mkv0021The episode starts off with four guys talking about how Handa is going to be getting an anime. These guys are part of the Handa Force and they really love Handa. They’re basically his fanclub. For the next 9 minutes or so, these guys break the fourth wall talking about the anime and what it could possibly be about and they each come up with different genres and scenarios. But then they realize that the first episode had already came out and none of them recorded it. Then Glasses calls Diomedea’s office to ask them to show a rerun so they can see it, but he’s declined. So they all get together, minus one guy, to make their own anime about Handa. And their result is this horribly grotesque child-like product. Then after they get a delivery from some girl named Eraser and it’s a DVD of the first episode of the real Handa anime and they sit together to watch. I don’t know who these guys are but they seem to be big fans of Handa. I don’t even know their names but they look like a group of guys that wouldn’t hang out together. This whole fourth-wall breaking anime original part…wasn’t funny. This literally took up the whole first half of the episode and in my opinion it was a waste of time. I found it too forced. It was more boring and dumb than funny and entertaining and I was waiting for the actual episode to start playing because I was getting impatient. But…it wouldn’t…start! It was more cringeworthy than anything, so this was a bad start.

[HorribleSubs] Handa-kun - 01 [1080p].mkv0049The actual episode itself, that started playing after the weird opening, was pretty decent. It still wasn’t the funniest thing I ever saw, but it still had me giggling in some parts. Handa Sei is a calligraphy genius and he’s very popular at his school. Guys want to talk to him and become his friend, and girls want to confess to him. But all this attention is overwhelming to Handa because he takes it the wrong way. He actually thinks everyone hates him and is bullying him, and when he gets a love letter in his locker, he thinks it’s a letter of challenge and is mortified. Seeing how his character was in the beginning of Barakamon, Handa enjoyed being alone. In this anime we can see that as he puts up his Handa Wall and keeps to himself, but again that’s because he wants to stay safe and not get bullied (even when that’s not what’s happening). The rest of the episode is Handa misunderstanding the love letter. He never bothered opening it up and reading it because he was too afraid, thinking he was going to get beat up in front of everyone. So this misunderstanding created another misunderstanding with the confesee’s friend. We actually don’t get to see the ending of this confrontation as he marches to the back of the gym…because of the unfunny first half. We’ll see the conclusion in the next one.

The second half was better. I mostly giggled because of Handa’s facial expressions which were drawn really well. The misunderstandings were funny too and I liked the big friend. But I can’t say I actually laughed out loud, like I usually do. The only time I did was the very end after the credits, when the Handa Force guys sent Handa their anime they made and he watched with a creeped out expression on his face. So in terms of comedy, and since this show is centered around comedy, it was okay. I can see that this whole show is going to be based around Handa’s misunderstandings, and I’m worried because this whole shtick and get old after awhile. Last season’s Sakamoto had it’s own shtick with Sakamoto being awesome all the time, but at least at times it was able to be serious, and that’s what I’m hoping for this show. Like Handa growing a bit and seeing that he’s been looking at things wrong the whole time.

Diomedea is also worrisome. The animation for this wasn’t amazing. In fact, it was cheap, but at least it does it’s job. They do well with the facial expressions, and Handa himself and the other characters look fine. But comparing it to Barakamon (if this annoys you, tell me), it’s a little….eh. You can see it’s cheap. I always remember the scene when Handa looked out into the ocean the first and last episodes and it was so pretty and nice. Of course, since this is a school-based comedy, we don’t need super ultra animation. Maybe that’s another reason why I think this show is in an alternate universe.

Opening visuals were weird, but the song was great. Fo’xtails is a new band but I’ve loved every song they put out so good for them. The ending song was nice, but visually, lackluster. Again, cheap animation.

The show didn’t impress me, which makes me a little sad, but it didn’t push me away. I want to see more and I want to see whether things will get funnier and not get old. I love Handa, he’s cute and silly so I hope we get an enjoyable watch from this. Here’s hoping. *crosses fingers*

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Moderate (if it gets too repetitive I might drop coverage)

[HorribleSubs] Handa-kun - 01 [1080p].mkv0066

Amaama to Inazuma Episode 1 (First Impression)

I’ve been healed.

My skin has been cleared, my debts have been paid, and I’ve been purified. This is one of the most pure and healing shows I have seen. Last season’s Shounen Maid made me happy and warm. This show does the same but ten times more. Tsumugi is the sweetest thing and Kouhei is a pretty great guy, too.

[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 01 [1080p].mkv0055

I didn’t notice at first but she was drooling on her drawing lol.

My goodness what a wholesome show. We need more shows like these. I love watching horror shows, and mystery shows, and ones with action and violence and blood and guts flying everywhere. But there are times when I want to sit down and watch something like this. A good slice of life show with likeable characters. Nothing too wacky, just sweet and pleasing. Those are kind of tough for me to find because they can end up being too slow and make me bored, like…Flying Witch. No offense, I’m sorry. Shounen Maid was a good one. Another show was Barakamon, that was fun. I guess what we’re not familiar with seeing is kids in anime. Kids actually being kids and being in realistic, and unfortunate, life situations. What this show and the other two I mentioned are young children losing one or both of their parents, where afterwards an adult comes into their life who becomes their family and parent figure. The difference here is that Tsumugi actually has one of her parents, her father. (Granted, Chihiro in Shounen Maid had his uncle Madoka but they were strangers.)

[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 01 [1080p].mkv0010We just don’t see much anime about parents, let alone single parents because parents are an inconvenience in anime. We can’t get plot with parents around! So it’s nice seeing something like this, especially about a single father. And so we’re thrown into the life in the Inuzuka household. We learn from one of Kouhei’s collegues that it’s been six months since his wife died. We don’t get the reason. He’s a teacher at a school and after he drops Tsumugi off at her kindergarten, he doesn’t see her until much later in the evening, where a babysitter picks her up. He doesn’t have the time, energy, or even the skills to actually cook up something for his daughter, so he buys boxed lunches and frozen meals from the store. These are regular meals, and Tsumugi eats them while her eyes are glued onto the TV where she watches her favorite magical girl show. While she’s eating, Kouhei is either grading quizzes at the table or just doing something else, so they don’t really eat together. But even when they don’t see each other for awhile each day, that doesn’t mean they have a distant relationship. They’re actually quite close. Tsumugi jumps on him, kisses his cheek, they both clean the home together, and he sings the Magi-Girl theme with her. He’s a great father!

[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 01 [1080p].mkv0036It’s obvious that he really loves her. He tries his best to be the best father that he can be, but you can see that he struggles. He always turns down his colleagues when it comes to parties because he needs to get home to his daughter. He sometimes leaves work late and rushes home. He also regrets that he can’t give his daughter a proper meal. He tried cooking once but that didn’t go well. He does his absolute best to make her happy, and he does that by taking her flower viewing. It’s then that they meet Kotori, one of his students. They see that she’s crying, eating a rice ball alone. Tsumugi talks to her asking if the riceball was really good, and it looked like she wanted to try one. Feeling guilty for not being able to share, Kotori hands Kouhei the business card of her family’s restaurant. Ever since then, Tsumugi has gotten the need for different food, real food not in a box. Kouhei goes into action once he comes home to seeing Tsumugi literally drooling on the TV screen when watching a cooking show with meat.

