Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan Episode 1: Hakone-chan Arrives! (First Impression)

Well this was a surprise. I thought this was going to be a full-length show but it turns out this show is actually a short. Three minutes and thirty seconds, three minutes if you take out the catchy opening. So you can expect this review to be just like the show and like Hakone-chan…short.

Okay, so we have this boy named Tohya who has a well in his backyard. He lives in a town that has the best hot springs and the well in his backyard is said to have a spirit that watches over all the hot springs. Tohya’s chores with that well include cleaning up around it, and making offerings and wishes. Right after sweeping up, he goes over to the shrine in the well and makes a wish wanting to get closer to a girl named Haruna. He uses a steamed bun as an offering but accidentally drops it in the water and out comes our spirit, Hakone-chan. Later said by Haruna the spirit is supposed to be beautiful and have a nice body. But really Hakone

[HorribleSubs] Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan - 01 [1080p].mkv0012

is a kid. She’s a little kid spirit who barely reaches Tohya’s hip.

So after she pops out of the well she eats the steamed bun and makes fun of Tohya saying he’ll never find a woman if he’s always so fussy and that’s why he used a wish for that type of stuff. She loved the steam bun so much that she said if Tohya gives her more she’ll promise to keep his wish a secret. It’s then that he realizes that this little girl is actually the hot springs spirit. So he takes her to get more steam buns until they run into Haruna. Saying Haruna is pretty, Hakone “helps” Tohya with his crush and ends up pushing him from the stairs at Haruna, they both fall down on top of each other and YOU GUESSED IT, he lands on her boobs and she smacks him even though she clearly saw he was pushed by her. One cliche in anime that I fucking despise. And it ends there.

[HorribleSubs] Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan - 01 [1080p].mkv0016

I hate this

[HorribleSubs] Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan - 01 [1080p].mkv0007Okay so I was extremely confused when watching this because I saw the time said 3:30 and then checked and found out that this show is indeed a short. Oh, okay then. Well, not much happened. Hakone mentioned that she looks the way she does is because she was in a deep slumber for a long time and that she does live up to what everyone says about her (being pretty, nice body, etc.) The synopsis of the show did say that she’d need Tohya’s help to get her powers back. That’s what got me interested in checking this show, and it looks like that’s what it’s going to be doing. But the thing is that it’s a short, also a comedy short to be specific. So we sort of have a plot, but I’m just really worried that we’re not going to get far in it because they’re going to focus more on the comedy. I’m worried the comedy will be the main thing and the “plot” will hardly get moving. From the opening we’re going to be seeing more characters so their introductions are going to take up and episode and this show is only going to have 13 episodes. So…yeah.

So far we got three characters. Tohya is the main guy who probably is going to be the butt of the jokes and be a total pushover by Hakone. We have Haruna who…is probably going to get caught up in all the shenanigans too. And then who the show is about, Hakone-chan. I didn’t mind her when she asked for more of those steamed buns but she lost a lot of points for me already when she pushed Tohya on top of Haruna and the boob thing happened, I fucking hate that I really hate that. So what the hell. She’s pretty arrogant too, but I don’t hate her. I’m just indifferent. The OP was catchy and cute, and the animation is okay.

I guess there really is no harm in covering this show. It’ll only take a few minutes of my time and I am a little curious which direction this show will take. The comedy route or the actual plot route and where they do the best they can to go deep in the plot in three minutes. Though it’s 90% going to be the comedy route because if you actually wanted to go deep with the plot in this show, you would have made it a regular-length episode. I just hope it’ll be a good comedy at least, one that’ll make me chuckle and smile just for a little bit.

Possibility of watching: Yeah I suppose.

Possibility of blogging: Sure, why not.

One Punch Man Episode 1 (First Impression)

I’ve…been waiting for this to come out for a long time. The minute after I read the announcement that this manga would finally get an anime adaptation, I knew that I just had to grab it for myself. And that’s exactly what I did. A few weeks ago an early screening was shown and somehow someone had uploaded it on the internet and subbed it. I had only watched the first four minutes of it when I decided that I would just stop and wait until the official episode would air, because the team would probably tweak with the animation a bit or something. So I thought it was better to just watch the finished product, though the only difference I saw was the adding in of the OP after Saitama killed Vaccine Man. So for some people, they’ve seen it already. For others like me, we barely watched it now. And man that was worth the wait.