Kouhei takes Tsumugi to the restaurant but is disappointed when he learns that the girl’s mother isn’t there so they’re closed. But she changes her mind and says she’ll make rice for them. This show made me smile a lot, but it also made me emotional for two different reasons. Kouhei’s face, with tears in his eyes, when Tsumugi ate the rice struck my heart. Seeing his daughter so happy eating something simple like rice made him realize that he wants to make his daughter happy all the time, with delicious food. It doesn’t matter that it was just rice, it was homemade rice. At the end of the episode, he promises Tsumugi that he’ll make delicious food for her and she’s thrilled. The episode ends with Kotori asking her teaching awkwardly to have dinner with her, and Tsumugi has no idea why it’s so awkward. Aww.

[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 01 [1080p].mkv0056I say Kouhei is a great father because he does his best to preserve his daughter’s happiness, but I can see trouble later. After he walked in to Tsumugi watching the cooking show, she told her father to write a letter to her mother to send them meat. Um…wait. Uh oh. She thinks…her mother is alive. And that she’s probably traveling somewhere. Oh no….ohhh no. That’s not good. I can see a lot of crying from both Tsumugi and me later on when the truth is revealed, and it most likely will be somehow. And I won’t look forward to that. Not at all. T_T

With all the images of food and eating in the opening and ending, I’m guessing this show is going to revolve around food. Well, that’s fine! This show…is just everything I wanted. Wholesome, pure, cute, just so CUTE. Tsumugi is a joy. She’s a simple kid, like any other kid she can’t put on her clothes right, she gets excited being able to read “restaurant” on a card, she gets sleepy at 7:30pm, and she asks her dad if he went “poopsies”. It’s so sweet and I love this show already. I’m just so…happy.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Yes!!!

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Show By Rock!! Short!! Episode 1 (First Impression)

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! Short!! - 01 [1080p].mkv0023

Damn, Show By Rock back at it again with the best girl. I was gonna say Moa but honestly I just love all four of them. They’re just so precious and cute and I’m happy to see them again, even in short form. But! It was officially confirmed that the second season will air in October, so this short series will tide me over until then. The website updated with a new visual which looks great, so I’m looking forward to it!

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! Short!! - 01 [1080p].mkv0017I’m not sure what these shorts are going to be, though. This episode, which was 3 minutes long, was the girls of Plasmagica on a talk show of someone named Tokiko, another egg…thing, with a mustache. The girls introduced themselves and we actually learned the names of the other girls’ instruments. Because all we knew was Strawberry Heart but I think it’s cute that Chuchu and the other girls named their instruments too. So yes, they went on this talk show but they never really talked about music. Instead, Tokiko made them stand up and turn around, just so she could admire how fluffy and cute their tails were and it got weird for the girls. Then right when Chuchu asked if they were going to talk about music, Tokiko’s show ended. Not much there.

I’m not sure if these episodes will follow a little plot, or just be random episodic ones each time. I think it’s going to be the latter since the synopsis of this short doesn’t really say much of anything. I’m going to guess we’ll just see some episodes of the girls and the Crimson boys in wacky situations with appearances from the other bands like Trichronika (forget how you spell it), Tsurezure, and we saw Criticrista in a commercial for a waterpark. I don’t actually mind that much because I love them all and I want to just see them again. Even if there’s no plot, I’m fine with that. This series is fun.

I’m going to cover next week’s episode, but I’m probably just going to cover this show biweekly after that since I think that’s a better way to cover shorts since you always have so little to talk about. So yeah, there it is, Show By Rock!! Short!! The ending song was good too, as expected of Plasmagica.

Possibility of watching: Yes

Possibility of blogging: It may seem pointless, but I’ve blogged another short before, but I actually like Show By Rock!! so of course.

[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! Short!! - 01 [1080p].mkv0015

Mmm…okay, I may love Moa just a liiiittle bit more.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 1: I Want to Shine! (First Impression)

Here we go, more wives for people to choose from. I already call dibs on Yoshiko/Yohane.

[HorribleSubs] Love Live! Sunshine!! - 01 [1080p].mkv0021

She’s so silly. I guess I’m drawn to the idols with personas. *blows kiss* Also, her deep voice makes me tingly.

I’m going to admit, I was worried going into this show. I’m so biased towards Muse and I’m trying to change that about myself. When I first saw the PV for Sunshine, I noticed that there were a lot of similarities to School Idol Project. Orange-haired protagonist wants to start a school idol club but has trouble finding members, and the mean student council president keeps rejecting the idea. Also, the characters seem a little similar to Muse. The only difference is that the school doesn’t need any saving. The reason for wanting to start the school idol club is different.

[HorribleSubs] Love Live! Sunshine!! - 01 [1080p].mkv0052Here we’re introduced to Chika Takami. A happy-go-lucky normal girl. She’s always wanted to be special and make something of herself but she’s never found anything to pursue. She’s always been living life normally. It wasn’t until one say she was down in Akiba with You that she met a maid handing out flyers, and when the papers were blown away Chika went after them. One paper was blown especially far, and she followed it and stumbled upon a giant screen. The screen showed Muse’s performance of START DASH, and that damn song always makes me cry. :’) Out of all their songs, it’s their first one. Anyway, after that, she was hooked and ever since then she wanted to become a school idol. She listened to all of Muse’s songs and memorized them and watched all of their performances, so she immediately got into school idols. The rest of the episode is Chika trying to recruit people into the club, but of course she’s met with difficulties. I at least appreciate that we don’t have the same plot from School Idol Project, because I was worried about that. But Chika simply wants to create a school idol group because she wants to. She finally has something she aspires to be. I loved her little talk with Riko on the beach. That even when the girls of Muse look normal, they’re still something. So that means even when she’s normal, she can become something too.

[HorribleSubs] Love Live! Sunshine!! - 01 [1080p].mkv0018We got introduced to all of the soon-to-be Aquors girls too, but they were all scenes we saw in the PV. You is Chika’s best friend from childhood, and while she’s already in the swim team, she signed herself up for the school idol club because it’s Chika (kinda like Umi). We meet Hanamaru and Ruby, who’s so damn shy that she screams like she’s being murdered whenever someone touches her. Yohane, who fell out of a tree. Mari, the rich bitch who rode to her mansion in her private helicopter. Kanan, who seems to have known Chika and You for awhile. She’s been taking a break from school because her father’s hurt, and for whatever reason she had a weird reaction when Chika mentioned her school idol club. Riko, who Chika met earlier on the beach when she tried jumping into the water in April. She composes music and plays piano (hmm, that sounds familiar). Also, she transferred from Otonokizaka, so that’s important! And lastly, Dia the school council president who looks like a mean bitch but she actually has a dorky side. It was revealed that someone had tried starting a school idol club before but Dia rejected it. Her family owns a fishing business and she doesn’t like “silly” things like school idols at the school, which is why she keeps rejecting the idea. Nothing too deep, basically she’s just boring.

And of course, they’re all going to join later. Even when Dia disapproves, and Riko rejected Chika in the end, we all know that they’re going to join anyway. Which is a little boring. Like with School Idol Project, I was watching each episode thinking “When the hell is Eli and Nozomi going to join?!” I hope they don’t take too long here too. Like I said, I saw some similarities, most of them coming from the characters. Chika is the new Honoka. She’s happy, excited, and her voice is so damn loud. So I already know I won’t like her. Riko looks like the next Maki, but cuter and more likeable. Dia is the Eli, but we see her dorkier side immediately. Yohane is basically Nico and I love that. I guess Ruby is Hanayo? I don’t want to compare them to Muse, but I just see it that way. Characters, I already picked my fave, but I can’t say anything about them right now since we only really focused on mostly Chika, so I need to see more. Riko seems so cute though.

The episode started off like any other first episode, good but nothing too special. We’re just getting started, we won’t see anything too spectacular until later. I know things are going to go well for Chika and we’ll get Aquors later, I just hope the journey to the idol group won’t be slow, which is one problem I had with School Idol Project.

[HorribleSubs] Love Live! Sunshine!! - 01 [1080p].mkv0070With all idol anime, we get our generic idol music. We got the opening song, of course, then we got a small performance from the second years. Was the music good? Mmm…well let me start with the opening. Their outfits were cute. Visually, I liked it. The visuals in general in the show were great, I feel like the CGI has improved. As for the song, I’m not sure. As well as the second year performance. It was cute, but it didn’t slap me in the face with me shouting “I love it!”. Honestly, I don’t even remember how both of the songs go. Hand in Hand was more catchier though, so out of both songs, I prefer that one. Since I’m going to hear the opening song each week, my mind will probably change later on. I might need to just hear it more and it’ll grow on me. Actually, that’s how I’ve felt for Aquors’ songs. They’re good, but they don’t catch me. Sometimes I need to listen to them more for me to like them. That’s not exactly a good thing so I hope that changes. That hasn’t been the case with all of their songs, though.

Sunshine!! got a good start, I’m excited to see more of it. I was never following the manga or the drama CDs because to me, the anime counts. I didn’t really know anything about the girls before this, so I hope these girls can really separate themselves from Muse plot-wise and character-wise. Let’s hope for the best for these girls.

Possibility of watching: Of course

Possibility of blogging: This is all mine.

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Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 25: Epilogue (Final Impression)

“We learned so many different kinds of life from him in one year. And even now…they live on inside us.”

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0016

This episode served as an epilogue so I’m just going to quickly go over what happened and just include my final impression together because they’ll be quick little thoughts.

But wow we’re finally at the end. Makes me emotional…as always. This episode didn’t make me as sad as the one before. I was more happy because this was a happy episode, but there were still little tears.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0010As expected, this episode served to show us just what happened after the situation with Koro-sensei. The students give Karasuma and Irina their thanks, and they all graduate with the main campus. Nagisa is surprised to see both of his parents there, together. Since they’re divorced and all. His father tells him that in the beginning of the year, Koro-sensei had actually paid him a visit and told him that Nagisa wanted to be called by his first name and not by his last related to his family issues. Seeing as how Koro-sensei had helped Nagisa, they decided that they would give their relationship another chance. Which made Nagisa happy. Even after his death, Koro-sensei still affected their lives. And knowing my emotional ass, I started tearing up.

Except after that the gross press busted into the school to question them about Koro-sensei, not caring about their feelings at all. And right after their graduation too. These people are just awful, they’re kids!!! Karasuma held them back, but luckily Asano and his squad led the students to the bus Karasuma had prepared for them. That was nice of them.

So after that, we learned the things that happened. The school got bad attention after the Koro-sensei thing. The E-Class was taken away as it was extreme. The principal went under fire for his actions with the way he ran the school so he was fired. But he had a visit from his first students, so he was happy. The students really did get the bounty. They each got their own share for education and for living expenses in the future, but they also used to the money to donate to some places, like the preschool, and then they gave the rest to the Ministry of Defense for all their hard work. Karasuma got promoted to an agent!

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0043And then 7 years pass. We see the students now as college students or in the workforce, doing whatever they’re doing. Some of the students like Kayano meet up at the abandoned E-Class building and they clean it up. They actually bought the mountain so they’re maintaining the school, for both Koro-sensei and Aguri. Then we learn how the students are doing in their lives. Kayano is back in acting and she’s great. Sugino is an ace college baseball player. Itona went to work in his family’s company after high school, as well as the other guys in his group. Terasaka is an intern. Karma’s kicking ass with politics. Hazama looks like a librarian. Kanzaki works with the elderly. Okuda and Takebayashi are working together being amazing and discovering blood cells. Each of them are doing what they do best in, they each have taken their own path and they all look happy. Also I’m really happy too because

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0037

THEY GOT MARRIED!!! <333333333

And they’re still ridiculous and cute together. I would have liked to have seen them kiss at least once, but…well fine, okay. At least they’re married. Not a fan of Karasuma’s hair, but whatever. So so happy about this.

And of course, Nagisa is a teacher…in training. And unfortunately he’s working in a rough looking school. But right when one of the students threatens to kill him, that triggers that assassin in him and he frightens all the students. As he walks to his podium, there’s a shadow of Koro-sensei around him. He’s the next Koro-sensei! I’m sure he’ll do well.

Berry’s Final Impression

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0032I had my worries about Assassination Classroom from the very start. The story worried me. There’s this monster we didn’t know anything about that would kill everyone on Earth that these random kids had to kill somehow before the deadline. Seeing as how Koro-sensei was basically impossible to kill, I saw a repetition of: assassination attempt, failure, assassination attempt, will it work?, nope another failure. Some comedy hijinks. Also the fact that the kids loved Koro-sensei. I saw that the formula would get old and boring if they didn’t do anything different. It was a good change of pace when they brought in outside villains because we would shift focus for awhile, and these changes would let us see how the students had grown. We also got episodes related to the segregation and injustice of the school. There were a lot of good things but there were still things bugging me in the back of my mind with this series, and they still did when I first started the second season. But they were completely answered and satisfied and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve said this before, but I really appreciated the relationship Koro-sensei and the students had. He made them love themselves, their flaws as well. He made them muster up some courage and strength within themselves. He taught them to fight back, like the school system. He made their lives so much better, and it just touches my heart.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 16 [1080p].mkv0015The first season was set as getting to know the students. The second season was spent to know more about Koro-sensei. We also got character development for other characters as well, and that was appreciated, even though I know that some chapters for some of the students were cut out to finish the anime in this season. But I’m highly satisfied by everything about Koro-sensei himself, his backstory and everything. Like I said before, his backstory was a little cliche but I still liked it. Some surprises, like who Kayano really was, I still think it was a little too sudden, but that doesn’t mean I did not enjoy it. I just felt like sometimes the mood and some plot points would happen too abruptly. I’m still not over the space thing either. >:/

But what else can I say about this show that I didn’t in my 24 other reviews? Like I said, I had my worries about this show but this season was simply amazing. The story really took a turn for the better and I think that was it’s success, as I felt last season I still had no idea where it was going to go. It was intense, it had me sitting at the edge of my seat, it had beautiful moments, it had fun moments, happy moments, and sad moments. The show did best when it finally got the meat of the plot, which of course was nearing the end of the deadline. What I loved the most was how important Koro-sensei was to the students, I can’t get enough of it. I really felt how close their relationship was this season than with the first one.

I feel like Assassination Classroom is special because of that. Teacher-student relationships aren’t touched upon much in media, so I felt like this was unique. Really, the entire plot was unique. It kept me interested with the whole assassination shtick. Some negatives: the repetition, comedy wasn’t funny all the time and got in the way, some episodes were a little boring, and sometimes plot points would appear out of nowhere. Positives: the plot really got moving, more character development, satisfactory ending.

9/10, almost perfect. I recommend that people who didn’t finish the first season keep watching because it only gets better. This is a special little series and it surprised me with how well it did. I’m gonna miss it.

Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 12: Borne Back Ceaselessly into the Past (Final Impression)

To be continued…

Wow, that was not an ending. This episode was the beginning to something cool and it literally ends with To be continued and now I can’t tell whether I’m happy or disappointed. I really hate it when shows end their anime like this. Yes, I know in these days when manga get an anime adaptation it’s usually to promote the original source so people can start buying it. After this cliffhanger ending, people who haven’t read the manga are definitely going to want to read it. With Bungou Stray Dogs, I’ve noticed that this series doesn’t have one big plot, but mini ones in their own little arcs. We finally meet some of the members of The Guild, so I’m guessing this next arc is called “The Guild” arc. But the anime just teased us with it, so that disappoints me. That is, it would disappoint me if there was no announcement of a second season, but there is! So…okay, hurray! I’m just disappointed that I have to wait. :’D

[HorribleSubs] Bungou Stray Dogs - 12 [1080p].mkv0018What a loser, this guy seriously says old sport like Gatsby does. I have no idea if the real Fitzgerald said old sport or not, but this is hilarious. This animu Fitzgerald is the perfect personification of the real Fitzgerald’s characters in his stories: filthy rich people who are assholes and I hate them all. He uses money to get what he wants, he has a custom-made watch, and he showed off his knowledge of fine china, like anyone gives a crap about that. But even though he’s a guy who I’d love to beat up and sell that watch of his, he’s the leader of The Guild and he means business. He arrives at the Agency on his helicopter (lol) and speaks with the president. the Guild being an underground group and not official, animu Fitzgerald wants to buy the president off for their permit. Without the permit, they’re nothing. Of course the president refuses and Fitzgerald-san leaves a vague warning at the end. He and the two people that accompanied him are led to the elevator by Kenji. The red-haired girl compliments his hat and the next thing we know, Kenji suddenly disappears from the elevator while the girl is wearing his hat. The next morning, they see that an entire building disappeared somehow. Of course that was the work of The Guild.

[HorribleSubs] Bungou Stray Dogs - 12 [1080p].mkv0037Lucy…is really cool. Her ability is so creepy and weird and I love it. She’s a creepy girl herself. Her ability is like a storybook gone wrong because her alternate world is all colorful and fun but it’s twisted with a giant evil doll named Anne kidnapping people and locking them up. Naomi gets captured, and then Tanizaki. Only Atsushi and some random physician man are left but Lucy is more interested in Atsushi, since her boss is after him. I’m still not really sure how I feel about Atsushi. I can understand why he’s a little cowardly but I’ve seen that he’s changed just a little bit. After his bold behavior towards Akutagawa, I was a little surprised and disappointed that he was running away from the fight and hoped Dazai and the others would help. I thought at this point he would continue in a fight no matter what, especially for the group of people that he cares about. So I feel like he’s a little inconsistent. I don’t think he needed the “physician’s” reminder to save them like they had saved him. Also, I’m surprised at that moment Atsushi didn’t get a lightbulb and ask how the hell he knew about what happened to him, because that’s when I started getting suspicious of the guy.

Also it didn’t help that he suddenly scared Lucy frozen. The fight was very cool. I’m glad they saved some budget for this scene, you can tell they did because this was probably the best animated fight we’ve gotten. The colors, the facial expressions, it just didn’t look ugly like in some parts of the Atsushi vs. Akutagawa battle. It was exciting, and like I said I really liked Lucy’s ability. We learned a little bit about her, like she’s an orphan like Atsushi, and that she’ll be thrown aside like garbage if she messes up her mission. Seeing as how she did in the end, I wonder what’s going to happen to her.

[HorribleSubs] Bungou Stray Dogs - 12 [1080p].mkv0061And holy crap, the hot physician is actually the Port Mafia boss. B-Bishies everywhere…I mean I was suspicious of the guy from the start, what with him presenting the picture of the creepy blonde girl from the previous episode, him saying things to Atsushi that no random stranger should know, and that weird aura in Anne’s playroom. I couldn’t make a guess to who he really was, but when the Port Mafia people lowered their heads and bent down, that’s when I knew…Ah, this guy is the boss. Ah. Well damn they can’t just introduce this guy to us for nothing, that means big things are going to happen! Now we have a Guild vs. Agency vs. Port Mafia thing going on which is going to get real ugly real soon as he ends the episode with some scary words.

Final Impression

I’m glad this show started to pick up in the middle. This is really a nice series. The abilities are fun and unique and there are some character relationships that are good. But can I say that I loved this show? Not really, because it had its issues. This was a huge concern in the beginning, but when it got into the middle, it cooled down. The inappropriate comedy really became grating.

[HorribleSubs] Bungou Stray Dogs - 12 [1080p].mkv0024I didn’t mind it at first, I also didn’t mind it in a couple more episodes, but then after awhile it really was getting in the way of the show’s seriousness and it didn’t work at all. It became really irritating and just makes the characters seem dumb and I think that’s what really drew people away from the show. Some of the characters drive off of this comedy, like Dazai, so people may not like him, or maybe you do depending on who you are. But the comedy bits really took away from the serious parts of the show, which were great. As people have told me that the irritating comedy is anime-only, then that makes me wonder what the manga is like, but since I’m not an avid manga reader I don’t know if I’ll read it, but I’m sure I would enjoy this series more if I would read it. There just wasn’t any balance! You can have serious and comedy in the same show, the secret to success is that it has to balance each other out. Don’t bring in the comedy at inappropriate moments.

As for characters, I’m not sure I can say if I like some of them. I don’t necessarily hate any of them, but I find that I’m indifferent towards most of them, or I like them and I would like to learn more about them. I feel like we didn’t get to get too close to any of the characters. Atsushi is a cute and sweet guy who only wants to belong somewhere and not be a burden, and I really do root for him, but for some reason I don’t love him? You know what I mean? Like yeah I see you Atsushi, I got you…but that’s it. Nothing more than that. Same with others. And the few characters I’ve said that I love, we haven’t seen much of them. I can’t say I know anything about any of the characters, so that makes them seem a little flat to me. But I guess the good thing is that I don’t hate any of them.

Going to the plot, there really isn’t one. It’s just the Armed Detective Agency taking on cases. We had mini arcs like the Kunikida one, even though that wasn’t from the manga, and the one with Kyouka. But we also had other episodes that were episodic, and in the beginning the show was more episodic, and that’s definitely when it was its weakest. But when we actually get into an arc, the show turns really really good. The serious part of the series that I wanted appears and it made me excited. Though I do wish Bungou Stray Dogs had an actual plot because I tend to like shows like that than episodic ones.

[HorribleSubs] Bungou Stray Dogs - 12 [1080p].mkv0045Animation wise, it was good. When it was great, it looked great. Some fight scenes looked amazing, like the finale. But there was a moment when the animation was flat out lazy, where the faces and mouths weren’t even drawn and it looked so awkward and weird. Studio BONES is a great studio and they’re known for great animation, but they’re taking on so many shows this year! So…many…shows. This show is getting another season, Boku no Hero Academia was announced to get another season, and just…a lot, there’s a lot. So of course, some of their shows had to get some budget cuts in order to use more money on their bigger shows, again, Academia and others. I’m not watching all of their shows, but it looked like Stray Dogs got the short end of the stick. Of course the animation wasn’t awful, thank god, but there were times it was so ugly and lazy that it became distracting and ridiculous.

The music was really good and GRANRODEO never disappoints me, but I do think this is their weakest song yet. I don’t dislike it, but it’s not a song I’d play over and over. The ending wasn’t my favorite either and I usually skipped it, but the visuals were pretty.