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 01 [1080p].mkv0038Now…being the strongest in the world, what are you supposed to do next? How are you supposed to feel? I mean when you’re so overpowered, you don’t have to worry about your safety as you can take down any kind of opponent. Here we have Saitama. He’s just a hero for fun as it was always something he wanted to be when growing up. He wanted to be a powerful hero where he could take any foe down with just one punch. He decided to become this hero as a hobby after multiple rejections from workplaces and during with his encounter with Crablante, who used to be human but turned into Crablante after eating a lot of crab. Yup. Saitama protected a boy with…with…a balls chin, okay holy shit I totally forgot about the kid with the balls chin in the manga and I almost spit out my coffee when they showed him. I’m sorry but…

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 01 [1080p].mkv0033


Ah…anyway, Crablante was looking for this kid because while he was sleeping in the park this kid drew nipples on him with a permanent marker and he’s so pissed that he wants to kill the kid because he kills anyone who makes fun of him. Saitama protects the kid and in this moment he decides to become a hero and he kills Crablante. Three years later, Saitama is bald and dead inside. Now with usual shonen anime or just anime in general, we have a character who starts off barely able to protect themselves. Then things happen where they need to power up however they can, and later they become so overpowered and can defeat anyone in their path. But what then? What happens after that? Saitama trained for three years and now he’s powerful enough to just punch their enemy once and defeat them, like he always dreamed of. But that’s the thing. One punch, and it’s over. The fight hardly lasts a minute. Giant monster ravaging the city? Swoop in, punch, then leave. It’s not even a real fight. Before, Saitama really enjoyed all of this but then when realizing that he’s too strong, well…there’s no excitement. The poor guy is just too strong! There’s no tension, no excitement, no fear, no fun. Nothing. And it sucks. That’s why he walks around with this dead look on his face.

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 01 [1080p].mkv0078

And that’s what’s brilliant and what I loved the most about the manga. He’s too strong and it sucks. This manga took the overpowered trope and turned it around, making the main character already too overpowered in the beginning and showing that having so much power isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. Especially since Saitama is only doing this hero thing as a hobby, that just makes it all the worse for him. What is he supposed to do now with all this power? Yeah he can take down the monsters and aliens, but he’s not having fun.

Later on in the episode he took down a giant, who used to be a regular human. But he was obsessed with becoming strong, and his older brother who was a scientist created a steroid that turned him into the monster he became. Saitama lands on the giant’s shoulder, while the older brother was on the other, and when the older brother told his younger brother to squash the man on his shoulder….the younger brother squashed the wrong shoulder, and accidentally killed his brother. Oh my god. And Saitama had this stupid smile on his face that had me reeling. And sure enough, he was able to defeat the giant, but accidentally destroyed the city he was supposed to protect from being destroyed. WHOOPS!

Next we get a scene where Saitama gets attacked by the Subterraneans and enters an epic fight against these things before they would destroy humanity. And for once, Saitama was having fun. These things were actually putting up quite a fight for him and he was enjoying himself. And when he was about to fight the Subterranean King…his alarm clock woke him up. BECAUSE IT WAS ALL A DREAM. This poor guy really wants a good fight. When he wakes up, he hears the voices of the Subtarraneans saying they’re going to take over Earth and when he leaves his room, he finds the King but it’s a scrawny thing and he kills it and is about to fight the others but they surrender and leave immediately. And that’s where the episode ends.

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 01 [1080p].mkv0014For the one year I’ve been on this blog, this is the only show so far where I’ve actually read its source material. So I’m going to avoid talking about the manga and what things they changed and all of that, but for this episode they followed it extremely closely and it was the perfect setup to the rest of the show and Saitama’s character. The one thing I was really excited for when waiting for the episode to air was just how the animation was going to be. Originally the One Punch Man manga was actually a web comic from someone named ONE, and…no offense but their drawings were really bad. But then it was picked up by Yusuke Murata, who left the story as is and did the art from the beginning and WOW JUST LOOK AT IT. It’s extremely detailed, it’s just fantastic. The fight scenes were what I was excited for the most as there’s a lot of fighting and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s incredible. MADHOUSE took all the money they had and put it into this, and I really hope that the rest of the show looks just as perfect as it did this episode because then I will be a happy woman. The music was rock music throughout which I expected.

The OP. Wow. Fantastic. It sounded perfect for a hero theme and that ONE PUUUUUUUNCH in the beginning sealed it for me. Though my critique would be that it showed too much Saitama punching monsters and not enough of the other characters. The ED though was surprisingly beautiful. That I thought it could have fit another anime and not this one. It was a little unexpected, but it was pretty. As for characters, right now we only got Saitama and the villains he defeated. We’ll get introduced to other characters soon and trust me, they’re great. Like…

[HorribleSubs] One-Punch Man - 01 [1080p].mkv0113

There he is

The cyborg bae…

Genos gets introduced next week! And I can’t wait. I do wonder how many episodes this is going to have because the best battles are later on in the manga, so I hope this anime gets at least 24/25 episodes. Please…And of course, I’ll be covering the rest of this show as I used my shotgun on it. Until next week!

Sore ga Seiyuu Episode 13: Assessment (Final Impression)

“I want to be a seiyuu people remember and keep working for a long time.”

After a successful concert, the girls go back to their daily lives. But an important moment arrives for Futaba: her assessment. At first Futaba thought that’d she’d be fine as she thought that since the previous year she’s grown. But it’s not for her to decide whether she’s grown or not, it’ll be the people at the assessment. Basically at the assessment she’ll be asked questions like an interview. Also the people there already know about her roles so they’ll look at that too. Later in the episode Futaba’s confidence started to falter but as usual she got advice.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 13 [1080p].mkv0090Just what kind of seiyuu did she want to be? Is what they asked her. You need to have a lot of confidence in yourself in this type of career. If Futaba had broken down in that room, she would have said goodbye to her seiyuu job. Other than Earphones, Futaba hasn’t really had any notable roles. She’s been doing minor things here and there so her resume isn’t totally impressive. The work that she has now could also reflect her jobs in the future. But Futaba still wants to continue being a seiyuu no matter what, even if she’s old. Luckily, Futaba “passed” the assessment. Passed as in she wasn’t fired from the agency, but she also wasn’t made an associate member. Instead she was deferred, meaning that she was given a one year grace period. She was given one more chance, so for the next year she’s going to really have to work hard or else she really will get fired. But if all things go well for her she’ll be able to stay.Even if it’s not a concrete “yes”, Futaba is still elated. So good for her.

As for Rin, she takes her entrance exam and passes. For Ichigo, she landed a job to voice a gross strawberry mascot. The girls are getting jobs, all looks nice UNTIL THE END. The three of them leave the studio together like they did in the beginning and Kaibara all of a sudden pops out and tells the three of them that he planned something HUGE. The girls freak out but we don’t see what it was. And that’s the end.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 13 [1080p].mkv0118

Wow what a tease. That’s the perfect set up for a second season, whatever Kaibara came up with even though I’m tired of him. The show comes to a close, so what did I think of it?

I really liked it. I’m not sure if there are many anime about the voice acting industry so it was nice to see one. Even though we had three main girls we had more focus on Futaba because of the harsh policy of her agency. I do think that Futaba has grown, maybe just a little. Her confidence wavers here and there, but I do think that she’s a matured maybe a little from the first episode. Just a little bit. I enjoyed watching the girls and I’m glad we had episodes dedicated to them, even though, again, most of them were for Futaba.

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 13 [1080p].mkv0012What this show was trying to do was show the audience what the voice acting industry is like. It mixed comedy and a serious side to show the ups and downs. It also brought us special voice actor guests almost every week. Their roles were to provide advice and for us to learn a little bit about themselves too. What struggles they faced with and how they feel about their jobs, about dark times they’ve had, and so on. It was pretty interesting to see. As for how in depth this show went when trying to teach about voice acting, I think it did it’s job. It really did jump around though which I wasn’t too crazy about. We went from auditions, to actually voicing an episode, to suddenly a web radio show, to units, concerts, events, commercials, foreign movies, audiobooks, and video games. It really covered a lot of things in a short amount of time! Of course there were some things that didn’t really need more detail but I would have liked to learn a little more about some voice acting areas. With the web radio show we saw how Earphones really struggled and I was excited to see them improve little by little, but it suddenly jumped to them finishing their show so we never got to see that growth. The stuff that we learned was fascinating enough but I do wish that we did get to see more. I’ve avoided comparing to Shirobako as they’re shows about the same and different things, but what I liked what Shirobako did is that they focused on a myriad of characters each with a different role when creating an anime (animator, director, voice actor, etc.) The cast was a little too big, but by focusing on them we really got a good view on the anime-making industry. With Sore ga Seiyuu we really only focused on Futaba, Rin, and Ichigo with also a random in-depth episode on Konno. And out of the three of them, I’m saying this again, we focused on Futaba a lot. But I think having a smaller cast is a little better in this case as voice acting is a little more solo than an anime team so we got a better feel of the characters.