All in all, this show had a rocky start but it picked up speed and saved itself from blowing up. I was losing faith in it early on but it consistently got better that I found myself enjoying it again. There’s a lot of good things in this show and the cliffhanger we got was a set up for greater events, so I’m very excited to see it. I hope with the second cour, it’ll keep up the momentum it’s been having. No more exagerrated comedy, please. But if the directors still want to keep it, at least tone it down? Yes? Okay. I’m looking forward to what’s next and I’ll see you guys then when the second half finally airs.


Mayoiga Episode 12: Nanaki Mirrors Your Soul (Final Impressions)

I came back from a very exhausting and busy day from work and I was about to take a really nice nap until


Oh yeah.

I have to review this pile of poop.

Not greato.

And the longer I put it off, the lazier I’m going to get. Even though I’m really tired, I watched the episode. And of course it was dumb but it finally ended. I feel like I don’t really need to go into so much detail on this final episode because all the information presented to us was repeated again so and of the stuff that happened was not surprising or a big reveal. Except one thing.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0015So Koharun’s father is the researcher guy Mitsumune met. Kamiyama, if I’m remembering correctly. She’s so upset at her father for not caring about how he’s aging prematurely and how he’s researching the village. She’s trying to find his Nanaki, his trauma or something so he can return to normal, and she’s mad at him that he’s not looking around with her. Basically, to find her father’s trauma she’s purposely making other people’s traumas worse…or something like that. In hopes that her father’s trauma will pop out or something, I don’t know that part didn’t really make too much sense. I don’t think Koharu (which is her real name, no shit) knows how Nanakis work.

So yeah Hayato had that giant ugly-CGI Nanaki attack the others, he’s still yandere and wants Mitsumune to be his puppet. But Mitsumune says some stuff about wanting to be more stronger and courageous and being a better friend to Hayato like helping him with his family issues and that really struck a cord with Hayato. But then Koharun comes out of nowhere and is like “No he’s lying he just saying that because Masaki is cute” but it doesn’t really work anymore. Now they can’t control the giant Nanaki and so they all run off.

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0032Reiji being Masaki’s Nanaki was true, I mean…we already knew that. He was her imaginary friend and he’s her trauma. I would care more if I actually liked Masaki. I mean I do feel bad that everyone tried killing her multiple times even when they didn’t have any actual proof of the stuff they accused her of. I mean poor girl leave her alone. But other than that, I thought she was kind of dumb. I expected her character to be something more, like she really did know some stuff about the village or she had supernatural powers or something. Remember how in the first episode she was really superstitious and weird? I thought that was going to reveal something, but we got nothing! I felt like her personality shifted a lot throughout the show from mysterious girl, to mean mysterious girl, to damsel in distress, to annoying girl that doesn’t reveal important information. The show was making it so Masaki would have a weird spiritual connection to the village, and well…yeah I guess? But not really. Apparently she’s supposed to be an important character but she was worthless.

So we all know that to leave the village, everyone has to accept their Nanaki. Mitsumune is still there because he has a new Nanaki, a little fuzzball with Masaki’s ribbon on its back. Masaki had denied Reiji being her Nanaki, but she confessed to Mitsumune that she always knew Reiji was a figment of her imagination. And so she accepted him, and she left. And she was also happy because Mitsumune put the moves on her and was like “I’ll always listen to you and be with you!” or something and she blushed. I actually thought they were going to kiss and I would have been mad if they did that would have been stupid.

So yes now everyone knows that to leave they have to accept their Nanaki because it’s a part of who they are. Some agree that they will and leave the village, but there are a few that are staying behind, such as Koharun who wants to research the village like her father, the hat guy because he doesn’t want his ass to get killed back home, Valkana because he probably has a thing for Koharun, Lion, and other people I don’t care about or remember. The rest of the gang leave, and Mitsumune is the last to leave. So they all appear in the bus with Driver-san and they sing that damn hippo song and go home. Great. This episode was…whatever. It was already stuff we knew about, we just saw it end. The only part I liked was when the three best girls hugged each other before saying goodbye. Lion throwing herself at Nanko was so cute. ;_;

Berry’s Final Impression

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0054

That’s me, I’m the sad looking fuzz. But I’m still cute.

That was not good. Not…good. To be honest it was pretty awful. I was really hyped up for this show when I had read the synopsis for the first time. I love mystery shows so I was excited for this. And I will say that I was enjoying it in the beginning. It made me curious as to what was going to happen, and trying to guess at the supernatural elements was pretty fun. I actually do like the idea of the Nanaki though, that’s a positive I’ll give the show. The idea of people’s past traumas haunting them is pretty great because you can really learn about a character. But in this show’s case, it’s not very effective when you do things where we come to hate the characters! Almost the entire cast was so unlikeable.

So unlikeable that I wouldn’t have minded if they all died. They were so stupid, so mindless, so gross, just awful people. And other characters were ignored to the point that I even forgot about them, and then they would randomly speak up and I’d be like oh shit I forgot about you! Also, the conversations they had with each other was so stupid and not funny that I usually would ignore the subtitles for a bit because they’d be talking about stupid shit that didn’t have to do with anything they were talking about.

What was the point of this show? If I hate 95% of the cast, how am I supposed to care about this show since the plot centered around their traumas? I just don’t…

Is it really that hard writing a good story? Is it really that hard to make this somewhat interesting? Is it hard to write good characters? Some of the plot points made sense, and sometimes it didn’t. How was this approved?! Dammit, honestly how? There was not one good thing about this show! The writing got so lazy in the end too, with Koharun. But then she wasn’t so bad…? I love how everyone wanted to kill Masaki when they had no proof against her, but when they found out with definite proof that Koharun caused everything, they didn’t do anything. Fuck this show.

Ok no that’s not true. I freaking love the opening song. So that was a good choice. The premise itself was actually interesting, so that’s another plus. Problem was the execution was awful. Animation wise, it’s cute. But sometimes the animators got lazy so it would look ugly. And god the CGI for some of the Nanaki was so ugly! And it just didn’t mesh well with the rest of the show so that just made some of the Nanaki really stupid, or laughable, or both.

This was painful. It started off pretty entertaining but then slowly disintegrated into…this. It’s poop. 3/10, stay away.

Is this my Nanaki?

[HorribleSubs] Mayoiga - 12 [1080p].mkv0030

Charibo’s final impressions

As I was taking my weekly Bleach bath to wash my sins away and while listing to some good old’ vaporwave I began to ask myself what were the most cancerous things in my life right now. Surprise, Mayoiga came at the top of the list, right after the minions which are the spawn of Satan.

In my opinion, this show is garbage. Everything is retarded, it’s full of plot-holes, unanswered questions and useless things. I mentioned all those weaknesses in my previous reviews and I feel like ranting for too long about this show would be like shooting on a injured animal: not really cool and fair play. So to keep it short and simple:

Most of the characters were completely useless, they had no character development, no characterization. The authors did not even bother to give them Nanaki nor real reasons for joining the tour trip. Some of the characters, like that Sick Kid, were so invisible that I really wondered if they still existed. They made sick kid and co talk a little bit in the last episode to remind us that they are still alive but that’s it. I fail to understand the utility of such huge number of character if the show is not using them, even as potential dead bodies.

Nothing makes sense, I won’t start mentioning all the plot holes and “deus ex machina” that happened because there’s too many. The one that shocked me the most was: Masaki mentions in this episode that she came to the village because she read and heard about the it thanks to the grand father’s articles on the subject. In those articles he clearly mentions that Nanaki are the scars of the past and shit. So WHY, WHY NOBODY KNEW IN THE TOUR?! They obviously did some researches to find the existence of the tour bus so why nobody knew about the existence of Nanaki expect Masaki? She’s clearly not a pro but managed to find those articles so why the rest of the shit gang did not know? Ok, they are retarded but still, Masaki is also a retard and she was able to figure that shit out. Furthermore they keep on saying at the beginning that everybody is searching the village and stuff. So, if everybody is searching for the village, means that they should have find the grand father’s articles. BUT NO! Apparently no, only Masaki read them. Pretty convenient right?