This show could lack at times but I still had fun watching and learning. I really cared about the characters and I’m glad things went well for them. It’d be nice if this got another season, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 8/10!

[HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 13 [1080p].mkv0109

Video Game Review: Splatoon


I’m not going to say it, don’t you dare make me say it. I’m just going to say I hate North America’s commercials.

Splatoon for the Wii U! Nintendo’s new IP in….a long time. The game came out worldwide at the same time at the end of May this year, but I was barely able to get the game until a month ago. Splatoon was first shown in Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct if I recall back in 2013. A lot of buzz was around this game as this was the first time in a long time that Nintendo was going to release something totally new that didn’t revolve around its other game veterans such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and others. Also, it’s a shooter! The last shooter Nintendo made a game for was Metroid and lol. Also Star Fox but again lol. So people were pretty excited, including me! After some Global Testfires which hyped people up more, the game came out the following weeks. But again, I didn’t get it until recently. Is the game worth the hype? I’ll leave my answer until the end, so keep on reading.

– – –



Let’s start with the gameplay. Splatoon is a third-person shooter and the basis of the game is teaming up with other players worldwide and coating as much of the map with your color ink, which is called a Turf War. You have to have some sort of strategy in mind. You can run full force and splat the opposing team, you can stick in the back and only focus on coating the map with your ink, you can do both. Or you can be really sneaky and stick in one spot and focus on just splatting the other players, but usually people with Chargers do this (I’ll get to weapons in a minute). These matches last for 3 minutes which I think is a good amount of time. It doesn’t feel too short, and it also doesn’t drag on, it’s perfect. You can play Regular Battles, where basically you just play for fun. But there are also Ranked Battles where things can get much more intense as you can play different modes to raise your rank. They have a different atmosphere than with regular battles. I’ve never had much of a problem with connectivity. There is no lag, but there have been some times where suddenly connection is lost during a battle. But really the online battles run smoothly 90% of the time so that makes me happy.

As well as these online battles, you also have the single player campaign. The story is simple, where you’re recruited to fight against the Octarians who have stolen the great Zapfish from the Inklings, who is the source of power of Inkopolis, the city.. The single player mode consists of five different areas, where you complete each level to save some of the zapfish. During the levels you’ll collect some orbs you can accumulate to power up your gear. You can also find the Sunken Scrolls, which are scrolls that contain lore about Splatoon’s world. You can also take these scrolls to the weapon shop to unlock new weapons. In the early stages the gameplay is pretty easy but later on it gets more tricky and a little hard. At the end of each area you have a boss battle, which weren’t very hard but still fun nonetheless. The final boss battle of the game was actually pretty hard and I died a couple times. And it’s pretty long! The battle incorporates all of the things you came across in levels so it’s extremely creative and fun. The story mode doesn’t have anything to do with the online battles so you can complete it whenever you want but I’d recommend completing it soon so you can unlock the story-only weapons.

– – –



main-weaponWEAPONS. THERE ARE SO MANY WEAPONS IN THE GAME. I’m only lvl 18 right now and I still haven’t unlocked them all yet. You can only unlock some by being a certain level. You have a plethora of weapons but you immediately start off with the Splattershot Jr. You have the main weapon, which can be a gun, a sniper, or a paint roller. You also have a sub-weapon which can be something like bombs, mines, etc. And then you have a special weapon which can be used when you fill up your ink gauge in battle. There are variations of the weapons, like ones with more firepower but bad range, or slow charge rate but the damage is great. They also switch up the sub and special weapons so no one weapon is the same. There are so many weapons out there that you’re bound to find something that you’ll be comfortable and main with. Just for those wondering, I absolutely love using the Aerospray RG.

Remember I mentioned strategy? For the online battles, the stages are picked randomly, but only two stages are available to play on. Every few hours the stages get switched, so you really have to pay attention to the ones that get chosen and familiarize yourself with them. Some weapons might be better in other stages so I’d actually recommend being good with more than one type of weapon.