Finally, while the first part of the show failed to create some tension and a mystery atmosphere, the second part was rushed as hell, introducing new characters, new sub-plots and apparent motivations for some character that nobody cared about. The last five minutes of this episode tried to wrap things up so fast that I failed to understand their logic.

If I had to mention one good point for this episode, it would be the music. This episode’s soundtrack was really good, so good that I spent more time listening to the background music than to the dialogues. Also Ayato was funny in this episode going all yandere, that was funny. But then, in the bus he’s like “EEEH, long time no see”, all happy and stuff. I don’t know, two hours ago you wanted to kill them and know you are best buddies. Accepting your scars of the past must be pretty convenient.

Maybe you enjoyed the show as some comic nonsense and that’s good for you. And I guess it is one possible way to explain how and why this thing was made: to produce some “comic absurd nonsense”. In that regard, the end makes more sense. The people had supposedly changed, accepting their past scars and stuff, but as soon as they start to leave, they begin to sing the Hippo song, proving that after all, they are still retarded. I see this end as a big middle finger: “You thought all the shit they went through and all the unstoppable speeches on acceptance and difference would have affected them?” AH! YOU’RE TOO NAIVE! Nothing changed. They are still retards, which makes all the cancerous speeches that we had to sit through during the entire episode useless.

I don’t care. If you want to suffer, better buy an anal plug than watch this cancer of a show.

Ajin Episodes 12 & 13: It’s All Satou’s Fault (Final Impression)

“No more running. We’re taking out Satou.”

Episode 12

I didn’t write a review for last week’s episode simply because I felt that there was not enough to talk about. The entire episode was the capturing of Satou. Or the attempted capturing would be more accurate. We saw Tosaki’s plan come into fruition. The Special Police force surrounded Satou and immediately shot him the head with their guns before he could do anything, instantly killing him. They have plenty of men on ground, while also having snipers in different spots far away to handle Satou if something were to happen. Following Tosaki’s plan, the police men would shoot at Satou every three seconds before he would even have the chance to revive himself. They would carry him on a stretcher, shooting every three seconds. Things were going pretty smoothly until some of the policemen were shot at by none other than the other Ajin working with Satou. To keep things short, Tosaki’s plan failed. Satou was able to revive and just cause hell and kill every single man there. And with that, he was able to walk away with no problem, causing the damage that he had wanted to. Fail.


I’m sure you are, asshole.

Tosaki’s plan was actually really smart. But one problem. Why the hell didn’t any of the men think to take away the gun Satou had on him in case he was able to revive? The reason why Satou was able to attack so fast was because he still had the gun in his possession. If one of them had been smart enough to actually take away the gun, just to be extra safe, and of course smart, then things probably would have gone differently. But, even though the episode was exciting, there was still something else that was bothering me. They were shooting multiple bullets at his head. Those bullets were turning his brain into goo. So, I would believe that reviving yourself from a death like that would take longer than reviving yourself from one simple gun shot. But it wasn’t one bullet, it was multiple. And they kept damaging the brain, over and over, so wouldn’t it take a little longer to revive, since the head is so important to an Ajin? But Satou was able to revive rather quickly, which I thought was bullshit. Plot armor? *nods* Plot armor.

Episode 13

This episode was even more exciting than the last! Episode 12 left us with a newswoman announcing on the news of the situation at the once Grant Pharmaceuticals, while also putting up the pictures of Satou, Tanaka, and Kei onscreen. Hearing the news of the 100 million yen reward for giving news of the whereabouts of an Ajin, the greedy man that never trusted Kei recognized his picture and called the police.

Uh oh.

ajin9Kei is oblivious to this, and he and Granny go out and pull weeds. Before, he had sent a message to someone. I wonder who? Granny notices that a neighbor of theirs isn’t out in her field, and thinks it’s weird. Kei looks around, and notices no one but them. We saw before the chief from before, Araki, mention that the police told everyone to stay in their homes. He also made a weird face when he found out who Kei was with, and I’m wondering if he’s her son. Kei doesn’t like this and tells Granny that they should head back inside, but right then he’s shot. The police charge in and once Kei revives, he holds one of the gardening tools to her throat so no one would shoot at him. He apologizes to her, but she doesn’t mind. Actually, she thinks it’s pretty thrilling, like they’re in a movie. Which I thought was funny and kind of cute to hear at that moment. Funny, Kei says he doesn’t care about people but he really did seem apologetic to Granny, and when he said his last goodbye to her, he did seem grateful for everything she did for him. I’m sure he really was enjoying his peaceful life there, and unfortunately he knew he couldn’t stay there anymore. I still don’t understand this kid.

Sending out his IBM to attack the police, he said his last goodbye to Granny and ran off. He continued to run into the forest, trying to get away from the police even though he was wounded with bullets. The rest of the episode was another big chase for Kei, but this one was very exciting! Still having Nakano’s phone, Kei made a call and set the phone in a shed, tricking the police (and Tosaki) to run after Nakano there, while Kei would run to where Nakano really was, and set him free. The two run away to where a road is, and they’re about to escape, but they see police cars, and Nakano is suddenly shot at with a tranquilizer gun by none other than Tosaki.

We had a very cool fight afterwards. Tosaki also shot Kei with a tranquilizer, but knowing what fate would await him if he were captured, Kei mustered all his strength to summon another IBM, even when he’s supposed to be at his limit. Tosaki made the big mistake of shooting at both Kei and Nakano with a regular gun, because it ended up killing them and letting them revive. He thought that if he killed them the IBM would disappear. Shimomura sent out her own IBM to fight off Kei’s, but while the boys ran off stealing guns, Kei would continue to regenerate more IBM, which is not normal. Nakano uses his gun to shoot at a police car’s gas tank, and caused an explosion, giving them the perfect opportunity to escape.



The episode ends with Mr. Greedy not getting his money because it was all a rumor, and the boys making their escape. Kei says they aren’t going to run this time, but this time they are going to take down Satou. I really want to know how they’re going to do that. In the end, Satou also makes another video detailing his second wave, “Purification”. Which is murdering the 15 people involved in the whole conspiracy. And if treatment against Ajin still isn’t improved, he’ll move on to his third and final wave: Ruling the country. And at the end of the video, he opened his eyes. And when you see a character who’s eyes are usually closed finally open them, you know it’s bad. And I’m not gonna lie, after that long pause when he opened them, I was actually a little scared. But I was mostly like “AAHHHHHHH HE OPENED HIS EYES!!!! :DDDDDDD”

Final Impression

What an exciting end! A second movie is going to be coming out next month, so I’m not sure if they’re going to do the same thing where if they make an anime again, they take scenes from the movie and put them together, and then have a few episodes of stuff that wasn’t in the movie. If so, I’m not sure if I’d cover it. Here’s one thing about Ajin. Even though it has a cool story, maybe a little generic, I felt that sometimes it could be a little slow. I don’t know if it’s like that in the manga, but I felt the pacing to be slow sometimes where I thought some episodes were a little boring. Sometimes reviewing week by week is fun, other times it feels like a hassle. So if there is another season, I would maybe opt out and just do one big review. Though I’d have to think on it, since I feel like more exciting things are to come.