– – –



In this game, you play as Inklings, which are squid type of people. In the gameplay you can switch from your humanoid form to your squid form which you can swim fast, climb walls, while also replenishing your ink. Starting up the game, you choose which gender Inkling you want to play as. Then you get to choose what skin and eye color you want, which you can then change later on if you want. The great thing about this game is you can customize! After picking your Inkling you can also buy some gear in the game. You can buy hats, shoes, and tops and they all come with abilities you have to unlock through online battles. There’s a lot of gear too so you can always pick different outfits for your Inkling. I’m the shallow loser that picks the cuter clothes, but really the most important thing about the clothes are the abilities. When you buy them from the shops they come with no ability because you have to unlock them in the online battles, and there are so many abilities that can help you in your strategies during the matches (like faster running speed, invisible swimming, ink replenishes faster after getting splatted, etc.).

Also, which I thought is very cute and hilarious, is one of the gear sets is dedicated to the Squid Girl anime. The hat, dress, and shoes. You can make your Inkling look like the squid girl from…well, Squid Girl. I think the boys can too because I think all the gear are gender neutral.


– – –


I’ve basically summarized everything. I can go on and on about the details in the game, but I really want to talk about something that people have argued over when talking about this game. Nintendo didn’t put chat for the online battles. Now, people got mad at this because every other shooter has voice chat so they thought Splatoon would have it too. Okay, now here’s my opinion.

GOOD. Thank you, Nintendo. I can’t thank you enough for making such a smart decision. Not putting voice chat in the game was probably the smartest thing you guys did.

sig-3939517.splatoon-2737530Nintendo has always been family friendly. They’ve always targeted kids. And of course Nintendo’s games aren’t only for children, they’re for everyone! Kids, teenagers, and adults alike. Everyone can play these games and have fun. But do you know other video game companies that are specifically for children? Any others? Sony? No. Microsoft? NO. Nintendo has always been there for children. Children play these games, so lots of children are going to be playing Splatoon. Us older gamers like to think that only we are good enough to be playing these games and dismiss children. Can you just imagine what the voice chat would be like? Basically like all the gross Call of Duty fucks that scream obscenities and vulgarities for no good reason thinking they’re “funny”? So we’re going to have all these grown men calling shit out at the kids? Do you really want that? And I know what you’re going to say, “Berry, there’s a lot of little kids that play Call of Duty (or -insert other shooter game-) and they talk shit too!” Well, do I look like their mama? That’s all on the parents. Call of Duty is marketed toward older players, and there happens to be some parents that don’t pay attention to what games their kids play and this stuff happens. But Splatoon is different because it’s specifically for kids. Parents trust Nintendo and will let their children play the game because it’s marketed towards them. It’s supposed to be a fun and happy game for them. So of course you expect children playing this. So to have voice chat just for older people to talk shit and hurt these kids’ feelings, making the online battles, which is the core of the game, an uncomfortable and scary place? Yeah, I don’t think so. I do admit that I scream at my TV when my team messes up, but then I stop to think that maybe I’m playing with some kids and they’re not as good as me, so then I calm down. Of course if there were chat there’s also the option of just turning it off. But of course there are some people that leave it on and purposefully yell because they’re little shits.

Also, the goal of the game is so simple. There’s no missions you complete with your team. Like I mentioned before, the goal of the Turf Wars are to cover as much of the map with your color ink. You play the game through the TV, but on the Game Pad you have the map on the screen which shows where your teammates are and what areas that haven’t been inked or the opposing color. So, just look at the map, and go to that area. See a spot not covered in ink? Cover it in ink. That’s it, it’s nothing that needs voice chat for such complex strategies. YOU DON’T NEED IT. The game is so simple that voice chat is useless, so you can drop the “We need to talk for strategy!” argument because I just knocked it down.

– – –


So, should you buy Splatoon? I would say that, yes. You should. It’s a very fun game. Other than voice chat, other cons people pointed out were the lack of maps during launch but it was updated later on and I bought the game after the update, so I didn’t face that problem. Another would be that it might be repetitive and I would agree. The story mode is kind of short, so I think something they could have done is make the story mode longer because after that all you have are the online battles. But the incentives of repeatedly playing the online battles are unlocking new weapons and gear. So I’m a little ehhh about that. Still, I’m still having a lot of fun with this game and I’m so glad that Nintendo finally did something new. I always feel so happy when I play Nintendo’s games and I hope they experiment more.

Also, here’s my fave outfit for my Inkling girl.

IMG_0697 IMG_0698

NOTE: Sorry I can’t talk about the amiibo because I don’t have any of them. But I do know that if you buy the girl Inkling amiibo you get a school uniform outfit that’s super cute. ;(