Like I said, Ajin’s story is a little generic. We have the main character who seems normal but turns out isn’t, being a supernatural being. And a special one at that, as we saw when he produced multiple IBM. These supernatural beings, Ajin, are being mistreated. I’ve seen stuff like this before, but I think I like it better because of Satou and his crazy actions. Usually you would choose peaceful negotiations for rights, but Satou is a straight up terrorist. He’s a terrorist, causing fear and havoc among the people. His methods are over the top, and I find him to be an interesting character.

ajin17Characters themselves, I think was the main problem. I didn’t feel connected to any of them, I don’t know if I particularly like anyone. Kai was in for a little bit, then forgotten about. Same with the sister. I know what kind of person Tosaki is, and I know he’s working hard for his fiancee, and I know his life is in even more danger after that failed attempt at capturing two Ajin, but for some reason I still can’t feel for him. Kei is a special guy. I felt bad for him in the beginning, I still do, but his personality is weird. He can actually be really heartless and rude, and he claims to have never cared about people, but there were times where he actually showed generosity and actual emotion when it came to Kai and Granny. So I can’t really pinpoint who he is exactly, and that makes me interested in him too. Everyone else doesn’t feel so significant to me, there hasn’t been much character development, so that’s a real turn off.

But I think the biggest thing about Ajin that may have been a turn off for people was the CGI. I will honestly say that I’m not a fan of CGI, so I was a little wary about this show even though I was liking the plot. But really after one episode I was already used to the CGI because I thought the CGI was done really well. Sometimes the movements seemed a little clunky, but I noticed later on, and in certain fight scenes, that the CGI was done extremely well. The fights scenes were a joy to watch. I know people aren’t used to this kind of animation, but trust me I’ve seen worse uses of CGI that were so ugly I couldn’t even watch three minutes. But this is not the case, I thought it was done well.

Ajin is going to have two more movies so of course the story is going to be continuing on. I’m excited to see what’ll happen next. I will have to admit that I felt like the anime could be boring at times, and I think the lack of good characters contribute to that, but Ajin was still a fun watch for me. I thought the animation was fine, it had stellar music with a rockin’ OP, the story was a little generic but still interesting for me, and Satou is crazy as hell. Can’t wait to see more.



Didn’t anyone else find this hilarious, because I did.

Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 1: Fortune is Unpredictable and Mutable (First Impression)

Studio Bones is very busy. They had Shirayuki season 2 last season, and in just this Spring season they’re tackling the second season of Concrete Revolutio, big name show Boku no Hero Academia, and another popular series, which is this. Bungou Stray Dogs. And they still have other projects this year, which is ridiculous. But let me tell you, they’re doing well.

I was hoping shows I wanted to review would not come out on Mondays and Wednesdays. I have three classes back to back on those days, and I don’t come home until nighttime. And I go to class early, so basically I’m out of the house the whole day. Come back home, really tired, go shower, eat, do homework, sleep. So I said I would not take any shows that would fall on those days. BUT HEY SURPRISE, THIS SHOW DID. I thought Bungou Stray Dogs would come out Thursday…it does, but in Japan time. Where I live it comes out 10:35 am. I said I wouldn’t, but…ohhhh I really liked this episode.

bsd1.2The episode opens up with a young boy named Atsushi Nakajima. He collapses in front of a river, slowly dying of starvation. We learn that he used to be in an orphanage, but he was suddenly kicked out by them because the orphanage was having money issues. To save some money, they kicked him out to feed one less mouth. From the flashbacks we saw and some monologue from Atsushi, those at the orphanage didn’t seem to like him at all. Having not eaten in days, Atsushi finally musters up the courage to rob the next person he sees. And this part was unusually funny, because the first person he saw was someone blazing through on a motorcycle. Then a group of military men marching. And then when turning around, he sees someone floating down the river, legs sticking out. Atsushi says he won’t help the person, but it really gets to him and he jumps in and drags the man out.

And then we meet Dazai Osamu, a really strange character. Atsushi saved his life, but he’s upset he did because he had purposely tried killing himself. Because for some reason this guy is totally obsessed with suicide, and he wants to commit a suicide that would not trouble others. But since this attempt did, he says he’ll treat Atsushi to something. Since he’s hungry, it’s food. And then all of a sudden we meet another character, Dazai’s partner, Kunikida, who is very angry at his partner for ruining his perfect schedule for the day. The two men take Atsushi to a restaurant to treat him to food.

bsd1.12We learn about the Armed Detective Agency when Atsushi asks about their jobs. The Armed Detective Agency is what it sounds like, a detective agency. But the people that work there possess some sort of supernatural power, and they handle special cases that regular police and detectives can’t handle on their own. They take all kinds of job, but the job that Kunikida and Dazai are in charge of is a dangerous one. They’re in search of a man-eating tiger that’s been spotted causing problems, and at this information Atsushi reacts. He’s forced to tell them that wherever he goes, that tiger follows him. The tiger is also responsible for destroying the already poor orphanage he had stayed in. He thinks the tiger has targeted him and is coming to kill him. Coming up with an idea, Dazai asks Atsushi for his help becoming bait for the tiger so they can capture it. Atsushi freaks out and refuses, but when seeing the cash reward, he changes his mind.

bsd1.21Atsushi and Dazai are sitting in a warehouse, waiting for the tiger to arrive. Funnily enough, Dazai is reading a suicide book in the dark. But he stops, saying something is about to begin. The moon comes into view out of the windows of the warehouse and the moonlight shines inside. Dazai starts reciting the clues Atsushi had given him, such as when and where he and the tiger were, noting the coincidences of it all. It’s then that under the moonlight, Atsushi undergoes a transformation, and he turns into a tiger! Resulting that, he was the tiger all along. The problem is that Atsushi doesn’t even know this and can’t even control his power, as with many people with supernatural powers. In his tiger form he attacks at Dazai, but Dazai easily restrained him because his power is a type that can make another person’s power null just by touching them. Just with a touch of his finger, Atsushi turns back into his human self. WHAT AN OP POWER!

Knowing all this, It’s obvious that the reason why Atsushi was kicked out of the orphanage was because the people knew he was the tiger, but they never told him. It also explains the hurtful things they shouted at him, such as being a good for nothing. When he comes to, Dazai makes the decision to invite Atsushi to join him, and the rest of the Armed Detective Agency.

Berry’s First Impression

I loved this episode! It was unusually very funny. Dazai is certainly a strange man, being obsessed with killing himself. I laughed when he called the suicide book he was reading a “good” book. And the way he pointed out the beam in the restaurant a good spot to hang himself. But he’s weird because he can act silly, but the scene in the end with him fending off Atsushi, he was very serious and cool! He’s so entertaining. I felt the comedy to have a good balance with everything else so I very much enjoyed it’s silliness. It was funny when it needed to be, and it was serious when it needed to be, so I was very entertained the whole time.

bsd1.23I’m so excited to learn more about this Armed Detective Agency. It sounds like having supernatural powers is common, so I’d like to know why. I heard somewhere that the names of the characters take names from Japanese authors, and I don’t know if I’ll be missing references. The only one I knew was Edogawa Ranpo. I think it’s pretty cool. Also, I love the names of their abilities such as No Longer Human, Thou Shalt Not Die, Be Not Defeated by the Rain. They’re really unique! And I’m sure the names are actually titles of books, or chapters, or short stories, or poems written by the author they’re named after. I’m really loving this atmosphere! And of course I’m curious to see what their abilities are.

I had a feeling I would love this show, and so far I really do. Fun characters, good action, good humor, fantastic animation, and I loved the songs of the OP and ED. So far, I can’t find any faults…except for the fact that THIS COMES OUT ON A WEDNESDAY. But still, I really wanted this show and I sure as hell am going to take it. This show gave us a great first impression, so I’m expecting a memorable watch.

Possibility of watching: Of course.

Possibility of blogging: Definitely!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 1: Jotaro Meets Josuke! (First Impression)

It’s finally here!

I’ve never been so in love in my life (????)





I’m a pretty recent Jojo fan. I started getting into it when the first season of Stardust Crusaders was airing and I quickly caught up. Right after I finished reviewing the second season, I quickly went over to read the manga, starting from Part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable. And I’m hooked. Part 4 is pretty special. Just watching this episode you can see the difference. For one thing, the colors are a lot brighter compared to Part 3, and that’s because with Part 4 you’ll expect a more calm and relaxed setting. There won’t be big road trips, no zombies, no scantily clad Aztec men. The entire part takes place in the small but lovely and (used to be) peaceful town of Morioh-cho. I always loved that about Part 4, but even though it’s a more chill part, it still has exciting action. We’ve only been introduced to two new characters so far, but believe me when I say the characters are fantastic as well. This part getting an anime is amazing, and it makes it highly more likely that the rest of the parts are going to get their own adaptations later.

*imagines an anime of Stone Ocean* (*’?`*)


I might make fun of him, but I swear I love him.

So let’s get to the actual episode! This part is set years later after Part 3. It’s 1999 and we’re in a small town called Morioh. We get this narration by a boy named Koichi Hirose, who is about to start his first day of high school. Yes, high school. Don’t be fooled, he’s just really…tiny. As he waits for the bus, he accidentally bumps into someone. A tall man in white, who we all know. Jotaro Kujo (*cheers*). We saw in the beginning that he had been riding a taxi into Morioh, and when he apologizes to Koichi for bumping into him, he asks if he knows a Higashikata. Koichi doesn’t, but he knows the address that Jotaro shows him and so Jotaro waits for the bus that’ll take him there. It’s then that a commotion starts with some thugs. Enter Josuke. He gets berated by the upperclassman for not saying hi to him. Josuke’s too busy trying to get over his fear of turtles. Why is he afraid of turtles? I don’t know, we’ll never know. But the fact that he’s afraid of turtles makes me love him more. He gets into trouble with the upperclassmen, and one of the thugs grabs the turtle and chucks it at a wall and injures it badly. It’s then one of them asks for his name, and when Jotaro hears him say it, he reacts. It’s also then that these thugs ask Josuke to take off his uniform, and they rush him, and one of them goes to insult his hair.


All of a sudden, Josuke’s personality takes a 180 and he beats up the thugs. Seeing a familiar sight, we see an arm appear from behind him and punch one of the thugs that does a weird thing to his face. He’s bleeding at first, but then it heals but takes a completely different shape. Getting freaked out, they run off. Josuke walks over to the turtle and puts it back in the fountain, the turtle alive and well.

jojodiu8Now, people watching this are like “Josuke Higashikata? Jojo? Where’s the Jo in his last name, there is no Jo!” You’re right! Because the Jojos always have a Jo in their name. Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo. But Josuke Higashikata? Well, besides the fact that the idiot thug couldn’t even read Josuke’s name right, he really is a Jojo, and why? After the thugs leave, Jotaro drops one hell of a bombshell. Josuke is the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar. Yeah…that’s right. When I first read the manga, this piece of news was in the third chapter and I was…stunned, to say the least. Josuke is a Jojo, because he’s a Joestar. Jotaro explains, that while Joseph was in Japan for whatever reason, he met a 21 year old girl in college named Tomoko, and had an affair with her. She became pregnant, and had Josuke. In 1987, when Jotaro and gang were going after Dio, little Josuke was afflicted with a horrible fever, the same that Holly had. When figuring out how to distribute his inheritance, Jotaro and Joseph found out that Joseph had a son in Japan that he never even knew about. And so Jotaro came to meet him to tell him that he’ll receive a third of Joseph’s inheritance. Now…I’m going to admit right now that learning this, it broke my heart.

I really liked Joseph, but the fact that he would have sex with a 21 year old girl (I’m 21 btw) and he was in his 60’s when he did…EW? That’s gross. That he would cheat on his wife after their very long marriage? We never learn why he did, or how long he was with Tomoko, but…that really hurt my views on Joseph. And right after when I praised him after what Suzie said in Stardust Crusaders, that he never disappointed her. Grrrr. I don’t hate Joseph, but he’s really lowered on my favorite Jojo list because of this. Then again, if the affair never happened we never would have gotten sweetheart Josuke. Also, he’s technically Jotaro’s uncle, even though he’s younger than him. Awkward.

After learning all this, Josuke apologizes. Because he’s caused chaos in his home, such as Suzie being angry. And none of it is his fault! But Josuke apologizes anyway, which catches Jotaro off guard because he thought Josuke would be angry. Ohh, he’s such a sweet boy. ;_;

jojodiu17Now, Jotaro is also there because there’s a Stand user on the loose in Morioh. Joseph tried taking soul pictures of Josuke but instead got a man named Angelo instead. He only warns Josuke and Koichi about him, but that’s all. The boys leave for school, and Jotaro is left with his dumb hat after his small fight with Josuke after insulting his hair. I noticed that they really left out the gruesome details about Angelo’s murders in the anime, but basically this man is a murderer and rapist who targets both men and women of all ages, most of them young and I won’t even go into the details because they really are gross. Jotaro is out looking for him before things get out of hand.

Josuke and Koichi drop by a convenience store after school after police cars rush over there. A man is holding a woman hostage and threatens to stab her. He yells at everyone to stay away, and when seeing Josuke, tells him and his stupid hair to get back. And, here we go again, he gets pissed off and approaches the man. He uses his Stand and punches through both the man and woman’s bodies, while holding the army knife the man had. He then retracts his Stand, and the woman strangely is all better. And somehow the man’s knife is in his gut. Hmmm….we also see a Stand come out of the man’s mouth and slip away, warning Josuke that he’s going to be watching him. In the very end, we see a man and that very same Stand standing outside of Josuke’s home.

I’ve been waiting for this, and I’m absolutely happy with it. I love Part 4, a lot. So to see the first few chapters adapted so well makes me so very happy. We also got to see Tomoko and Josuke’s grandfather. Besides Jotaro, for some reason they recasted the seiyuus that worked on the Jojo video games for the anime, changing Romi Park to Kaji Yuki. I’m…very sick of hearing Kaji Yuki in everything but I have to admit that he did well as Koichi. They also changed Josuke’s seiyuu, which I liked because I thought his voice in the video games was too deep. Visually, I was a little skeptical of it in the beginning but it looks a lot better than I thought it would. Music I LOVE. Not too much action this episode, but that was expected. So far everything is meeting my expectations and I’m just so happy. IT’S JUST SO GOOD! I can’t wait to see everything else animated.

And it’s so nice seeing Jotaro. He’s a marine biologist, that’s so great. <3 His blue sweater/lime green shirt thing is ugly as fuck though, that choice of clothes was never in the manga. Give me the tight black turtleneck....p-please.

Diamond is Unbreakable is special because of it’s different setting and feeling. It’s honestly my favorite part (so far), so I’m looking forward to the rest! HYPE! Watching and blogging this will be so much fun. ^^


He’s so afraid…